Ana REACTS To Trump Giving Universal Basic Income

>>Universal basic income was a topic of discussion
quite a bit during the Democratic primaries. And it was because a Democratic candidate,
Andrew Yang, kept bringing up the necessity of $1,000 a month for every American. Just so they can have some economic stability. Now, whether you agree with that proposal
or not, keep in mind that now there are Republican lawmakers who are pushing for universal basic
income. We’re about to have a discussion about whether
or not it makes sense in this economic fallout due to the coronavirus. Now, according to The Washington Post, a growing
number of conservatives are voicing concerns about the Trump administration’s proposed
payroll tax cut. With two lawmakers specifically, these are
Republicans, Senators Mitt Romney and Tom Cotton. Calling for the federal government to instead
send checks to Americans across the country. In fact, in one Medium post, Tom Cotton wrote
the following. Let’s cut out employers as the middle men
and get relief to people not in weeks, but in days. We should send relief directly to American
families most likely to be in need. Those in the bottom and middle tax brackets. To pay for rent, groceries, childcare, and
other necessary expenses. As well as to spend at local businesses that
are hurting during this crisis. So Tom Cotton also talked about this on Fox
News. Let’s take a quick look at that video>>Most of the measures in this bill are something
that the senators will support, I believe. Such as, for instance, waiving co-pays for
testing, or ensuring that states have adequate resources. But we worry that the bill is setting up a
new and complicated system relying on businesses giving paid sick leave. And then getting a refundable tax credit. That won’t move quickly enough, and could
put pressure on those businesses to lay workers off. We don’t wanna see layoffs. We wanna see people who are at home, if they
have any reason to be at home, supported immediately. This is an emergency measure that only needs
to last for a few weeks if we all take the prudent steps necessary. That’s why I think we wanna use systems like,
say, Treasury refunds to anyone who paid taxes in 2018. Or unemployment system or other social welfare
agencies that are set up to quickly get cash into the hands of affected workers and their
families.>>So I’m in favor of directly helping US
workers. As opposed to immediately thinking about ways
to bail out the airline industries, and all that. We’re seeing a lot of that from the Trump
administration. But Nando, I’m gonna go to you first, what
are your thoughts on this? And do you think that this is gonna hurt Democrats? Because the people voicing support for this
loudly are Republicans.>>Well, yeah, I mean, it’s the obvious, immediate
move, is to just get cash in the hands of people. I mean, I don’t know that we’ve all kind of
internalized just how serious this situation is, it’s literally unprecedented. All economic activity is gonna stop, or the
vast majority of it. We haven’t seen anything like this ever, really. So getting cash in the hands of people now
is the obvious right move. I mean, and it’s fairly easy for the federal
government to do. They can send checks through the Social Security
Administration, or however. There’s millions of ways for them to do it. I mean, I think the key with any UBI proposal
is whether it’s coupled with something like a rent moratorium and things like that. And a mortgage moratorium and a student loan
moratorium. Because if you just give people $1,000 and
then that money just goes straight to rent. And that money then goes to landlords, as
you said. The biggest landlords in this country right
now are BlackRock and Blackstone, these giant financial firms. So if you don’t want it to be just a huge
transfer to these companies, you couple it with rent moratorium, mortgage moratorium,
student loan moratorium. All these things so that this money goes to
living your life, feeding your family. The basic necessities of life, that’s what
it needs to go, and it’s the obvious move. And the fact that Democrats are resisting
it or not really embracing it. I mean, some are, I mean, Ilhan Omar is putting
out her own proposal, and things like that. But it’s the obvious move and it’s urgent,
they should do this immediately.>>Yes-
>>So real quick, Francesca, hold that thought. Because I wanna go to this quick video of
Steve Mnuchin. He addressed the notion of UBI in the midst
of this whole pandemic. And a surprising statement from him, let’s
take a look.>>President and I worked on a very significant
economic stimulus plan. We look forward to having bipartisan support. We’re now working with the Senate to pass
this legislation very quickly. And these will be payments to small businesses. We’ve also talked about a stimulus package
to the American worker. You can think of this as something like business
interruption payments for the American workers.>>When you say a stimulus package for American
workers, do you mean direct payments to Americans? Or are you talking about a payroll tax holiday?>>Although the president likes the idea of
the payroll tax holiday, I will tell you what we’ve heard from many people. And the president has said we can consider
this. The payroll tax holiday would get people money
over the next six to eight months. We’re looking at sending checks to Americans
immediately. And what we’ve heard from hard-working Americans,
many companies have now shut down, whether it’s bars or restaurants. Americans need cash now, and the president
wants to get cash now. And I mean now, in the next two weeks.>>How much?>>I will be previewing that with the Republicans. There’s some numbers out there.>>It really does take the possibility of
Trump not getting reelected for the Trump administration to consider helping the average
American worker.>>Yeah, I mean, well, you just look at that
whole scene. And you’re like, man, this crisis couldn’t
have happened to a worse group of people, this gaggle of idiots. It’s like me being like, all right, cat, just
like asking my cat to land a plane, I don’t know. Or look at them, they’re all so unprepared. And they’re unprepared when it comes to the
