Anti-Gay Barilla Pasta Chief: Gays Can Eat Another Brand

I’m not sure Louis if you’re familiar
with this pasta brand burmila
I am very familiar with that you see it
everywhere are yeah I’ve seen it
everywhere it’s in every supermarket in
a country David
exactly well the chairman above the
Birla Group
says his company will not feature gay
families in advertisements for his
products because he likes the quote
traditional family
if someone disagrees well they can go
eat another brand love pasta he made the
comment when he was doing a radio
interview in Italy
he was asked why the company doesn’t
have any ads with gay families and he
said well we have a slightly different
for us the sake of family remains one of
the company’s core values
insurgent Eric anti-gay nonsense here I
don’t even have to read the entire thing
for you
he then made some kind of an apology
where he said of course we respect
everyone and
if I offended anyone am very about I’m
very apologetic and I take it all back
John era vos iz from America blog is not
buying the apology he says
yeah freedom of expression anti-gay
bigots and conservatives generally
usually miss understand the concept to
freedom of expression
to mean that they can get to say any in
a nadie
with impunity doesn’t work that way
absolutely has the right to say that
their pasta is first-rate people
and we have the right to tell him to VAF
so I think that the most important thing
it’s not surprising that some guys and I
get right i mean it be that’s happened
all the time
there’s many business owners who would
rather black people not have their
or gay people not have the product or
whoever the case may be doesn’t matter
but there have been a lot of discussions
have boycotting Barilla pasta in
response to this statement I know
because I know several people who run
that many restaurants use it Barilla
pasta so a lot of places you go to
wow that lovely Italian pasta dish blah
blah blah
many of them are actually using two to
three dollar dry pasta that from Birla
that you would get supermarket
will you now ask the wait staff if the
restaurant uses that pasta
or will you only boycott parola in your
the logistics above this particular
boycott are actually very difficult and
it brings me back to something I thought
for a while
which is that it is truly difficult to
have a successful boycott it’s not
impossible and I’m not discouraging
people from boycotting products they
want to boycott
but just the prep pragmatically speaking
this one’s tough Louis because so many
restaurants use this pasta
yeah you could do it with the small
company that does not have
by you know how much distribution I
could easily happen but when it’s a
company like this which products so
internationally it’s almost impossible
so that my question to the audience’s
is you is a boycott the best way to show
your displeasure
for these comments or is there something
else that may be more effective
let me know I’m I’m genuinely curious
because I understand the desire to
and at the same time I’m very aware the
lack of practicality of
who knows that the Italian place down
the street from the studio that I really
maybe they use this pasta my gonna now
ask them and not go there
does their competitor across the street
use the same pasta
would enough people complain that they
would actually change their supplier
I don’t know obviously if enough people
that they would I i just don’t know how
feasible it is you know and that would
be tough
I mean and really how many people are
getting even hear about this story
that’s another aspect absolutely

100 thoughts on “Anti-Gay Barilla Pasta Chief: Gays Can Eat Another Brand


  2. Decent people can go eat another brand of pasta. Hope most of his consumers weren't decent people. More seriously though, I agree with David's point about boycotting prominent businesses. This general issue of 'politics in marketing' is actually very complicated; I'm not exactly sure how it should be approached.

  3. P.S. I've already seen one of the complications of this issue alluded to in the comments just now, that being 'should we boycott someone for holding a prejudiced opinion?' On one hand, everyone's entitled to their opinions, good or bad; but on the other hand, what if Barilla donates some of the money he makes to anti-gay groups? I'd hate to think my money would end being used to fund such groups.

  4. I've tasted Barillas pasta sauce. It's one of the more disgusting sauces I have ever tasted. And I know my pasta Bolognese.
    if this corporatist went down under, I wouldn't shed a tear…

  5. Dale Carnegie will teach ya', "The best and only way to get through to a corporate entity,is through their pocket books."
    If yopu choose to ignore boycotts because they "won't work" , then it's on you David.

  6. Yep, I do find myself so important that I'm not going to buy products where the owners discriminate against human rights. And it is absolutely right to try to influence others to fight against bigotry and for equal rights. It's absolutely right to encourage people to support companies that do the right thing.

  7. It's definitely worth it,he also said ,It doesn't show in the video,that gay people can't raise children and we shouldn't adopted,b/c women are essential to the family.Statistics already show that gay parents are capable with of raising children with fine results.Well of course you not going to boycott it,your not gay,it doesn't offended you.For LGBT and supporters and families we take great offense,I don't see how this makes you mature?I'm not giving my money to some who doesn't like my family.

