9 in 1 – Multi-Effects Pedal Alpha FX by Donner – Reverb, Delay and Modulation

Hello everybody! My name is Mykola. And today I’ll review a very-very-very interesting multi-effects pedal Alpha FX by Donner. To be honest, these are three independent pedals in one body. Three types of Reverb (Plate, Hall and Room), three types of Delay (Analogue, Digital and Reverse), and three types of Modulation effects (Chorus, Flanger and Phaser). You can use each effect separately, or use them all at once. In the box with this pedal you can find a power supply. Which is great, because it is not always included to other pedal kits. I think this kind of pedal format (without overdrive or distortion) is an ideal option. Because as for me – overdrive or distortion is a matter of personal preference. So in my opinion they should not be built into multi-effect pedals… Ok, let’s start with the demonstration of Reverb. Plate Reverb. Now let’s try Hall Reverb. And now Room Reverb. I have to admit that I usually use a reverb built into my combo. And I am absolutely satisfied with it. But the reverb effect in this pedal has a great amount of options. Not just – more reverb or less reverb. So, everyone will be able to choose the exact kind of reverb he or she wants. Now moving on to Delay. And I will start with Analog Delay. Now let’s try Digital Delay. And now the most interesting and unusual – Reverse Delay. So… You can choose classic short warm analog Delay for Surf Rock. Or you can choose long clean digital Delay for solo. Or you can use Reverse Delay to create some psychedelic or experimental music. Now about Modulation effects. And I will start with Chorus. Now let’s try Flanger. And the last one – Phaser. I really like the Chorus effect. Maybe because I’m pretty conservative in guitar sound. Another pretty interesting option. All footswitches have tap function. This pedal is perfect for those guitarists who still don’t know what kind of reverb they want. What kind of delay. Or what kind of modulation effects they want. It’s such a pity I did not have this kind of pedal many years ago. I bought a bunch of different pedals and tried to understand difference between them. And we all know that feeling and mess, while setting up the pedalboard. And now you can just buy one – for example this pedal. You can visit the Donner Store by the link in the video description. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel… Leave a comment! And Make Rock – Not War!

4 thoughts on “9 in 1 – Multi-Effects Pedal Alpha FX by Donner – Reverb, Delay and Modulation

  1. All my Donner pedals except the Yellow Fall had initial flaws or broke up after a few months of light use. You have what you pay for, you are better to save your money to buy better quality. EQ pedal was working fine at first but became noisy, Donner asked me to film it and no news since. Flanger had a volume drop from day one, almost unusable and now stop working from time to time. Deluxe Tuner is not accurate… But thank you for your great review, as usual simple and friendly for a beginner guitar player

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