Aladdin – Ep 415 – Full Episode – 18th March 2020

Aladdin. The last chariot is here. Yasmine’s aunt Parveena must be
in this chariot. Genie.
– Yes. Yasmine told me that aunt is very dangerous. She keeps upset easily keeps complaining and
taunts all the time. – What? She gives food? You fool! She doesn’t give food,
she gives taunts. Brother, really Yasmine’s aunt seems
very dangerous. She has not even arrived yet and
my stomach is already aching. Genie, you do something.
You go back to the palace I will bring Yasmine’s aunt.
– No. I will not go to the palace. Genie Meanie is really
upset with me. Actually, I promised her that I will wake up early
in the morning and exercise. But I can’t wake up
early at all. How will you wake up? If you eat
so much in the night then how will you wake up early? My stomach will not be full
if I eat less. How will I get energy? Yes, I am telling the truth. This is my feet not a road for you to walk on. And you annoyed me during
the whole journey. At least now should keep quiet. And, boy, you! When you turn my age,
you’ll forget how to laugh. Genie, found her. What? She is Yasmine’s aunt? Okay. Brother, she is more peculiar
than Gulbadan’s mother. Let’s go. Greetings, Aunt. Kulfi? You can have
your Kulfi yourself. Hey, not Kulfi.
I am calling you aunt. Aunt!
– Groundnut! You are a groundnut,
your family is a groundnut. I will teach you a lesson
right now. No way! Where did your stick go?
– Big? Why are you talking
about big and small? I am not saying that I am talking about stick..
– Who are you both? Why are you troubling
my mother? Aunt Parveena’s son.
Greetings! Who is aunt Parveena?
– Her.. Genie, his mother’s has
a hearing issue. Seems like he has
a memory problem. Hey, aunt Parveena is your mom.
– Yes. My mother’s name
is Noora Khanum. Let’s go.
– Noora Khanum.. Let’s go. We got saved.
– No, we didn’t. Brother, my stomach is aching. I will do something. I am going
to mom. To take a medicine for
stomach ache. Genie, listen. Aunt, for how long are you going
to make me wait? ‘Neither an emperor
nor an ace.’ ‘there will be merely
Mallika’s coin.’ The limit of waiting
has been reached. I have not heard from
my beloved. Look, whatever utensil we are
keeping on the stove they are all turning black. I don’t know what is happening. Ms. Naazneen, can you please
check once? I don’t have four set of eyes.
I am doing what I can. Is the food
for the priest ready or.. Ruksaar it is good that you are here. Look, all the utensil kept on
the stove are turning black. I swear on the gold coins.. I am really worried. Sister-in-law, you don’t worry. Many times utensils turn black
because of using old coal. We have changed the coal
four times already. But still the utensils
are turning black. Ruksaar, look my eyes
are blinking too much as well. I am sure there will another
problem at Baghdad soon. Something bad
is going to happen. Wash your eyes then. Today Maulvi himself will
offer veneration in the palace. There can’t
be any mistakes today. You just keep
his food ready. I swear to god. ‘Maulvi will
offer veneration today.’ ‘Nothing
should go wrong today.’ ‘You just
keep his food ready.’ I swear to god. Did you hear
Ruksaar voice? So fine
and so melodious. So sweet.
I can’t pull off that voice. The food won’t get
cooked by staring at me, right? Carry on. Can her words be true? Will there be a problem
in Baghdad for real? Greetings. You completed
my poem. Just see. It’s not a
song now but it will be one day. Not one day.
It’s already done. Forgive me, I’ve never
seen you here before. You are? It’ll be dusk if I
start introducing myself. And I am in a hurry
to reach Baghdad now. You’ve come to
see around Baghdad? I am here to loot it. You have a
great sense of humour. It’s important to laugh
in the sorrow filled world. Come on, laugh. You said it so well. The atmosphere
will be fun.. when two like minded
people are together. Absolutely. Are you here
to receive someone? Yes, but now it seems
that she’ll be here tomorrow. Forgive me, but isn’t
there anyone to receive you? Who would come
to receive an evil spirit? By the way,
you talk very jovially. Or after a certain
age, human forget to smile. What do you mean
‘after a certain age’? Do I look like an
elderly person to you? Absolutely not.
Can I drop you off somewhere? I can carry
my own luggage. I am not that old as you think I am. Where’s the horse cart? I don’t have
a horse cart. So how will
we go to Baghdad? Like this. What the heck! What happened to Kale? ‘It understood
the danger I possess.’ ‘Get used to me,
Magical Carpet.’ ‘I am not leaving
this place anytime soon.’ This has
never happened before. ‘Because no one like me
never arrived here before.’ ‘If the carpet keeps
floating for a while like this’ ‘Then this boy
might get suspicious.’ This is strange. Your hands
have magic in them. Just like my mom. Come on, let’s go. Genie Meanie, my 1500
years of experience says that how much can a lady who
can get much work done by us without being here
do by being present here? The princess
said she hates dust. So, keep
working on that. Oh, wow! Good work,
Chand and Genie Meanie. You’ve done
such a good job of cleaning. Even in such cleanliness my aunt, Parveena,
will still find some flaws. Forget it, Your Highness.
So, tell me did your worship go well?
– Yes. Everything went good. I’m missing my grandma, dearly. My grandmother was very loving. Just like my father. I wonder who aunt Parveena
has taken after. Your Highness greetings. Your Highness, those parts
of Baghdad which were ruined in the earthquake
that occurred last month have been made up. ‘Thank God! People are gradually
getting out of the earthquake.’ ‘But none of them know, what
exactly happened that night.’ Be prepared for your death. Mallika will be coming. We have to shut this door. Ginu, you have faced Mallika
even before. You can do it even this time. Right. But Mallika
is very dangerous and.. But you’re honest, Ginu. Right, Sheikh Ginu. Ms. Ruksaar always says nothing can be powerful
than the truth. You have the most powerful thing
in this world, Sheikh Ginu. Yes, Ginu.
If Mallika comes back we will lose in spite of winning and Zafar will win
though he died. The evilness will win, dear. And then, no one will dare
to follow the path of goodness. You..
You have to do something, Ginu. You can do it. For the sake of Ms. Ruksaar,
Sheikh Ginu. Ginu, nothing should come out
from the door. Just shut it. We can’t let the evilness win! Wonderful, my dear!
– Wonderful, Sheikh Ginu! Wonderful, my dear! Sheikh Ginu, are you okay? Yes, Your Highness. We won. We won! Zafar is anyway dead. Also, his wicked plans
of calling Mallika. We won! ‘But I can never forget
what happened there that night.’ ‘It’s good that we saved Baghdad
from Mallika’s threat.’ Your Highness. Thank you, minister Gulbadan. I will start going around
the city in disguise very soon like before. Wonderful. See you. Your Grace,
I will accompany you. Aladdin got these flowers for me
in the morning! How did this vase get here,
Genie Meanie? Please forgive me,
Your Grace. I brought this vase
to this room. I thought, your aunt would like
some flowers in her room. Your Grace,
please forgive me. I broke the vase..
– No, Genie Meanie. It is my fault. Your Grace,
please forgive me. Breaking of the glass
is considered inauspicious. Wise djinns do not believe
in such superstitions. I could have broken this vase
as well. Stop fretting over this. No harm shall
befall this nation. Let us clean up
the glass shreds. ‘Aladdin has not returned
with my aunt yet.’ ‘I hope everything
is all right.’ ‘I hope nothing inauspicious
has occurred.’ ‘The people of Baghdad
better be prepared.’ ‘I am here
to unleash my wrath.’

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