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about American Express and
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isn’t too many specific you know pieces
of interesting news I think today but
the articles that are there I think are
very very important so let’s dive in
says first of all stay safe guys know
what you’re doing this is what I was
talking about when I said a long time
ago that I don’t know if humans have the
ability to take care to take
responsibility for their own actions so
this guy lost over a hundred and seventy
thousand dollars he lost access to a
hundred and seventy thousand dollars
worth of cryptocurrency because he did
not properly back up his recovery phrase
to his crypto currency wallet so for
those of you guys I’m sure you guys
probably know the recovery phrase is
very very important so you can recover
it anything goes wrong it’s exactly
that’s a recovery phrase you have to
write it down write down a piece of
paper if you buy you know a key key wall
or some like that it gives you a piece
of paper for you to write it down and
keep it in the box for example there’s a
lot of different ways that you could do
it but you don’t not do it now this guy
took up
picture of it on his iPhone which then
eventually he couldn’t find whatever it
was and well he lost access to one
hundred and seventy thousand dollars
this is the type of stuff I think we’re
gonna see happen a lot it’s gonna happen
more and more and the good news for the
you know more responsible investors is
that all these you know all of this
Bitcoin or whatever cryptocurrency it is
that’s then lost and you can’t get it
back to well that takes away from the
circulating supply meaning overall the
prices should increase that’s not going
to be the huge cause of the price
increase but it is one of the reasons
why people say we’re never actually
gonna get 21 million bitcoins in
circulation because several so much of
it has already been lost but I do not
want to see that happen to you guys so
make sure you are backing up your walls
you are writing your recovery phrases I
don’t want to hear a story from one of
you guys losing $170,000 that would suck
anybody else it’ll just make the news
and I’ll talk about it but I don’t want
to see it happen to you guys because
obviously you guys are the best
community for cryptocurrency out there
now big news for basic attention token
and the brave browser well basically
tension token is getting a boost the
brave browser was selected as the
default browser for HTC’s new phone so
the brave browser was announced as the
default browser for HTC’s new exoddus
blockchain powered phone opening basic
attention token to a new cohort of
potential users this is one that i’ve
been invested in for some time and I’ve
shared with you guys that I’ve been
invested and I thought it was a very
undervalued project one that actually
you know has has potential out there
actually has working products out there
and that a lot of people are over
looking for projects that don’t have any
working products out there it’s an
interesting thing there are projects out
there that are ranked you know one
hundred and thirtieth you know maybe a
hundred maybe eighty this for example
the brave browser I’m not sure where
it’s but it’s in the top fifty I believe
and those are ranked lower than projects
that have absolutely nothing to show for
themselves right now other than an idea
so definitely an opportunity to pick up
those cheaper those you know less less
recognized all coins that could do well
in the future basically size token looks
like it is going to be one of those
because it is picking up more and more
adoption the brave browsers well if you
guys have not checked that out you can’t
for your computer so use the link down
below in the district in the description
as well I believe it’s the second link
in the description you guys will be able
to download the brave browser for free
and test it out it is really really cool
they still obviously are going to have a
lot more that’s going to be coming to it
and there’s going to be a lot of
developments coming to it but even the
way it is right now I think I think it’s
really really cool obviously I’m not
using on this computer on my laptop I am
using the brave browser 100% of the time
now news for Tron TRX as well well Robin
Hood gives the crypto community the
notion of Tron being next coin added to
trading app again if you guys have not
downloaded Robin oh it’s not available
everywhere but those of you who have who
is available too if you guys do want to
download Robin Hood to be able to you
know trade Tron you can only trade a few
crypto currencies on there not quite yet
can you trade Tron but it is apparently
possibly coming soon so again there’s
gonna be a link I’m gonna make it a
third link in the description for you
guys make it super easy link one two and
three for you guys to sign up there
again it is free to sign up it is zero
trading fees I use it to trade stocks
and if you do use the link down below
you get you get a bonus as well add it
to your account so that is really cool
to see now Robin Hood help god asked how
many reads tweets
how many retweets does this need to get
for you guys to consider adding TRX well
they said we’re definitely hoping to add
more coins moving forward and we are and
we are aware of the demand for truant
stay tuned for any Robin Hood crypto
updates so they’re saying they know what
the community wants they know what the
crypto community wants and this is where
trance a huge community comes into play
they have a massive community full of
people full of diehard Tron fans I know
a lot of them are viewers of this
channel as well so I know a lot of you
guys really really liked her on TRX a