economy, they are. And let me just say about Tom Cotton, man. If Tom Cotton tomorrow says he likes chocolate,
stop eating chocolate immediately. Whatever Tom Cotton wants, do the exact opposite. There’s something in the chocolate, all right? I’m serious, Tom Cotton is living on the wrong
side of history. He was born on the wrong side of history,
okay? The whole thing, and this is the thing that
annoys me the most. UBI, absolutely, and coupled with a stronger
social safety net, like people like Warren and Sanders have proposed, is fine. UBI without any social safety net is absolutely
a right-wing dream come true. Milton Friedman, the grandfather of neoliberal
economics, wanted UBI too, why? Because it’s basically just a payoff of American
workers to get them off your back. And notice how right now we are cutting food
stamps. Food stamps have been cut, suddenly we wanna
give $1,000, or whatever it is, to people. No, why don’t you just expand food stamps,
and then we’ll all get on it. Put that money into a food stamp program so
people who are not on it suddenly get $1,000 at Costco, or wherever it is, why not do that? But it is a non-structural workaround in order
to bide time.>>Yeah, Richard Wolff talks about this a
lot, actually. Because I agree, if you have this comprehensive
economic reform, where you really do have a robust social safety net. You have affordable housing, you have the
ability to put food on the table for your kids. And then on top of that, you have this universal
basic income. Cool, but Richard Wolff talks about how, in
a capitalistic society, especially late-stage capitalism. UBI is often thought of as a way to do the
bare minimum to prevent a working-class uprising.>>No, absolutely, I mean, all those things
are 100% true. I think the nature of this crisis, in which
all economic activity is halting, it’s not because of there’s a financial crisis. It’s that you literally cannot go to a store,
you can’t go to work. It’s a very specific kind of crisis in which
something needs to be done. Obviously, it needs to be coupled with all
kinds of payment moratoriums so that costs for the average person go down. But you need to sort of keep people afloat
somehow in the immediate term. And this sort of checks to American families
is the most immediate way to do it in the short term, but that’s the problem with UBI.>>I’m like, they can’t even get testing out. In two weeks, are we also gonna get a test
for COVID-19?>>Well, hopefully, but they can’t send checks.>>Does it come with $1,000 on top?>>Well, they send Social Security checks
to people every month. They could expand that easily to anyone. But the other thing is what you’re talking
about, like cutting food stamps and all that stuff. The problem with something like the payroll
tax holiday, which again, like they mentioned, goes into effect six to eight months. If you cut the payroll tax, that’s what funds
Social Security. And what they’re lining up to do is cut the
payroll tax, defund the Social Security trust fund. And then couple years from now when we’re
more or less recovered->>I’m really glad-
>>And then they’re gonna be like, Social Security, gotta cut it, gotta cut it.>>I’m so glad you mentioned that, because
I don’t think that gets talked about in the press enough. Because what the Trump administration has
been attempting to do. Is exploit this pandemic to accomplish certain
gross agenda items that they’ve been trying to accomplish for a while, including gutting
Social Security.>>Yeah, it’s the Naomi Klein shock doctrine
playing out, right before our eyes. Make a crisis-
>>It sounds good, you’re like, payroll taxes, yeah, yeah, we won’t have to pay those, right? Wait a minute.>>No, no, no, we need those, and again, poor
people don’t really pay a payroll tax. The poorest Americans don’t pay the payroll
tax, just flat out.>>Right, and I do wanna mention, it is important
to differentiate between, all right, things are functioning as they typically do. And now we’re having just a debate about whether
universal basic income makes sense. Totally agree with you guys that unless you
have a robust social safety net, it doesn’t make sense. It’s just a way of keeping working people
off the government’s back. But in this pandemic, I do worry, because
my husband can’t work. He’s a bartender, he’s got no work.>>I mean, I guess what I think is that there
has to be a way to actually utilize whether it’s specifically working with the restaurant
industry to help those bartenders. Or friends of mine who are waiters or caterers
or all that, domestic workers. I myself am a comic, no comedians are doing
shows right now, and not that we get paid much money. But is there a way to work within existing
industries, rather than sort of just cutting this check, which is so shortsighted and short
term?>>Well, the industries are stopped. That’s the problem, is that there is no activity,
like you said. So going through the businesses, it really
is just like they’re gonna take their cut.>>But is it offering like restaurants a tax
credit for the year if they don’t lay off an employee? Do you know what I mean, something like that.>>There should be definitely-
>>I think they should do both.>>Yeah, they should do both.>>I mean, yeah, I think they should do both,
and I->>Again, people are getting laid off today,
today.>>Right, and keep in mind, nearly 50% of
Americans can’t afford a $400 emergency. So I do think that, given how the economy
is completely halted because of the pandemic, people do need cash in their hands to buy
groceries. So I think in the short term, it’s part of
what should be a more comprehensive solution.>>Yeah, I mean, the other obvious one is
debt relief.>>Yeah, totally agree.>>It needs to be coupled with debt relief. I mean, no one’s talking about that risk seriously. I mean, there’s been some sort of foreclosure
stalls in California and other states, and stuff like that. But I mean, no student loan payments, no rent
payments, no mortgage payments. All these things have to stop, because the
economy. It’s not that the economy is in trouble, it’s
that the economy is stopped. It’s a different type of problem.

