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  1. I feel so bad for Adam, he looks so sad 😂😂😂 And i actually thought Alan was going to share 😂 I should have seen it coming, but i still feel bad 😂😂 I want to hug him 😂😅

  2. First off, congratulations to Alan for actually having a good outcome in the Bored series finally. But second i thought id share my thoughts.

    We knew it was coming. The bright color. The crisp lines. We felt the the cold air race into the building from when the door opened. The sun was bright outside. Shining like a spotlight through the door. Slowly a figured emerged but just a silhouette. We know its a man but who? This strange fellow with the stature of a God. The strength radiates from his physique while his silence is sharp like the sword of an executioner. Women and children gazed in amazement of this being. Not knowing if they should run and hide or kneel at his feet. Men began to tremble not knowing their fate. Is he here to strike them down? No one knows. All they see is fire and fury behind his armor. The pain he has endured seems like a lifetime only to bring him to this point. The point of redemption. Alan has felt thos strength before. He feels the presence of greatness. Rowan knows this fear is familiar. Hos skin begins to crawl as he gazes upon this unknown man and see his armor. "NO!" he proclaimed as his eyes focus to see the whiteness. "You were destroyed! I got rid of you! Where did you get that white shirt?" he screamed. Just then a face appears. "Hey Rowan" Adam proclaimed. "Time for some changes" as he grinned while entering. Just then the door shuts and screams are heard for miles………

    Tune in next week to see if the guys liked me comment/short story

    Great videos guys keep it up!
    Much love

  3. Wow, Allan, you don't even split it with Adam after.

    Well, finally caught up, have 0 hope for the future. Everyone is the absolute worst, everything is garbage, and life is a lie, so yeah, looking forward to literally anything else now.

  4. well done the first YouTube videos I ever watched all episodes there's 3 missing episode 142, 143 and 144

  5. could you please make an episode when Adam freaks really bad and kick Rowaans butt for 3 min straight?

  6. That's exactly what my employer did with our bonuses. Now I'm starting to think that this was illegal.

  7. yeah i'd just take the money out and give half to the other dude and quit the job, and go straight to the police department and tell them all about rowan, then use that money to buy a lawyer to send rowan to prison.

  8. I'm listening to three British dudes arguing and i still understand all of them. And i'm not native English speaker.

  9. Isn't your own name supposed to be on your own paycheck? I can imagine his disappointment at the bank when he realizes he can't use the other person's paycheck.

  10. If they both disagree to the method, the winner can definitely give half of the pays to the other. Problem solved!

  11. Damn, Allan is becoming more and more like Rowan. First he shames the snot out of Adam, now he's taking his check hahahahahaa

  12. Honestly…. Alan should have just gone where Rowan couldn't see, split the money up and given half to Adam.

    I mean. If he wanted to keep his "good guy" rep.

  13. As soon as they just started complaining instead of agreeing to a split, I was like: “yup, the winners gonna be an a-hole”

  14. I'm crying for Adam, He's so sad..! Hurts my heart! 💔
    Rowan could have at least given his quarter back. 😭

  15. lol.
    I thought alan was going to split it with adam knowing how much he was previously protesting the unfairness of it all.

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