A Cryptocurrency Film That Will Leave You Speechless

Bitcoin bouncing back following a pretty steep drop last week of more than 40% Sasebo market surveys over the years Bitcoin some of both a bullet up there in the same day the digital currency felt-tipped certainly if you’ve been in it it has been a good investment Bitcoin prices were at $1,000 at the start of this year now On the CBOE it has reporter manda brandeis explains what bitcoin is and ask the question My name is Sergey in this film We will show you things that will fully change your mind and opinion and cryptocurrencies world and more likely it will change your life Shall we begin Even yesterday we didn’t know about Bitcoin Cryptocurrency and blockchain, but today the world is changing and it changes so fast But not every one of us have time to understand and accept its changes more and more open we hear from news Internet from acquaintances and of people that Bitcoin has their own several times Cryptocurrencies until you to grow but most people still don’t realize that financial system And the whole world itself are changing right now and those ones who think they know everything might be sadly mistaken important thing is always to have correct information and Understanding of things that are happened because tomorrow in the new world you might not find a place We sell this film will open eyes not only to those who still don’t know about Bitcoin Coin and will change right as well. Those who are already familiar to the world of group tickers Is not as simple as looks Bitcoin can free the world from unjust financial system and banks But also can destroy like no world war ever You It was 2008 Animas group of people oh one person who was hiding behind soda named Satoshi Nakamoto published a document under name white paper which described the technology and work in principle of Bitcoin in the same year the main bitcoin dot org was registered and first articles were published in 2009 followers and Bitcoin evangelists had already appeared people who believed in basic idea and technology of Bitcoin and blockchain Bitcoin at that time was absolutely safe and anonymous value of the future that could be used without Intermediaries like banks and also not be controlled by supervisory authority and other individuals But main feature of Bitcoin it doesn’t belong to anyone people thought this way and still think now But in this film you will learn things that most people have no idea about Into what Bitcoin can turn our ordinary world might not be so bright and wonderful Bitcoin is capable of turning the world upside down like no world war ever could In 2009 bitcoins exchange rate was somewhere between 700 and 1600 bitcoins per $1 by the end of 2017 on the one beat guards caste was $20,000 exchange rate increased by 32 thousand times It’s a fantastic growth and it keeps on growing every noob Psychological mark gets reached faster and faster and soon. We will see as one bitcoins cost will be $50,000 100,000 200,000 and maybe even 1 million dollars for one Bitcoin why Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies Keep on growing answer is simple in the root of most cryptocurrencies is blockchain is a chain of blocks each block keeps information about addresses Transactions and the structure itself is fully decentralized The centralization is the key word the centralization is when servers that secure one network of the certain cryptocurrency Doong belong to one circle persons there are hundred thousands of computers and each one contains full base of bitcoins blockchain all Transactions history account balances and other things all transactions in such network can be traced to the very first one And that’s how we get openness of all users data to change or hack in the data in bitcoins network You must hack and change information 100 thousands of servers Which one zone our regular users or miners? Finding is the method for extracting bitcoins when you provide computational power of your computer To ensure the efficiency of network or that you get a reward in a way of bitcoins But it’s not as simple as it looks like The more servers appear in the network the less reward becomes there is already an entire industry round Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies You used to be able to mined Bitcoin on any computer when whole network was small and Bitcoin initially came out But now for that purpose there are some special computers Miners that can do nothing but mining their huge computing power don’t compare to usual computer That’s why mining opportunity on your personal computer Has fully lost all meaning some cryptocurrencies are mined with video cards Which also made a leap in the development of the industry and even shortage of equipment Eight and private mining without big investments in equipment is no longer profitable individual miners are replaced by mining pools whole buildings with servers, which generate enormous computing power and investments in such projects are equal to millions of dollars And we can see how private independent mining and basis of honest and reliability of Bitcoin network Passes in the hands of huge mining pools and about its danger. I will tell you a bit later The majority of people make money unusual right choice of buying one or another Cryptocurrencies which growth might be equal to 500 1000 percent or even bigger for only one month But it’s not that cool some cryptocurrencies may fall But in very rare cases now and even blanched in value cryptocurrencies eventually will grow and reestablish its price level a Common world’s interesting investments to cryptocurrencies Helps in growth of everything that is connected to cryptocurrencies and blockchain It best year’s Bitcoin has been developing exclusively by small group of people who believed in his perspectives and technologies from 2015 