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  3. Not every landlord is well off. I rent 3 properties at $525 each and THAT is my monthly income as a retired person. In the case of huge enterprises like Blackstone that own hundreds, if not thousands of rentals, a rental moratorium makes sense but for retired people like myself, the loss of rent would make ME homeless. NOT a good idea across the board! Mortgages come from banks and since the banks got the gigantic bailout in 2008, they can grant clemency in the mortgage department.

    Details matter!

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  21. He's not giving universal basic income. They are trying to provide a stimulus/relief package so folks can afford to stay home and can afford to spend. It's not permanent like UBI, it's temporary during a time of emergency. This is exactly like the plan first offered by GEORGE W BUSH not yang. I repeat if you think it's a good idea, then you are supporting a idea that George W. Bush implemented during his Presidency. It is not a UBI because it's temp. I think too they already have agreed on moratoriums for most of the other things mentioned. It's absurd Dems might now oppose this.I personally think Trump is doing a great job. As you said, this is a UNPRECEDENTED TIME and he did the most important thing could be done and what Dems would never ever have supported which is closing the border.

    I agree that the issue of SS solvency is important but I think it's odd you all wanted this stupid payroll cut and you opposed bush's check. Then you supported it when the bush plan was riffed in by yang and when Obama adopted the payroll tax cut and you now they are opposing it but you didn't bash them

    I'm just praying they don't limit it to just worker and they include those low income seniors and the disabled. If they are going to "bail out" the person who gets 50 bucks pin money doing stand up then how about putting cash in the hands of those that truly truly need it at all times. As much as you all claim to represent folks like me and you will talk about social security as a scare tactic you never truly focus on those of us on sssi. People who had done the right thing and were working hard, who contributed what they were asked th in every paycheck, only to be condemned to poverty by illness. Had I paid that same amount of money in to a private plan that operated in conjunction with public oversight then I would be able to afford a modest life. Instead housing goes to anchor babies and the Aca expansion created pressures to ration Medicare and raise other costs once my state adopted it. An extra thousand dollars would be almost an extra months income for someone like me.

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    – $1000 cash allowance.
    – Free internet service.
    – $250 food vouchers for certain essential foods (meat, bread, fruits, vegetables, milk.) Absolutely, no junk foods or sodas. Food vouchers are not to be mistaken for food stamps.
    – $100 credit for gasoline.
    – $100 entertainment cash allowance (birthday parties, movies, date night.)

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  38. I am a landlord who has just three rental units. I have to wait for checks to deposit before I can pay the bills to sustain the services for the units. If they don't pay, I can't pay.

  39. Payouts to people who paid taxes in 2018 does nothing for the homeless and those without jobs or insurance. If the Republicans want to do this right it needs to focus on lower income people, and not be based on how much taxes a person paid.

  40. These are the same panelist who mock, laugh and did all they can to smear Andrews UBI. I'm not a republican or democrat but these people laugh at the Trump Administration about trying to get money directly to the people? While they supported Bernies FJG > UBI. Just replace Automation with this Virus Pandemic that causes Job Loss. Its obvious who is really against the middle to poor class people.

  41. I watched this video thinking there would be some interesting insights into how this might be the start of a permanent UBI or how Democrats have an opportunity to make some big policy gains while Trump is trying to stabilize the economy. Instead, "Trump is doing this thing we all love. Wow. Disgusting. He's so terrible." I should have known better than to expect rational progressive analysis from a show whose eco-chamber ranges from "anti-Trump circle jerk" to "over-the-top anti-Trump circle jerk." Great job TYT, it took MSNBC 20 years to go from voice of progressives to corporate-Left shills… TYT did it in 4.

  42. Same as us in the UK. This was a Labour Party thing put forward by Jeremy Corbyn, but now the Conservative Party is talking about it. Which is good! I hope that if something like this ever happens, it is done fairly, whether is US or UK.

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  49. Let republicans lead the charge on this, so that way it will be some republicans and all democrats vs a small group of republicans. If the democrats get more vocal the republicans will oppose it just because the democrats are saying it. Later make the point that in a real emergency even the republicans do democratic policies.

  50. The problem with republicans is… Their idiots, they want more power and control, but as soon as their plan fails they realize the obvious, these plans like UBI, employee rights, etc aren't just good for people, their good for business and for economic stability.

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