  8. Wait, what human rights issue is at stake here? The right to have your sexual orientation advertised to you on a box of pasta? The guy isn't hurting anyone, he's not funding money to anti-gay products, he didn't say that gay people shouldn't eat his pasta. He simply said that he doesn't support it, and that he wouldn't run ads explicitly aimed at their group. I'm pretty sure that doesn't constitute human rights abuse.

  9. But what is the bigotry? That he chooses not to feature ads aimed at gay people? Come on, guys, this is getting ridiculous. He didn't say anything offensive, he's not supporting hate on gay groups. "If it harm none", as they say. As long as the dude isn't actually doing anything to hurt gay people, he should be able to believe what he wants.

  10. Because he has a different opinion. He has the right to believe that parents of both genders are best for the child, and the mature thing to do is either respect his belief or try to tell him why you believe otherwise. The immature thing to do is boycott his brand because he was asked to share his opinion and did so. I mean, I'm an ally in the LGBTQA field, but I think everyone should be able to have their own opinion. If it harm none, do as ye will. An opinion hasn't killed anyone.Actions have.

  11. No, he didn't. For once, I find myself defending someone like this. All he said was that he wouldn't run advertisements created for gay demographics, and that those who take offense to that are perfectly capable of purchasing pasta from another company. He was asked a question, and answered it. As I've already pointed out in another comment, I'm an Ally, but this is ridiculous right now.

  12. A traditional family is a family full of love… A traditional male, and female family normally have some sort of abuse going on, when in a same sex family is shown to have less.

  13. I't not immature for boycotting,The CEO-Guido Barilla,said himself if we don't agree with his opinion then we should buy another brand of pasta,he suggested the idea,so if I'm immature then Guido Barilla,is just as immature for suggesting it.No one is denying him of his own opinion or his belief , we just just don't agree with him just like he has his freedom of speech we do too.If your expecting no one to get offended,that's just not realistic. Especially since it's conversational topic.

  14. I don't order pasta a lot at restaurants anyway. I know one thing, I will never pay any amount of money for this bigot's products.

  15. And again, where is the bigotry? See, just because he doesn't like it doesn't make him bigoted. I don't like most rap artists, but I'm not "bigoted" in my choice of music. Again, he hasn't actually done anything to gay groups, he simply shared his opinion when asked. Is that really grounds for crucifying the man?

  16. PUBLIC SERVICE INFO to LGBT community from fellow bothers and sisters in Nonreligious community. If you live near any Southern Baptist church or Evangelical ministry, write this down, Go through your home, Search for hidden cameras or microphones especially TOILET cams Church ministers and pastors are known for breaking into homes of gay and bisexual males particularly to record nudity and any homosexual activity for their own personal viewing/masterbatory pressure purposes

  17. in which case they sell videos back n forth
    between reverends and sometime catholic priest and Mormon bishops for cash and other goods and services, while you will never get to
    see a dime from any time you removed your cloths or engage in sexual intercourse, ALSO check all handles on for left over lubricant, it is most likely not yours, if any residue are found rewash and sanitize cloths and hands with alcohol, same with any under garments immediately this goes double for the trans community

  18. re-secure all windows buy extra deadbolts and
    locks for your doors, replace all window curtains with darker color tones, Do not trust security alarms Youth Pastors From Liberty
    University, have been train to disable them in order to set up recording equipment.Lesbian faction Of the LGBT, chances are very minimal you are being viewed by male preachers, if local antigay preacher is female then concern is warranted. that is all.

  19. I should certainly hope so. I would absolutely to see this man's company go out of business. I know that's highly wishful thinking but still, he'll get no help from me.

  20. Perhaps Chick-fil-A and Barilla pasta should team up, they both seem to have a common dehumanizing theme they share, neither of which I will support. I am speaking with my wallet from now on, by the way, I no long buy anything from Walmart or Sam's Club, they can go Piss Off too.

  21. I've worked in restaurants for over 10 years, I've never seen one that used Barilla. Usually its some bulk pasta thats the food distributor brand like Sysco.

  22. We could support gays by holding a giant "Pasta Party" by tossing Barilla products into Boston Harbor (or where ever else they ship their product to in the US). Maybe we could dress up along with other gay Americans as Italians so no one would recognize us.

  23. There is an option to boycott.
    Let's all look for a better pasta and make it the number 1 brand. Then the better product will have won :).

