A coin flip by police decided this woman’s fate

100 thoughts on “A coin flip by police decided this woman’s fate

  1. Dude who in the fuck cares. She was fucking beyond speeding and on wet pavement. lmao .

    It's up to the officer to make a choice. It's always a fucking coin flip. There is nothing wrong with this at all.. lmao .

  2. It's all worthless… more technology, more laws, more surveillance, and crimes keep going up, abuse of authority keeps going on, everything seems to keep getting worse. You improve some things at the expense of other things.

  3. In 2010, this happened to me by two LVMPD officers, except they flipped the coin in front of me. I called it wrong and was arrested.

  4. Wow so they gave her a 50/50 chance of getting off scott-free for reckless driving? That actually sounds like a pretty good deal to me….

  5. Fake news. 2 female officers don't roll like that together. And also why'd they body cam on to record this bullshit. A bunch of fuvkery for the weak .

  6. Like this this really matter? She broke the law regardless. If she had been freed people would freak out either way

  7. You have to be a special type of retarded to buy into this story…. The woman in the video was not innocent, she was driving recklessly. So now when officers essentially just flip a fucking coin in their head and decided to give you warnings or reduce your speed ticket to something lesser, you would prefer for them to just slap you across the face with all the charges. It wasn't heads or tails is she guilty, it was head or tails DO I LET HER OFF.

  8. Cops are so shady, you never know what you're dealing with when everyone knows the power the have. Never will, never would, never could trust a cop.

  9. What's more disgusting? Coin flip for deciding a punishment or a dumb bitch risking other people's lives by speeding because she is late for work?

  10. Why is nobody discussing the fact that

    1) Tails ("Release") came up and she was arrested so they DIDN'T use the coin flip to decide her fate
    2) We don't know what "A" and "R" mean; the video subtitles claim it means Arrest/Release, but couldn't it mean something else? (Like "Roswell" and "Atlanta", which they mentioned before that? What's up with that?)

    Also, why didn't they have speed detection lol

  11. What an uitterly incompetent news crew.

    Anyone that can speak English and watch a video can clearly see they are flipping for which police department "answers" this call (A)tlanta or (R)oswill. There was no coin flip for the tickets, the speeder was getting them regardless.

    You should all fire yourself for being so utterly incompetent and apologize to the officers involved and to anyone watching your sorry excuse for a news station.


  12. Fuck the police. Forget the insane coin flip bullshit… why would they handcuff her. God damn our police force is so broken.

  13. They didn't even use the coin. They had heads arrest, tails release, flipped tails and arrested them. I saw a theory saying that A (Arrest) = heads and R (Release) = tails was for Atlanta or Roswell (different police stations). They even say Atlanta call of Roswell call.

  14. Police are suppose to be civil servants. Not to as extra tax collectors and guards to imprison the working, middle class. Fuck those officers.

  15. You put your freedom in jeapordy by endangering all the other people on the road that day. Had there ben no coin flip the charges would have stood. It's only the seemingly capricious nature of the decision to arrest that makes it appear delegitimized. I*n the end the judge would have decided not the cop.

  16. Wait I didn't get it

    A(Head) Arrest

    When the coin show Tail(Release)l, they went on to say "Micheal Jordan/23" and arrest her?

    How dumb are these cops?? They need to be fired from all security police jobs.

  17. What's the issue? She should have been arrested regardless. Reckless driving should be an instant arrest. Who cares if they flipped a coin. She had a 50/50 chance to get out of a ticket she rightfully should have been arrested for. I have no sympathies

  18. I don't like that the cops weren't experienced enought o decide whether or not this was a ticker or jail time. The real question isn't police competence, its whether or not they are recieveing the traning they need to to their jobs. Being a police officer isn't like working at McDonalds, you can't just get by on a quick summary of the job and hope for the best. You have a lot a responsibility and its because of budget issues and laziness that officers like this are hired.

    Being realistic, I understand they need bodies. Like any job, they have to have staff. At the same time, they need to train their staff past the bare minimum when it comes to a job like this.

  19. Oh yes, this poor woman who LITERALLY ENDANGERED PEOPLE'S LIVES was given a 50/50 chance of being let go. Ask anyone who's about to be arrested if they're okay with those odds…

  20. It is incredibly clear that there is literal context that is being ignored. Also – how do you define fake news? The news that intentionally twists the truth to gain a specific outcome.

    What was the coin flip for? (A)tlanta OR (R)oswell. Locations. Not arrest or release, as the fake news just edited the conversation for you.