lot of people hate it on it at first I
told people to be careful because if
they do manage to get what they want to
get done it’s going to be a very very
good project so far they’ve had a ton of
partnerships ton of adoption things are
heading that headed in the right
direction and a lot of people are
changing their mind and you know warming
up to Tron TRX which is obviously very
nice to see now Robin Hood held like I
said they said they’re aware for the
they would be foolish not to add tron if
they know the demand and they know what
the community wants so definitely stay
tuned I do think they’re going to add a
lot more cryptocurrencies Tron
definitely going to be one of the next
ones added on there as well because of
the high demand so we also know there a
few weeks ago with finance editor on to
the finance info gold label project in
order to provide clear and accurate
information about the chaunt ecosystem
and the virtual Curtis the overall Tron
is just you know getting a widespread of
adoption a lot of good news coming
forward for them definitely this will be
a nice addition to Robin Hood when they
do get that going now if we do look at
the overall market cap guys yes it’s a
green day in the market but don’t be too
happy just yet although it is a nice
Green Day in the market since I’m not
looking to sell this something I see a
lot of people make a mistake on a lot of
people are just like finally finally a
day we’re not everything’s in the red
and I know it’s great to see the green
but if you’re not selling it doesn’t
really mean anything in the short run
the market cap is at 115 billion with a
54.8% Bitcoin dominance although
obviously we can’t deny it
it is always nice to see a green day in
the market especially if you are trading
because that does provide for some very
very nice returns now the biggest gainer
is a little under 19% Bitcoin private
elf is up a little over 17 Raven coin is
off over 15 NXT Komodo decentraland
basic attention token obviously with the
good news up as well waves is up chain
link is up behind Anne’s coin is up and
several other crypto currencies are we
only have four crypto currencies that
are in the red right now they’re all
actual didn’t they’re not stable coins
they are crypto currencies they are
mithril Bitcoin SV Metaverse ETP and
factum biggest losers up those down just
a little over 5% so good you know a nice
great day in the market definitely a
change now again keep in mind if for
those of you guys who are wondering
market direction I do not think we have
hit the bottom yet so that does you know
give us a little bit of room to go up
but also eventually potential to drop
back down I’m going to be updating
everyone in the group with the technical
analysis and what I think is going on
with that the most that I can now good
news for ripples X are
P Bank of America not Bank of America
American Express has some good things to
say about XR P and this is what I’ve
been waiting for like I told you guys I
want to see the actual testimonials from
all the partnerships that X RP has had
so although people are saying oh they’ve
had so many potential partnerships so
much news here and there why hasn’t the
price moved one of the reasons is I
think we need to see results I think the
more results we get the more partnership
aolong the more you know adoption
against because people see it actually
works and benefits them and that’s how I
think X our peace price is going to move
now it is just over 30 cents right now
up 4.1 two percent on the day now like I
said American Express has appraised
ripple for cross-border payments always
a good thing to see I guess the actual
results actually seeing it happen so
according to a top American Express
representative ripple has the potential
to revolutionize cross-border
transactions globally speaking images
recently at the wings of change European
Europe conference Carlos Correa doe I
don’t know if that’s how you pronounce
it the credit cards giant the credit
card giants general manager of corporate
payments indicated this was one reason
that blockchain integration was high on
the company’s agenda for change very
good news for real bucks RP right here
definitely hope we see more and more of
this go through they do have a lot of
partnerships and I do expect if American
Express is saying this that other that
their other partners are going to be
saying the same thing as well so
obviously nice news for XRP now let’s do
the Bitcoin giveaway though because it
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for another video


  1. I'm still buying more so red days are actually better for me. But there is something about seeing nearly the entire market green that still gets you excited

  2. yes i had a scare when i thought i couldn't get back into my exchange account because of 2FA .. lucky i had printed off the QR Code!!.. pheww!!

  3. How can u not have a back-up for ur back-up? Still feel bad 4him. However, it's a great time to be in the market! I think we're in for quite a ride 😉

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    Gary Bailey from Germany, so i reached him and decided to talk to him, with his strategy he gave steps to take when I want to invest, when and who to trade with, so I bought $2000 bitcoin and traded with him, he assured me a week and I will get my profit and if I continue to invest I get more profit, so I waited a week and doubting him, but to my surprised I got my profit and increased my portfolio from 3BTC to 9BT6C in just two weeks, now I can trade without fear. Like to invest reach him on ([email protected])

  5. Patrick, yet another great video. So where do you feel the bottom is going to be for this market. Go TRON 🙂

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