A look at Portugal’s coins

so gday fellow coin collectors
are you going today and today we just kind of look at some Portuguese coins so
the last currency there was issued by independent Portugal was the school dogs
oh he’s your scooter and that was introduced in 1911 and it lasts into
2012 2002 2012 when I was replaced by the
euro so over that period actually did issue with quite a fair manner coins now
there is more adidas because of inflation so the last corner actually
issued was once in Taba and the highest coin actually issued was the 200s kudos
so I’m not even gonna count how many coins actually issue yeah I would say it
would be around 50 coins so they actually they actually did remove some
from circulation once that decrease the value a lot like the one sent over you
see there due to a 5 star boot as well they reduce the size of some so like
deed 20 centavos so actually reduced in size these two and a half scooters they
actually removed from circulation and at the end period only at that one 5 s
kudos for a time period actually didn’t mint a tennis scooters so that was last
minted in 1974 and reintroduced in 1986 so a lot of these coins were not
introduced in 1911 the first coin was introduced in 1913 that was the 20
centavos that was a silver coin then they issued the other silver coins
afterwards and these base coins were first issued in 1917
no because of inflation silver coins in the 1920s were changed into
copper-nickel so 9:28 actually 9 and 27 actually issued copper-nickel 50
centavos and 1 escudos and these 1 2 and 5 centavos didn’t really last past 1925
so really they are only in circulation for Oh probably eight years before they
were removed but because they actually didn’t um introduce these coins straight
away do you raise coins that we used before hand would have been it’s still
in circulation up into these coins were introduced so the squirtle equaled 1000
raised that’s the harm exchange rate and that was to make it more of a modernized
currency because in 1870 up Spain actually before that actually but 1878
bisetta was actually introduced in Spain and that was more of a modern currency
for subdivision even though he raised was actually a decimalised currency so
raise the decimalisation of the razor occurred in 1835 the smallest gone was
actually five free raise actually but I’m looking at new masti here the five
raise which would have been half a centavos last mint in 1906 and these are
all royal coins oh I forgot to mention the reason white actually issued this
good also was because there was a revolution in 1911 1912 that replaced
the kingdom of Portugal with the Republic of Portugal
so that is why but it took a lot of time to actually introduce
new coins so 10 raise was actually 26 millimeters in this coin is 19 so in the
last time that was Minty’s 1892 so 1892 would have been in circulation
20 years by the time 25 years by the time these coins were actually meant it
doesn’t really have behind me as well okay so what are these coins on so
you’ll be after 1917 version that one he sells me teach awful a lot apart from
the 1922 which actually I saw it’s the second loss 1922 add six coins which is
very rare so this one had two million 250,000 coins so it’s actually not that
rare compared with some modern coins no in the back we have two portuguese shoe
with the castles so it’s basically that coin I actually like these coins nice
give me a 1918 this is the highest minted 22 nearly 23 million so that is
good this is the most common coin that you’ll probably come across Daniel is a
two centavos that was issued in 1918 so a year after the one and here’s 1920
version has 10 million so the highest minted 1921 with six hundred
seventy-nine thousand coins is the one to get give me at the five cent hours
large bronze coin I actually quite like that well one thing I’ve got was in 1918
this is also issued in iron and that coin is actually pretty rare
pretty hard to get hundred and seventy thousand that’s still harder to get so
here we have the four centavos – 17 and on and on and as you can see as an error
the date hasn’t been fully punched this is still our minted of the two years of
nearly 5 million minted therefore Santa’s very very strange denomination
Germany had a fire for Fenny 1932 that’s pretty expensive that
120v 1921 5 million 6 million 1921 1922 combined mintage and as you can see I
actually like it because of the side you can see how thick the reading there
bring me is actually on the coin this one’s in very good condition so this
would have a high value that’s what you need to get like that one up there they
only have the reduced size coins so before this 20 centavos was a copper
nickel in 1922 Oh 1920 where is it okay so I’m using new
mister to actually okay so year 1920 22 is copper nickel tin I mean this is only