Bitcoin began to come out into wider communities and from 2017 there was a quantum leap of popularity in growth not only of Bitcoin but also of other cryptocurrencies called belt coins Cryptocurrencies had grown there were more and more developers and specialists and blockchain technology photography and decentralisation Bitcoin had its disadvantages technology of Bitcoin even in 2014 already was obsolete technologies which growth of popularity affected an inadequate off-day capacity of network in December 2017 if you sent Bitcoin to another address Transaction information can be delayed for 24 hours or even more new cryptocurrencies began to appear like for example ethereal which was supported by crypto community in the way of fundraising for development and promotion through, ICO Also a new concept appeared not long ago first by herself theorem tokens also raise their investments by dozen times with the increase of cost and capitalization of a tear Blockchain and cryptocurrencies as I mentioned earlier because of Bitcoin blockchain technology began its penetration in our regular life It’s important to understand that creation of cryptocurrencies Like Bitcoin and others is by far not only application of blockchain in 2015 a theorem network was launched and it brought more modern blockchain technologies and new concept called smart contracts Theorem was already more technologically advanced blockchain in which not only transactions of talking ethical readout but also launching and processing of smart contracts and Creation of custom tokens for any side projects smart contracts is also a new direction that came out with blockchain development imagine yourself a smart digital contract Which includes all terms of a transaction and no one can change them For example you created a smart contract for a house sale Program needed terms used in which contract will trade Required event in our case its house selling wire as to smart contracts address needed amount in equivalent of cryptocurrency Then every 24 hours smart contract will check for updates in public registry of real estate and right after they will appear data That your house is registered to hire smart contract will transfer money to your account But if such data wound appear in register during one month smart contract will return Cryptocurrencies to buyer a simple example to show that there is a big future in blockchain this technology will help to practically get rid of fraud and deception by both average citizens and authorities migration of public service private companies and others on blockchain gives not only openness But also a protection and guarantee because info and blockchain Practically can be changed without a trace for example someone decided to appropriate your property. Let’s say Allen mod Do dude use in bribes and corruption schemes in real property? Register and lens of your government that someone replaced you with a new owner and your data was deleted at all Like this land had never ever belonged to you in this case you practically have no chance to prove otherwise well You will start your dishes proceedings and so on your land will already be resolved many times And eventually it will all be for nothing buddy of this real property register and lands will be on blockchain Where data can be deleted or changed without a trace then this way of property? Appropriation will just be excluded if any new data about new owner of this land will appear in blockchain all Previous data will stay dance or even hundreds of such examples can be quoted Blockchain is needed in most of everyday processes from taxi service and to public companies and banks Since blockchains inception it begins to enter a new stage only now and more companies start thinking of the implementation of blockchain into their processes blockchain and cryptocurrencies to date are similar to the internet back in 1993 the most interesting is yet to come an important thing now is to start figuring it all out And if it’s possible to take part in it But each medal has two sides and now we will look in detail at theories of two largest cryptocurrencies on capitalization Bitcoin 290 billion dollars and rival with capitalization at 120 billion dollars according to January 6th 2018 Total capitalization of all cryptocurrencies for today are equal to 800 billion dollars and early month ago It was on level four hundred fifty billion dollars and that’s only drop in the ocean according to analysts total capitalization by 2022 will increase by 20 or 30 trillion dollars Including all new blockchain companies. It’s a huge and fast growing market If internet needed 25 years to reach curve Blockchain industry and cryptocurrencies need only five eight years for that Blockchain can’t stop or halt its development world community won’t let it happen and we regular people Should do everything to defend This technology in the right hands it will bring total benefit Benefit that will make the world a fairer place and all interactions between people governments companies both external and internal much more transparent And any registered data or transaction will be reversible But first we must learn to different age cryptocurrencies and blockchain companies remember the most important thing Blockchain is full decentralization No one can and no one must have the opportunity to make changes in data or transactions dear centralization is achieved through the allocation of servers that keep and process information and The four are the service from each other and the less its owners are correlated to each other with personal or other relations the better for decentralization But sadly when the implementation of technology goes so fast in first branch like rare occurrences takes a lead many new companies use it and with total ignorance of all Socrates of technology they mislead people without