  21. Let's not forget this bitch was putting loads of peoples lives in dangers by speeding in the first place.

    Both parties are assholes.

  22. AND they're laughing about it. This woman's freedom was a joke to them & it's disgusting. "Protect & serve" my ass. WAY too many corrupt ones hiding behind badges & they'll continue to as long as the fraternal order of police refuse to take a stand nationwide saying the corrupt CAN NOT hide among them.

  23. See? It's shit like this why I DETEST Police. I REFUSE to contact them under any circumstances. It's best to handle your own problems, or they will most likely come in and kill you, your family, dogs and loved ones when you contact them.

  24. This just seems like another one of those videos that's purpose is to demonize police officers and victimize the person who broke the law.

    The driver broke laws. Having a heart of gold and being empathetic is not a requirement of being a police officer. In this situation they could have arrested her or let her go. It was up to the officers, they flipped a coin. Seems fair enough to me. At my work, I'm able to have levity and joke and have a sense of humor all the while I stay professional where it counts. That's what they did. They joked by themselves and when she got back by the law breaker she put on her professional face.

  25. Just a reminder, just about anyone with a clean record can become a cop but it does not mean you are a good person inside

  26. The two FEMALE officers need to be locked up not only for the crimes they personally commited but for the ones they wrote this woman up for, based on the toss of a coin.

  27. Lol, as proessional as their president. Aaaaand it is very professional to drop all charges xD What a funny country.

  28. k she shouldnt have been speeding in the first place, she coulda killed someone. At least she shoulda gotten a ticket.

    The cops….unbelievable. Unprofessional and the should lose their badges.

  29. What is more disgusting here is her wreckless driving.  This is one example of how people can die in car accidents.

  30. I just don't understand. They know it's all on video these days, so why would they do something like this?

  31. Incredible that two flunkies can stand around determining people’s freedom and well being. To much power for small minded people.

  32. These two small brained idiots were to stupid to realize their childish behavior was being recorded.. who the fuck hires these people to be police officers

  33. This is why some of us Americans do not like or respect the police, the only reason why a person becomes a cop is because they have no life or job skills, a bunch of little kids playing cowboys and indians. If you are a cop you are a loser. and don't worry police I will have no problem telling this to your face

  34. They'll be rehired somewhere else. They get passed around more than a soccer ball

    The cop that nearly killed Bryce Masters had already been fired from a different dept for showing signs of psychotic behavior. Some of these Pig Pens like the bad ones.

  35. Here's the deal yes officers were wrong but so was the driver . She could have killed another inoccient driver. Good that officers were caught but driver was in wrong also

  36. This is a clear break down of the system of law. Laws need to enforced by people making competent decisions. this was just two thots FUCKING around and letting a random chance decide the faith of ruining someone's life. if that coin landed the other way they would of let her go and maybe she could of killed someone driving recklessly. They needa lose their jobs for this dumb shit.

  37. It was a legitimate stop but stupidity got in the way when a decision had to be made. Dumb…dumb…..dumb. They both appeared to be good cops too.

  38. When you break the law then you're the one chancing prison. So in reality, the coin flip is because of her first and foremost.

  39. Only people who live in the suburbs is suprised by this story, people who live in low income neighborhoods will tell you that this ( among other things) has always been in play!

  40. The coin flip was a Tail which they agreed before they flipped the coin that Head is Arrest and Tail is Release, why did they arrest her then ???

  41. This is why their hated so much, liars, thugs and thieves.
    Sue these morons to the end.
    Internal affairs should be investigated, biggest joke going.
    Bums all of them.
    People know your rights and prosecute to the end

  42. Yeah. This is horse shit. I firmly believe in respecting law enforcement, but these two should never be allowed near a badge again.

  43. Ok, this is messed up, but these cops were instantly reprimanded, a cop can taze, beat, break bones of a child and be given a vacation called paid leave. I can't stand these disgusting pigs anymore.

  44. First time I've seen this. Wow‼all this time I thought police officers did no wrong. I've been tricked, all these years. My new saying is FUCK THE POLICE 🖕🏿👮🏻‍♂️👮‍♂️👮🏼‍♂️👮🏽‍♂️👮🏾‍♂️👮🏿‍♂️👮‍♀️👮🏼‍♀️👮🏻‍♀️👮🏽‍♀️👮🏾‍♀️👮🏿‍♀️ ALL OF THEM.

  45. Stop calling these two girls police officers. They're a couple of adolescents with blue uniforms playing infantile power games. Honestly! They belong in a drive thru window at the Roswell Taco Bell.

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