  24. So they don't feature gay families. Big fucking deal. Don't you have bigger fights rather than a commercial? I'm not anti gay or pro gay. I just don't give a fuck. Your constant whining over every single issue is getting old. Choose your battles.

  25. The gay pride rainbow doesn't have all of the same colors as the regular rainbow. But obviously no one can tell the difference between the two anyways.

  26. I'm going to traditionally inseminate my husband and keep eating the traditional values pasta company Barillia. I just don't see the issue.

  27. Don't try and turn this into an attack on me, as though I'm soooo gullible to advertising. I've worked in advertising. The degree to which minutiae is determined to represent a product is endless. And, yes, customers are targeted and flattered by seeing themselves reflected in commercials. That's how it works, Wille. Advertising is a calculated and politically savvy estimation of the consumer. You've been played your whole life, only you just didn't know it.

  28. The chief is right, if some gays want to boycott their pasta brand they have to buy another pasta. And I don't see anything wrong with only having straight people in commercials, narrow-minded and conserative maybe, but not wrong.

  29. Make your own pasta or make your own pasta dish using freshly made pasta from a local store.
    Easy to do if you have the will to do it.

  30. HAHA!! "Jesus hippies" I can just picture it, Jesus passes Joint,

    "let me tell you the meaning of it all man"

    LMAO!! XD

  31. "Will not feature gay family for advertisement" – Well, that part I don't really care… After all we are speaking of a pasta company… Show the pasta, with a restaurant eating it, or whatever – after all the subject should be the pasta, and how good it is for health and how tasty it is, not necesarly the clients.
    But the traditional family part is bullshit, and "eat a different brand of pasta" is retarded.

  32. Barilla, great pasta!Sounds like they are quite grounded in morality also.Bravo. Faggotism is a definite sign of moral decay.Why should the pasta company cater to a small group by advertising this group as its clientele while the group is a fraction of a fraction of its consumer base?This would infer support of a lifestyle rather than the customer base.Why alienate the majority propping up a lifestyle that is historically repugnant to the majority? Love spaghetti, fags selling it, no thanks!~

  33. Again, not what he said. He said if someone took offense to his comment, they are free to buy another brand of pasta. It makes sense to boycott companies like Chick-fil-A, because they were funding anti-gay groups. Barilla hasn't done anything. It's one man who shared his opinion when asked. So, boycotting the brand because one member believes in a "traditional" family? That is a little bit immature. Again, the brand and the company has done nothing anti-gay.

  34. Well obviously the people who are boycotting his product took offense to what he said,I'm not buying a product of someone who offends my exist.I don't care if doesn't fund anti-gay groups,what he said will always be offense to LGBT families like mines and others,your only saying this b/c it doesn't offend you of course so you don't see why it offends others,I'm boycotting b/c he said if we don't like his opinion then we should eat else where! and I'm doing exactly that, not immature.

  35. Homosexuality isn't immoral,it's always exist just heterosexuality.Your basically saying something is moral b/c it's traditional,why is homosexuality immoral,doesn't do anything bad,doesn't harm you,why is it so bad? It'd not just LGBT people whom are mad it's also heterosexual people who disagree too,so it's not just a small population of people.Second being gay isn't a lifestyle ,it's a sexual orientation.No one force him to cater to anything what are you talking about?

  36. And there it is. See, I know it may be hard to believe, but I do take offense to the fact that he doesn't understand that homosexual people are exactly the same as the rest of us. However, his pasta has absolutely nothing to do with that. While it might be easy to throw me in with conservative douchebags and anti-gay groups, life is not that simple. I find religion extremely offensive, yet I don't go boycott every brand who is remotely connected to a religion.

  37. Continued from previous

    All I'm saying is that people in America have the right to believe what they like. As long as he hasn't taken it upon himself to actively stop gay people and allies from doing what they need to, then I feel no reason to punish the company and thousands of employees.

    See, it's not him alone you're targeting when you boycott. It's the employees as well. So, when you boycott, there should be a really damn good reason. Boycott Chick-fil-A? Yes. Barilla? No.

  38. This comment sums up why I don't think the brand should be boycotted. At the end of the day, we are talking about pasta ads. The focus should be on the pasta, not the people eating it. I mean, really. Really? Are we really going to discuss pasta ads now?

    And I agree, his beliefs are retarded. But that's part of living in America. We allow people to have retarded beliefs.

  39. He lives in Italy,not america.Also he a business man,He knew damn well what he was saying was conversational and as a business man your suppose to be careful what you say to the press.I'm not saying he can't express his opinion,but as a business man ,as a professional you should be-careful on what you say.