revealing all danger and risks now you know more about blockchain and Cryptocurrencies, and it will give you more understanding for the next part of the film now We will tell you why Bitcoin and ripple are dangerous VidCon killer of mankind We give that name for this film for a reason Bitcoin is amazing technology on which it was created Even more wonderful and all that is happening now we entirely due to Bitcoin But we must understand that bitcoin. Is yet not just a technology Bitcoin accumulates huge amount of money to itself it Practically became a digital gold as many people now call it in past people were buying gold and gold itself provided one or another Currency of different countries, but not anymore now There are no countries that still reinforces currency with international services Which made the emission of main world’s currency American dollar Infinite rain team presses a Federal Reserve? Continue to print new dollars without stopping because it’s enough to give American banks And now the digital credit there will be new amounts on banks account, which it will put and credit of some companies or people That’s how runaway inflation x’ happen you can start saving dollars because they depreciate You must take Reddit and buy something because you won’t be able to save up money And that’s the principle of world’s painting press Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies Begin to fight it in Bitcoin they can be mined in total 21 million coins by the year 2140 and now they’re already mined 16 million coins and they’ve to date one Bitcoin cost seventy thousand dollars it doesn’t Mean that you can buy bitcoins equal to one this moment was thought out initially one Bitcoin is split into multiple units called Satoshi the smallest amount of one Bitcoin is 1 Millon of Satoshi that means you can buy a part of Bitcoin even for $100 Complexity of abstraction increases mining pools are growing which is very bad for ecology, and use this waste of electricity Bitcoin doesn’t need such huge Computational power for transaction processing the vast majority of power is sent on the solving of a mathematic problems for each miners get their rewards Complexity of the problems grows as number of miners that partly increases bitcoins price Eventually we have a currency which is controlled by no one which is growing in price at the time of January 6th 2018 it cost $70,000 per one coin any code into analytics by 2022 the price of one Bitcoin will be not less than 100 200 thousand dollars And it all started when bitcoins cost was less than one cent right after meet current passes Psychologically-important mark it’s price increases instantly like it was when it passed $1000 $10,000 etc no one can stop transactions in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies No one can effect a date integrity on your account block it or do anything else This is how it is widely assumed that everything is fine, but there are some big concerns And we will logically run through me Furs danger as We can recall bitcoins greater one man a group of people under named Satoshi Nakamoto had launched Bitcoin network for the first time for testing in check there were mined about 7% of all bitcoins to date is just an enormous amount even to date it is more than twenty billion dollars according to Analytics in just two years it will be two hundred thousand million dollars and by 2050 these seven percent will be approximately about 5/10 real in dollars if at that moment money won’t be calculated conversely the dollars price will be estimated in bitcoins and that might happen though it may sounds funny today in 2010 a guy who bought pizza for 10,000 bitcoins he would love to if he would hear that in 2019 his pizza would be equal to 150 million dollars But anyway that is what happened ask Your family trader our economist would will happen if you put seven percent of all bitcoins on grippy currency exchange at one day We will witness how fast will collapse not only the bail Elvita But all other cryptocurrencies as well the hell you may fall by hundreds of times Even cause a catastrophe in the world so huge that most financial Organizations retailers and others will have to stop on trade and other operations Basically all world economy will be stopped during one two days Markets pharmacies no one will be able to accept payment because even yesterday everyone bought their products for the price at hundred times bigger everyone will wait for clarification that will not come soon it will be such a Crisis way of loading and chaos which world never seen before people will have no choice But to smash markets and pharmacies to get native products This situation will be a good benefit for poor people they will smash in the markets and pharmacies But everything’s standing on the way Garf you and everything that we saw in movies about Apocalyptic future might happen in real life. Just think of it, and what are the odds that this scenario will happen very Big imagine that you have a room in your house fueled from floor to ceiling with hundred-dollar bills And if you open the door you will be blown away by the flow of money And you live in this house for nine years already and all this nine years You walk straight past this room without taking even a dollar from it do you think regular person can handle it hardly anyone can and This house at oceanic Ramada would look like if it was one person But we understand that it’s impossible any of us would use such amount of money but since 2009 There had been no transactions from satoshi Nakamoto second not even one Bitcoin was spent except small part That was spent for system testing at the start It’s impossible for regular person, then who would do that maybe some group of people maybe one person But whoever this is they’re not motivated for money and wealth These person a group of