American Bread & Circus (Hidden Secrets Of Money Ep 10)

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  1. Thank you all for watching, be sure to check out the Bonus Features at the following link. 45 minutes of commentary from me and deleted scenes:

  2. No tax ( millions of employers ) or corporation tax ( millions of company's ) industrial revolution, electric revolution in Rome 2000 yrs ago, FLAWED LOGIC Maloney

  3. The US$ the whole world recognize and respect so much, will very soon affect us all, just how did America manage to build 900+ military bases in 130 countries ! Am worried

  4. Let's not forget another drug being put out by govt. Cheap Chinese.consumer goods so folks can afford useless products often they can store in. expensive rented lockers taken when they fail to continue to pay amounts.higher than the.value inside usually and sold off cheap. Rich/San Jose

  5. Governments cannot create prosperity, they can only consume it. What a great line.this one is right up there with Winston Churchill's a day that will live in infamy speech

  6. This is a great video series!

    Thank you Mike for taking the time to put these videos together and help educate more people on the reality we’re facing.

  7. In reference to the person on the video who opined about food stamps-Good grief that man makes us sound like a bunch of ignorant dolts-my house burned up. I got sick and ended up on stupid food stamps! But I most certainly wasn't watching that asshole Jerry springer on television! I didn't have one, I read- I read crime and punishment at age 12! I'm smart! What an insulting general stupid statement- you have a wannabe dictator in the white House who claims he's rich. He might be rich but he's an ignoramus who can't read, or write and can't carry on an intelligent conversation in his native tongue!

  8. I moved to Mexico where I grew up- I'm not a Mexican – where the government isn't regulating the hell out of this country-

  9. We have GOLD here in Mexico Lots and lots of it! My whole property is full of gold dust! Minute small particles in the soil here- near our water source called la Sierra de la laguna, my first boyfriend who is a geologist discovered gold for a company from the USA but because it's the ONLY source of water we have, no one will allow the mine to operate- so now he's in another state looking for gold there, where the water won't be affected-
    Anyhow blah blah blah- I will shoe my ESL students your documentary- thanks

  10. Wrong PEOPLE or ideals ARE in the right positions..super selfish systems in place(POWER&authority)….ALL ARE SLAVES FOR LIFE in their plan…U ALL MUST UNITE & JUST SAY NO!..😤😏

  11. This video speaks truths to "some level"

    When you have 5% of the population pocketing 95% of the nation's earning & 95% of population splitting what's left there will always be economic imbalance duh.

    Free markets in the context of this video will lead to more monetary corruption. Look at the banks. Government cant always be trusted but who else is going to regulate the greedy and rich

  12. Governments are like the Wizard of Oz and the man behind the curtain are the billionaires.
    I would rather have a million small buisiness than one giant corporate monopoly,because a monopoly is communism disguised as capitalism.

  13. The Zionist of the USA hates competition.They want to control everything ie military the economy the banks the media and finally they want to control you.They have doing this throughout the ages.Ron Paul is one of their consorts.Free economy, "dream on".That will never happen under their leadership.Time is near were real men will make wholesome changes for the benefit of humanity thus this will be the end of world zionism.We await the Mahdi (Rightly Guided One) and the Christ the son of the virgin Mary who will right what is wrong for all humanity. Time is running out for the select few.God's plans encompasses all plans of his entire creation and so does his mighty power which encompasses the power of his entire creation.Eat that.

  14. If any government deserves money from inheritances the soundest & safest investment should only be to the divinely controlled 2020 government of THE KINGDOM OF GOD. At least the whole world would benefit from Gods love, and those responsible for distributing it would be able to sleep soundly at night knowing it would never be used to harm or hurt anybody, it would be the most righteousness thing to do. Even The Lord God I'm sure would look favorably on the founders of his Kingdom of God on earth as it becomes established in line with his will.. A very sound and divine investment for all concerned. If God is for it then what can be against it?

  15. Hmm, So lets ignore any history prior to rome. Sumerian's you don't count no public works like a language, Egypt no pyramids, Greece no temple cities or navy's, China no written history or post offices. Okay glad were on the same page. Now tell me more about the barbarians and how Rome was so poor it continue to expand. only at 3:01 I'll wait for you to get to the Catholic church and then Spain, then England, then USA. i want to hear this. I need popcorn. Oh snap Rome didn't have popcorn at there games man they missed out.

