Amazing Simple Coin Switch (Bobo Switch Tutorial)

77 thoughts on “Amazing Simple Coin Switch (Bobo Switch Tutorial)

  1. What up spade I noticed you like the shirts with awesome designs I have got my own little company who makes the shirt designs is there a adres where I can send you some personalized shirts send me a dm on insta if you want some👍🏼👌🏼

  2. Thanks for this. I see lots of stuff on YouTube for the retention vanish, but very rarely see someone covering the Bobo switch. I have started to use it a lot in spellbound types of routines as my final switch before ditching the other coin. Particularly when I am not wearing sleeves or a shirt with a breast pocket, which is how I would usually ditch the other coin. I do a Bobo switch into a closed hand and under cover of getting a spectator to blow on it or something like that I will ditch the other coin in a back pocket.

  3. I always feel so dirty doing this sleight, but it is so good when done well. You, sir, do it very well.

  4. Hi again. Meeting you on Sunday was really cool! By the way, are you going to the IBM convention in Grand Rapids July 4-7? (This is very specific as you can see)

  5. Literallly looking for a good coin switch on YouTube all morning then this just pops up in my notifications haha

  6. Do comments really help? I have nothing to say usually but if they help in some way, I’m happy to comment random crap.

  7. YES!!! YOU BEAUTY. Thank you, Xavior. Love your work. I bought your Rise trick. I'm never going to use it, just wanted to support you. 😀

  8. "I go 'yeah', and then I leave".. Hilarious and I can see you doing exactly that. The amazing you really shows through with these videos. Loving the new format and humorous after effects are great.

  9. "Do you know how to to anything else besides play with cardboard .. rectangles… with designs?" Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?? 😀 😀 Lost it there, great and funny intro as always Spade 🙂

  10. Xavier I hope you see this we can all tell you work Hard on these videos they are entertaining and informative in perfect harmony like, I don't mean to over do it but those of us that watch you really do appreciate your hard work and respect your grind. Keep it up man👌♠🔥

  11. Really great video. I think you strike a very good balance between showing something that we can practice and play around with, and then showing that there is enough of extra information that we might want to go find. Keep up the amazing content ^^

  12. So glad to see you do this with rings on! I hate when magicians do coin tutorials and the first trick is they make their rings disappear.

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