people are united by some Incredible goal for which they’re ready to give up billions of dollars and wait more than 10 years It all reminds us an Arab Hollywood movie a thriller where group of programmers create a new digital financial system And then wait for a moment and ruin the whole world’s economy start away of lunatic chaos in which the whole world Turns upside down and regenerates into something new but into what we can’t even imagine but goals of this group of people Raise serious concerns, and we must understand it and try to prevent this scenario how to do it it’s simple as the phrase of Bitcoin and its Capitalisation shouldn’t be allowed until it’s clear who exactly is this Satoshi Komodo if it’s a regular person He should send the vast majority of his bitcoins to wallet from which making further transactions will be impossible Basically he must destroy biggest part of his bit guards the end danger of such scenario will disappear But it seems unlikely that Satoshi Nakamoto will show up and do it there must be a reason why this man Aruba people wait for something for nine years and don’t touch their bait cards Secondly We all believed and dreamed that Bitcoin will destroy existing financial system in which 50% of all the wealth of the world is in hands of 1% of population But now we see that 40% of all bitcoins belong to only a thousand people Then was the difference between new digital. Gold and current financial system. It seems. There is no difference It’s the same inequitable distribution even more unfair than current one Third danger is related to mining There is an algorithm and bitcoins blockchain network Which allows to make changes in transactions changes history account balances and other things how it is possible It’s possible if someone has a control over 51% of Bitcoin network servers you would say it’s impossible is one of the main advantages of blockchain and Bitcoin But it’s not like that when Bitcoin was only created It was vital to build new servers from volunteers who should be rewarded with something for power exploitation of their computers That’s how mining was created It was initially laid in bitcoins algorithm And thought out until year 2140 where every certain period of time mining complexity will increase and the more servers they are the lesser chances for receiving reward for solving problems at the beginning bitcoins Network considered of enthusiasts which were offering their computers practically free when bitcoins cost was less than one cent then with bitcoins growth professional miners appeared then mining pools appeared where large miners have combined then they were manufacturers of equipment for mining which created systems with capability of solving problems of Bitcoin Edward much faster than any other powerful computer Thereby an opportunity to support Bitcoin network in mind from usual computer almost entirely disappeared mining is very power hungry Process to accommodate big minds there must be very cheap and affordable equipment as well as good climatic region equipment for mining Produces immense amount of heat which must be absorbed in what country. Do you think are focused main powers of miners It’s China and in the present age It looks like this as we can see China is the absolute leader and if all powers of Bitcoin Allocated in one country, which make the distance between owners very close. It causes big concerns if 51% of these owners will unite they will be able to make any changes in Bitcoin network My nipples already have brands and names they know about each other’s existence for a long time and probably even Communicate with each other look at this illustration as you can see main computing powers of Bitcoin network Belong to only four mining pools which is 51% If these four pools will unite or enter into collusion They will be able to do with Bitcoin Whatever they want when the idea of Bitcoin network was initially created More likely such scenario was not taken into account by design It should have been distributed across the whole world between independent small miners But it all went differently mining is an enormous business Which crossed the line of billions of dollars long ago in current new cryptocurrencies These mining system is not required they already developed and exist more safe and cheaper blockchain projects where miners role is not so important and There is no need for such high electricity consumption and bitcoins network already consume electricity Equal to a city with a population of 1 million people another aspect is rapid aging of mining equipment It is the endless race those miners see body yesterday tomorrow will be relevant with the emergence of new ones We looked at main dangers which Bitcoin can cause but what to do to avoid them? Everything is simple and difficult at the same time cryptocurrencies community Shouldn’t raise bitcoins price higher than it is now we think that 50 is $70,000 is a reasonable limit for Bitcoin and save an hour for cryptocurrencies are key because if someone will try to bring down Midgard all else coins will fall with it We should assess the situation and not to raise it to the heights that might be dangerous There is more positive scenario as well about which I will tell you later Now points, and I see oh you think that only Bitcoin can pose a danger. It’s not like that They’re all so else coins, which shouldn’t reach certain height in their capitalization Ripple is the self-titled digital kind and company? Which develops cross-border payments for global banks, and what confuses in this cryptic currency? It’s simple Rypple is made by bankers for bankers and the most surprising thing that it’s not even a blockchain Ripple is centralized system is the most interesting case how this project could get in the crypto world at all if the network is not decentralized then all controls