  16. No such things free that’s democrats want free stuff health care for everyone legal or illegal immigrants but they want to put high tax for business

  17. the only thing that the makers of this program gets wrong
    it is by no accident puppets and strings
    look what they recently did in vensiwaler when those said people had the audacity
    to want to sell there own oil

  18. I'll do agree on all except on Bitcoin and Crypto..
    Remember what you've said in the beginning?
    Money must endure time.

  19. Premises of this documents are flawed and conclusion is straight up stupid. It takes one to have special "Intellect" to come to opposite conclusion than how it's in reality.

    Everybody is saying that free market will solve all the issues yet it has failed to solve literally any issue. Saying that companies like free market is like saying that people love to have death match every day that can ruin them. You always have these "free market" apologists spreading their religion about free markets and free competition but when you check reality not a single one company wants competition for their product and all they do every single day is trying to figure out how to secure a market and achieve monopoly so their investment is save and they have secured profit. Literally every single one company!

    It's the companies and fucking business men that corrupts the government, not the other way around. In USA the oil industry and Koch brothers with their right wing republican friends has literally crated false science, false media etc. just to keep their oil business and not switch to renewable energy/nuclear energy etc.

    You literally don't have railway systems and public transport systems in USA because GM, Standard Oil and other companies has created coalition and bought and ruined public transportation systems in cities so they can sell more cars and they also made government build more highways.

    So please STFU and fix your "business people" and "free markets" before bitching about government.

  20. Out of 23Trillion USA-owes, the OWNERS OF THE FEDERAL-RESERVE, 14 Trillion for MILITARY-DEFENSE.. not bread-n-circus..

  21. Governments need a serious make over, too many rats in EVERY government, its almost like a prerequisit to being in office. How shady and dodgy are you???? …..very good and I also LIE like a muther fucker!!!

  22. The statement at the 8:37 Mark was profound. Mainly, because only God can give a government prosperity. Remember, the government was upon his shoulders according to the book of Isaiah. The Bible is real y'all!

  23. I've always said to my children that money creates false confidence within an individual which is stated at the 23:15 Mark and his video.

  24. Why don't we stop using federal reserve notes for money. Anything can be used instead if agreed upon by the parties. Quit ur jobs. We have the power cause we're the labor force. We're helping their agenda building the new world order. We get paid worthless paper, that has signs all over it telling us what it's about. Then they own everything we buy with it, thinking they own us too. It's more than enough resources in the world to sustain all if we lived in harmony with nature. If paper bills are fake, what are we using them for?. We gotta stop the mess up n do the clean up. Just common sense shows things getting worse. satan is a lie n the truth ain't in him. … It's spiritual. Stop the traditions. We have to act better too. Praise on the Sabbath at home with ur family … Marsha.

  25. You forgot complete societal madness. Rome had it. America has it too- more than 2 genders, men are women and women are men, etc etc.

  26. Why do they keep saying that the Government are controling the money. The central banks are privately owned. Tell the Farging truth.

  27. So for Mike Maloney, social programs are equivalent to the "bread" of the "bread and circus" saying and they are bad? I think you should not generalize that. Also, the faith that you set in the free market is not in touch with reality. Free capitalism is savage and it is that what is creating a social inequality that will save rich people from all the catastrophies that you announce, but will destroy the medium and poor classes.

  28. Meanwhile a home that cost $25.000 in 1970 now cost $$$500.000 and with a 30 year morgage the cost to payoff is 1 Million.So yea people take drugs to numb the parasidic system that is screwing them daily.

  29. Bread and Circuses 2019 style..$5 meals,$1 value menu,Free Porn,legal weed and Cheap booze whilst $23 trillion in debt..Are you not entertained!!

  30. There is a reason that half the world laughs at the USA for claiming they have freedom, and yet they put a complete incompetent guy like Trump in charge.

  31. You want the government to get out of it. Do you realize how much POWER that the 1964 Civil Rights Act gave the government to do all these things you point out in this video? Ron Paul would not have voted for the Civil Rights Act. But blacks want it because it redistributes wealth to them.