a two year type on a 24 and 25 so just one out of mintage over it over 6
million actually quite like the coin it’s nice I like the edge of it awesome
it is milled and it has Liberty so the difference between these coins the
earlier bronze coins and the later one was uh earlier had the coat-of-arms
the later one had Liberty Liberty or death Liberty or death
yeah I’m gonna be crazy getting a bit old gonna be Sudan so this one’s
actually not like minted but just a nice coin to have see this one has an arrow
on it and you can’t see the era here is actually day there so the actual door is
actually cracked some reason so that’s a so arrow coins actually make
the coin worth more there you go you can see where the die is cracked
stop crack there and it’s cracked there and because of the good example this
actually known as those of Ava bet five dollars in this I’ll probably bet ten
dollars in shape but it’s be worth a bit more than that we have the in nineteen
twenty seven twenty six million so the highest minted and this one also has
eight crack then inside look at the other side so it’s a little bit lower
grade but this light seems to be fine so obviously the pressure of the press was
too much for the actual coin and then we have the 50 centavos well I should
actually get free DS yeah and this one has so d50 in one escudos copper nickel
that were first issued in 1927 know my last issued in 1968 so about 41 years in
this coin as a miniature about nearly seven million yeah so pretty high heat
you want to get annoying 35 and 38 and that’s about it then we have you want a
scooter so it just first introduces silver coin in 1914 and it’s changed to
base metal in 1924 so this one’s a 1927 issue and that one so I’ve got 9 27 28
1.9 million so pretty pretty low has a high value actually in this grades
probably two dollars there’s nothing in 1928 best 7.5 million they should
consider coat of arms for referenda and here we have Liberty’s
Republic Liberty Republic and this is actually the highest minted coin and it
would have been in circulation in 1968 it’s probably White’s really well
circulated so then as inflation took off we get no coin so in the 1940s they
actually put X on this coin so this one is a 1960 there’s a pretty high mintage
about about nearly 5 million coins so it’s not really that rare and there we
about the 50 centavos issued between 69 and 79 front of ten years so 76 actually
what’s it mean teach it up on certainly see now a 23 million pretty high so you
only really worth collecting enough and circulate condition the same as this one
and it will collect any an uncirculated condition any other conditions pretty
much any worth well one dollar really so that’s pretty
sad for historical coin then in the 1980s of this entire coins would have
drawn and these are screwed or coins actually reduced in size so then we have
better coins so we have a silver coin here so this one that has a coat of arms
let’s have a look a bit closer has nice coat of arms of Portugal I quite like
this coin and it says to and if you see this so in Portugal I put the dollar
sign after the major denomination so it’s two escudos that’s 50 centavos
instead of it in front of it like we do in the West that’s basically how it was
I need the question it’s just the way it is and on the other side whoops we have
a boat so there is no information on my ship it is obviously it’s a ship from
near 14 1500s and some day to 9 and 40 2.7 million coins so as a bullion vive
bout one dollar fifty so you can get it for get these poor coins for roughly
bullion value one dollar fifty nearly $2 that that’s a pretty good score but
unlikely you’ll get one in very good condition for that price then we have
these two and a half which were issued in 1963 to 85 and after 85 actually withdrew these coins actually didn’t he
shoot him at all so here we have a 1970 to 1972 six million these are all
uncirculated so as you get into the 80 to get home integers 25 million 7422 80
22 so really if it has meaning slideouts and they were keeping in uncirculated
grade everything else like scrap so 58 million 484 you were 79 44 million
really not I just keep him why not 45 million 477
and here we have 1917 that has 2.4 million so it’s one of the lowest is it
the logs no no it’s a lowest mintage off the slot Wow just didn’t realize that so
this is the one collectors would probably want to get this year 1970
although the V doesn’t increase that much it should be little bit more than
what no mr. size then we have to defy this school does pretty much the same
design is the ship the same hey this ship is
the same what is the shoe Kota bones Portugal but doesn’t actually have
information what type of ship it is if anyone knows what type of ship this is
could be a galleon or something like that I’ll be forever grateful nine
eighty five forty five million yeah damn we have 73 2.8 million pretty low