of all assets functions And everything are fully in hands of owners and founders another more frightening factor Is that from? 60% of all released rebel kinds only 40% are traded encrypt exchanges and Most part of it is capped by owners Have you often heard about cryptocurrency? Bubble ripple is one of it something like usual quiet money like dollars that can be printed without Ending and without control and all of it is managed by one group of people second frightening factor is that newcomers in the world of cryptocurrency still haven’t yet learned the different a trail cryptocurrencies from something like ripple and overacts when hearing any new information that push ripples capitalization high through the roof at the time of creation of this film ripple is at second position on capitalization in the Caribbean Sea reading conceding on letter Bitcoin 120 billion against 240 billion dollars is a very warring trend And we hope that common sense will prevail and such Projects will never be that high because such bubble might be created on purpose then in time when banks will need it to bring down whole cryptocurrency world We all heard about huge profits in cryptocurrency investments But newcomers see that investments in top cryptocurrencies that already reached maximum Heights Don’t grow as much as investors desire and blockchain technology needs development There are a big number of useful Projects that launch the development of blockchain technologies for implementation in real world whole group D currency communities looking forward when blockchain will start to implement in our real life and That trend is also provided by IC o—- is a new meaning that appeared not that long ago one of the first largest IC o—- was ethereal about which were mentioned earlier IC o—- it stands for initial coin Offering groups of developers and companies need funds for creating and making their ideas a reality Usually related to development of blockchain and cryptocurrencies It’s the first stage when coins of a new perspective project can be purchased for lowest prices Then project collects needed some with the help of private investors And investment funds begins the development of the project and cons released on IC o—- start to appear on cryptocurrencies changes then depending on the project coins price grows the most stunning grows after IC o—- Were kind of the project’s tradies That increased by funtastic one hundred fifty one thousand percent in just one year if you would invest $1,000 in Stratos coins during IC o—- then in one year your investment at one thousand dollars will bring you straggling One and a half million dollars, but it’s important to be vigilant here such examples of crazy successes are popular among fraudsters Projects created with the purpose of fundraising all those ideas that are impossible to realize Scams it’s good that cryptocurrencies community consists of big part of professionals and those projects are identified even before Fundraising remember that not all coins grow after IC o—- usually growth happens to worthwhile projects That’s why figure out first in what you want to invest if you are B So dude with staggering stories of success and cryptocurrency investments remember that in every case of success they’re always might be a case of failure In 2018 there are more and more projects that connects regular life and blockchain technologies for example ICO project arm PAC that will be launched this year arm back offers to read our world from forgeries of any Products using blockchain and also gives useful mobile app use in which you will be able to pay for your products use and cryptocurrencies store different cryptocurrencies check products for originality get discounts and participate in promotions of your favorite brands arm pact will develop logistic services based on blockchain for companies Better marketing opportunities for communication with their customers and also use of blockchain arm peg network by any other companies which will accelerate the implementation of the technology to all business processes Imagine that using mobile app called arm wallet. You will have an opportunity to check any product for originality to see the information like expiration date supply chain manufacturer contacts number of inspect a ssin of this product give a feedback and get in touch with Manufacturer which will reward you with crippling currency for purchase and all process emerged and Intelli it with one blockchain Ecosystem that is controlled with smart contracts which gives 100% protection from fraud and deception Unfortunately there are only few similar projects, but we see that market gets adjusted and the use of blockchain is the future how to save and develop further cryptocurrencies and blockchain no cryptocurrencies should have big domination List of top 50 cryptocurrencies must be consisted according to capitalization there should be no individual cryptocurrencies Which capitalization accounts for 10 20 30 or more percent from total capitalization of all cryptocurrencies? If this continues we will get the same dollar and absolute inequality While only one of it will dominate whole world it doesn’t have to be this way and all members of cryptic community must understand it Market will be safe and in constant growth. Well. There is no strong and dangerous dominant I Hope our film helped you to understand that it’s time to different age bullshitting cryptocurrencies From worthwhile projects don’t plan banks to penetrate in this world as well cryptocurrencies in blockchains greatest enemy is our existing financial system that keeps on falling apart for years and I hope that together we will be able to build a brand new more honest and just world Where people won’t be dependent on banks? governments and other mediators You

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