  32. US Supreme Court put a stop to limits on donations. politicians now wide open to bribes.


  34. Wow. This tells me another crash is on the horizion. George Carlin was right. We're a (Surface Nucience) humans are becoming a venereal rash on the surface of this planet. …lol… We're gonna end up eating each other. …lol… By the way, I recently found out that an acquaintance of mine used to poison the people that pissed her off in conversation. Putting soap on a dish and letting it dry, then serving food on it to her victim. Not to kill but to create discomfort and added mental anguish. That fucking snatch. No wonder I got sick and had the runs after eating her food. I bet that cunt poisoned me. I live as alone as I can and I don't presume on anything, anymore. I sure wish I would have invested in gold though. …lol… GUNS ARE GOING TO BE THE NEW GOLD STANDARD. …lol… 😉

  35. The overall problem with the Roman military spending during the later imperial era was not primarily the cost of "occupying foreign land"; it was to passively defend long since conquered and latinised territories against the onslaught of so-called barbarians from beyond the fortified walls along, for example, the rivers Rhine and Danube, called the "limites". Thus, the real parallel between the Roman Empire in its decline, and the US and Europe of today, is their common inability to withstand the massive invasion of people previously held at bay by an empire's constant expansion and colonialism, with its corollary: exploitation, booty, taxation and enslavement. These enslaved masses, along with the internal Roman proletariat itself, were the driving force behind the demand for bread and circus, and we all very well know that it is exactly this process that will eventually bring about the demise of both the US and Europe. In short: once an empire loses its innate sense of superiority, thereby accepting that the people it has previously conquered and subjugated becomes an integral part of its own society, it is doomed. I know this is a hard pill to swallow, but no humanism and/or bad conscience for the evil inflicted upon what is today often referred to as the developing world is going to save the US and Europe from this fate. Just look at the Israelis: they don't feel that they have ever treated the Palestinians horribly. They still consider them to be people of less worth. That, unfortunate as it might seem, is the basis for building an empire, and Israel might well be the one succeeding both Europe and the US in this respect. Time will show.

  36. 1:35 Do not forget that the "New World Order" is "The Christian Government of The Roman Empire;" after all, the History of the Planet Earth had never seen a "Christian Government" until The Roman Empire created it in 325 C.E., and that was the beginning of the Bible being brought into The Roman Coliseum after the Roman Christians left Church and did not have time to go home to leave their Bibles at home; therefore, on Christian Sunday The Roman Coliseum which of course is now The Christian Roman Coliseum was filled with Bibles, and the Puritans which are called Roman Christians are the ones that carried the Bible into the Coliseum, and it was a "New" practice to the Coliseum itself, and this is the History of Christianity and the birth of The Christian Crusades just as it is the birth of "The New World Order;" therefore, this makes the "Christian Government" the "Antichrist" that died and has come back to rule over the World for a short time before its "Christian Government" causes Armageddon according to The Bible itself. 23:45 EYE 5

  37. You are punished in the 21st Century United States Of America for trying to better yourself because that now belongs to "suckers;" therefore, it is better to know your place in stagnation and do not rock the boat of stagnation and that is The United States Of America of the 21st Century that stabs everything that means to be American right in the back and it is all done in the name of Christianity and The Federal Government and this is exactly what The Thirteen Colonies went to war against, and this is how treasonous the 21st Century United States Of America now is. And now as a result of this mathematical accuracy of truth the now treasonous USA begs to make America great again, and now the mathematics of truth have spoken; thus, the once greatest Nation in the World now begs! EYE 5

  38. No banks no credit. Churches should put out freebies/ charity. There are churches and support groups in Every city enough for everyone to get by . No big business only owner operator individual companies. No pay for public service jobs it's public service,as well as no pay for charity workers / collectors must be non profit only. No federal taxes, only tax on purchases for non food / non medical items. Mandatory charity service 5 hours or 100$ per week. From cold calling to taking out trash ,from budgets to labor , with an online meeting available to all to veiw in each district, also connecting districts for distribution according to need keeping excessive storage of goods that can be used / traded in circulation. When no one is paid to do there Civic duties/ public servant passions more will get done to benefit the people.

  39. So what are the plants going to do when all the CO2 is gone , duh . They will die and then guess who dies with the plants .

  40. Keeping people down is what governments do heaven forbid people thinking and doing for themselves. If they did there just might be peace

  41. @Mike Maloney , You are Genius 🙂 I had zero knowledge of how money is created and how economy works .After watching the Hidden Secrets of money and all your other videos . I have learnt a lot 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge .

  42. Interesting video Mike, but please tell us what would you do if you were a roman emperor and had to deal with the social problems of a vast multicultural empire:a growing population, a lot of poverty, greed, internal conflicts and revolts, etc. How would you solve these problems without increasing the amount of currency in circulation ?

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