Adding a New Customer in CurrencyXchanger 4.0 (CXR) – Professional Money Exchange Software

Creating a customer profile. In this video we’re going to have a walk-in customer, and we’re going to set up a new profile for this person and attach an ID to it. So clicking on your customers module up on your toolbar we need to select new.
Now we can fill in the information from our new customer. They do not work for your organization, so we can leave this blank. They are a walk-in off of the street. Let’s start to fill in the fields. You’ll notice that I won’t put any formatting in my text, and when I hit tab the software automatically changes the beginning letter to a capital.
We’ll put her as self employed. So she’s not a corporate customer, and we won’t put a company name in for now. You’ll
also notice that the formatting will be automatic for the phone numbers as well once I hit tab, so you don’t have to worry about that.
Now, down below we have tabs. We’re going to go into the picture ID and attachments tab. You’re going to take her ID and you need to scan that. It’s going to be uploaded into the folder that we created when we set up our client preferences. Once you have scanned, because we set that up it should appear in this drop down. So we can select and her ID is uploaded. You can also click on the browse file and find her ID that way as well, but it is very simple to pick it from the drop down right here. Now, we need to enlarge and edit picture. Once in this screen we need to obviously make this ID a little bit smaller. So on your left you have your toolbar. Let’s reduce the size so we can actually see it, and we want to try and reduce the size of the actual photo as well. So we can crop this picture with all the unnecessary bits. We can select low, medium, or high JPEG, so let’s do low and see how low we can bring it down.
That’s fine for saving, so we can finish filling in the information that we need to. You’ll notice that when we tab into city a pop up will come where we can select or find a city that we’re looking for. And right here it is coming up with American Falls, the one I want to select, saying it’s in Idaho State in the U.S. We can then pick that
and then continue to enter in the information we need to. Okay. Entering in her driver’s license number, and now we must list what type of picture ID it is. You’ll notice that if I type in DL it doesn’t bring up anything because now we need to add this document. So as we never added anything before in our system we need to now create the type of documents that we need. So clicking on add new document we can say DL for a driver’s license. Type, it’s driver’s license. We’ll leave the rest blank. Now we can select. Now we can click save changes. Once we’ve done this, we need to archive the picture. This will remove it from our drop down list so that we don’t select it again on our next customer that comes in. Yes, move and rename. You’ll also see that the information we filled in down here has now populated up here as well. So now we can fill in any other relevant information we want on this person. Once we are finished, we can click save.

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