  40. Well, there was a point were USA would make fun and shame the guy in ridicule as punishment… Now it's more "ok, here is another one…"

    Anyway, for me it will be hard to boycott his product; I never buy them… I got some cheaper alternatives in my local grocery stores.

  41. I understand the point your making now ,but i'm still not buying the product not b/c of the issue we are talking about,but I'm on a diet and I never bought this product to begin with.

  42. Maybe the people schoud give a shit about what the CEO thinks about gay people. They schould care about how healthy and costly is what they eat.

    Pasta is pasta. Not gay. Not straight. Not tollerant, sexist, black or white, progressive or something else.

    *ok usually pasta is white; the healthy full greain what really feeds you is brown

  43. basically, 99% of companies' mission is to increase profitability at all costs. hence, sweat shops, hence monstanto patents DNA, tobacco companies, the nestle babies, wallmart bullying small businesses into bankruptcy etc, etc.

    my instant reaction is "boycott this guy!" then i think to myself, i really should be boycotting many more companies for a lot worse than this.

  44. I always find it interesting when someone who is a bigot [no matter what the target] never thinks they're being bigoted and how dare you consider them as such. People have the freedom to be and think however they want. We have the freedom choose to see them how they really are.

  45. I've found that unless a restaurant is serving fresh pasta, dry pasta pretty much tastes the same when it's accompanied with a sauce. .

  46. Well it seems to work for companies like IKEA, I don't think any straight ppl feel alienated by it. You miss the point because your hatred for gays doesn't allow you to see what's in front of you. And that is no one is asking this man to focus solely on gays in his ad's but gays are a part of society, they eat pasta, a lot of it, expensive pasta like Barilla sometimes, so why shouldn't they be represented in a small way as they do with ethnic groups etc in commercials all the time?

  47. But again, what you are saying is that you would target thousands of employees because you don't appreciate the opinion of one member of the company. This isn't a Chick-fil-A scenario where the company is actively fighting against gay rights. This is just one man in a company who has an archaic opinion. Employees of Barilla have families to feed, and I wouldn't make them suffer because I don't like the man's statement. Now, you can do as you like, I was just sharing my opinion. 😛

  48. He has apologized, which was appropriate. It's really very old and tired to discriminate and voice opinions against gay people. Why? Why do people care so much. Oh that's right, religion … *burp.

  49. I didn't say it was, but being gay is as intrinsic as ones skin colour or colour of eyes, do you dispute that? If so, What qualifies you to say so? where did you do your research? I'm gay so I can tell you right now, It was not a choice, I didn't choose to be attracted to the same sex. Look around you, why would I choose that? So although not the same exactly, they are the same in that it's just a part of that person, it's not a choice.

  50. So, how should they be represented? Shown digging into a plate of trouser trout with a side of Barilla pasta? Maybe pulling the pasta out of the pan limp wristed? Or how about rectal pasta packing? Or, maybe even whipping up their own alfredo sauce? NO! Faggotry has nothing to offer pasta.

  51. I have a brother who is gay, and he is laughing at this, he said all have the right to pick and choose who they want in there life and if u don't like white, black, chines, mex, or gay or staright people in ur life its ur choice, no one can be forced to like anyone one. and trust me he has lernd that , and a very happy gay person, you cant make the hole world love you for who are, so the ones that don't, oh well get past it move on, and not eating ur fav food just cause some one has old standerds, by the way, we eat there pasta often yummy

  52. Heres my response: Fuck you, Barilla! Ill not only never buy your pasta again, but I will bad mouth you forever. Have a nice day.

  53. Barilla pasta is disgusting anyways. 1200 B.C. Piece of shit. If a man wants to have relations with another man so be it you don't have the right to judge someone because of their sexuality you old gray hair jack ass.

  54. So what if he doesn't like it or advertise w them on the product.. Freedom of choice.. Get over yourselves..

  55. If BARILLA doesn't like the gay community why shoul we like BARILLA.? Please people react!!!! this company is insulting people with those comments. If they don't respect gay people they won't respect animals or even your health. I will never buy BARILLA again

  56. Why do sjw types of ppl try to force companies to make political statements in their ads. All they want is to show ppl using their product. Who cares if they dont use a gay family in their ads? Pakman, you are a joke.

  57. This is some retarded argument. For one, he said, "if they don't…" which means anyone. Two, it's their commercial and how they want to make it. Why should we always try so hard to include everyone in everything?! I'm Persian and they didn't use a Persian family in the commercial, so I should be offended?! Really?!

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