mintage need the 90s 78 we’ve got 600,000 points that’s what you need then
we have 1988 46 million pretty high then we have um 84 so all the eighties coins
are too high minted so I’m really worried about 81 615 million can find
all this a new star here’s a coat of arms this is a better style coat of arms
and four stars and they’re inside it has engravers name so I believe that is my
ciolino Norte the meta yes I start from a nice name ends day so it’s engraver
she saw that engraver change my teens Parata know so that I always put the
initials on the actual coin you get the 10s kudos so this one will see largest
coin at the time so this is 1973 1974 is the last coin actually minted and then
they stop eating these for some reason don’t know why then the mean time was
actually commemorative coin so it actually meant it as well so money 69 to
74 so this should only be six seven coins seven they should be
getting my some done I’ve actually meant it just like 1973 5.4 million pretty
live mintage so really really 69 70 were patterns said it all pretty much live me
teach coins hmm forget Neeson uncirculated probably not really that
surprising so on the so I we have Esperanza but
need dad conn-young attorney tad confianza nobody that means that before
actually made this video anyway and then they will say 25 escudos so this one was
introduced in this video is getting a bit long well the videos getting a bit
long so these are the last coins and we are sure worried about the commemorative
ones in another video and the last ones in another video as well because I don’t
want to bore you to death but Portuguese coins are good so this one was a two
year issue and in 1982 actually increase the size not too sure why to actually
increase the size but as it was no tennis good oars that has to be they
might have introduced another denomination
let’s have a look I said this is the highest denomination at the time so this
one is dated 1977 he has Laurier to head on to the left so Laurier that just mean
to his a a brief oh this looks like olive leaves actually in the head here
we have my teen no not the mayor that’s his name net didn’t have the coat of
arms 25 escudos what’s the mintage of this coin 7.6 million you’re pretty high
he’s not circulated probably about five dollars or something that is that coin
and then we have 29 Aidid actually started to introduce this one a larger
coin which and this was replaced with a 20 escudos in 1986 so this is dated
nineteen eighty one ninety million coins so the 1980 was seven hundred fifty
thousand you want to get and 1984 you have uh so this is corner alignment so
go that way but if the head is facing same way this site coin so if you turn
it and heads facing up that’s another coin you can get for 1984 so here’s
another Portuguese coin 20 minutes this is too long this one is 12 million coins
probably bear two to three dollars in that circulated really really modern
points are really not worth that much unless they’re probably under a hundred
thousand dollars if there are nine hundred thousand dollars then you likely
to get damn I get a good value for him but if they’re over a hundred thousand
dollars then really a hundred thousand coins I mean and really you really are
not gonna get that much of a price for your actual coins that’s why in shreya
the actual colored two-dollar coins stop since the ones issued since 19 2005 stop
growing at its half $5 and I love it for my wife a bit less so anyway I hope you
enjoyed this video sorry it’s a bit long if you want to put
a two times speed nor free time speed or whatever in there please just enjoy coin
collecting because I collecting coins from different countries is awesome bye

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  1. Mate GREAT VIDEO ive got older P coinage NICE . Gee one day . I want you to have First Look Have or buy anything you would like When i do finally sell My 1000++ World coin collection . I DON'T HAVE KIDS AND FUTURE MEDICAL COSTS SO I WILL BE SELLING . I must send pics thru gmail THANKS SO MUCH FOR FUTURE HELP AND ADVICE AND BEING A FRIEND MEANS MORE THAN MONEY esp possible Errors Which I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT , WILL SEND PICTURES . SORRY NOT ON FKBOOK YET . WAS LOOKING AT A BEAUTIFUL 1925 Spain coin OLD TALL SHIPS ON IT LAST NIGHT

  2. Nice video Glen! I really like Portugal coins 1950s and earlier designs. You are right modern Portugal coins are not worth keeping in your collection if the condition below AU or Uncirculated grade.

  3. Well well well, Im really glad to see some coins from my country!
    The really interesting coinage from Portugal are actually the many issues from colonial times. Each colony had its own denominations, and some pretty uniques designs

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