8 Ways To MAKE EXTRA MONEY AT HOME in 2020 | Online Jobs, Side Hustles & Money Saving Ideas

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due to the unexpected rise of covid-19 love and positivity will not cancelled
conversations of substance is not cancelled and securing the bag is
definitely not canceled let’s be realistic unfortunately because of this
a lot of people have lost their security and a lot of people have lost their
source of income it sucks this pandemic came out of nowhere and
just altered our lives when we were working on our 2020 vision boards we
didn’t see this coming but it’s okay it’s going to be alright we’re doing our
part as much as we can we’re controlling what’s in our control and we’re focusing
on solutions so as long as you have Wi-Fi which I’m pretty sure you do
because you’re watching this video you are not gonna be broke during this time
you are going to be securing the bag you are gonna be financially okay you’ve got
this okay so if you’re unsure on what kind of side helps you can start click
the link down below and I’ll send you a guide on how to find the perfect side
hustle idea for you I also have a few other side hustle videos and making
money online videos that I will link down below where I talked about a lot of
other different types of side hustles I’ll leave a link to those videos down
below cuz those videos right now can actually be very helpful now let’s get
into these at home jobs and careers now a little disclaimer some of these you’ll
be able to get money from right away starting to date and some of these
you’re gonna need to build over time and it’s gonna be delayed gratification but
if you’re investing in yourself now and you’re designing your dream life you’re
strategizing you’re planning and you’re executing you’re only going to see
results so let’s get into okay so idea number one is to become an online
tutor so there are various different online tutoring sites out there I’ll
leave a link down below for you specifically I want to get into VIPKid
shout out to the VIPKid thank you guys so much for sponsoring this video
VIP kid is an online teaching and educational platform they employ
approximately 600,000 teachers our online tutor
when I was younger I used to hear a lot about people who went overseas to tutor
students in English or other subjects in third world countries or just other
countries in general so the IP kid is basically that but online and so you’re
able to work from the comfort of your home or wherever you are in the world
and help to tutor younger students tutor kids on particular subjects so before I
work with a company I always do a lot of research on the company and what other
people are saying about it with people who work there saying about it and I
read a lot of great reviews about them paying their teachers on-time paying
their teachers accurately and fairly so I would definitely say check out an
online tutoring a company there’s other companies out there I’ll leave a list
down below but VIP kid is the one that I’ve been doing my research on and I
would 100% recommend it based off of the reviews that I heard from their teachers
and it’s something that you can get started with right away as well online
it says that their workers make anywhere from 22 to 24 dollars per hour and
upwards as long as you have a four-year degree in any subject at all whether
it’s in health science language geography ok English it doesn’t matter
what your degree is in as long as you’re able to work in Canada or the u.s. and
as long as you have one year of experience teaching any sort of subject
at all it doesn’t necessarily need to be teaching in school it could be tutoring
of some sort it could be teaching a sport and piano
you’re definitely a great candidate to work as an online teacher on the edge
kid so I’ll leave a link down below for you guys if you are interested in
signing up for VIP kid and I’ll also leave some other sites that you can
tutor on that don’t require you to have a four-year degree so the next online
job that you can do is to become an online transcriber you don’t need a
degree you don’t need a whole lot of experience if you know how to type you
can be a transcriber so what you do is you transform videos into written words
there are sites that will ask you to do a typing test to find out your wpm your
words per minute or you can search on sites like indeed and Amazon also
another option is for you to seek out clients on your own you don’t need a
fancy website you don’t need a whole lot of experience since starting YouTube
I’ve received a few emails from people who have asked to do my transcribing
which is basically when you see that closed captioning at the bottom of video
closed captioning helps people who are hearing impaired or
people who are not fluent in the language that’s being spoke and prefer
to read out what’s being spoken so in this video I’m speaking English but I’m
speaking very fast and so maybe someone who’s hearing impaired or someone who
doesn’t understand my accent would prefer to just read it out it’s a very
valuable tool to have so you can picture services to people who have presence is
online via video so youtubers for example or you can reach out to people
who have any sort of social media videos so not only YouTube but people who do
things maybe on Instagram or Facebook and they just have those little captions
down at the bottom you can offer your services to people like that also there
are places literally on indeed or Amazon that you can put resumes in for to apply
for those jobs now the next idea is honestly a big big
blessing because it’s amazing for saving money and also making money and that is
using Rakuten Rakuten used to be Ebates now I have made thousands off dollars on
Rakuten and since I shared this on my social media last month
crazy right I know but okay so this is how it works it’s a cash back online
service so whatever you’re gonna buy online you just use rakuten and you
make a percentage of that money back so if you’re buying something from Sephora
you’re buying something from Walmart you’re buying something from Amazon so
when you first sign up you get $10 off of your first purchase when I used to
hear about Ebates before I just didn’t understand it and it kind of sounded a
little scammy to me I’m not even gonna lie I was like why would a company pay
me for spending money at their company like it doesn’t it doesn’t make sense to
me right but Rakatan makes money off of the companies and not off of the
customer and so if you were gonna spend $100 off of Sephora you just sign into
your racket in and then you buy it from Sephora and you get a percentage of that
money back they do pay back currently it’s February May August and November
that you get your money back also you’re given an invite link and you
don’t have to have a huge social media following to have an invite link you
don’t have to have any social media account at all to get an invite link you
can share it with anybody that you know who shops online so put it in your group
chat and tell your friends hey ladies I know we all inside due to Corona due to
the korone due to rona and you might be shopping online if you do use
rackets and you get $10 off of your first purchase when you sign up with
Rakuten so let’s say they’re buying something off of Amazon and it’s $100
they use your sign up link they’re gonna get $10 off of their purchase as well
and then you get $25 for inviting someone to use your link so right there
use me $25 just by sharing a link you’ve also saved money because you’ve got that
$10 when you first signed up and so you’re saving $10 you’re also making $25
now if just two people use your link that is $50 that you’ve just made
without having to do anything so when you get those paychecks every three
months it’s amazing because it’s like you’re getting money back for doing that
thing just for shopping and buying things that you were already gonna buy
you know during this coronavirus nobody’s going outside I’m not going to
the mall to go buy organizers I’m buying it on Amazon I’m buying it online so
many people are making purchases online so you can really take advantage of this
time and share this link with anybody that you know who shops on line so it’s
a win-win situation the person who uses your link gets $10 off of their first
purchase and you get $25 for inviting someone and this $25 is not a credit
that you can use only to shop online it’s $25 cash you can get your payment
through PayPal or through cheque however you prefer but it’s $25 cash that you
can use towards anything you can use it towards gas towards your light bill –
where’s your phone bill whatever you want and so it’s just a great platform
to make money off of purchases that you were already gonna buy and also make
money like actual cash for referring people to use the program and it’s
awesome because you don’t need to have a huge following to see some sort of
reward back or return the next online job idea is to become a translator now
if you are a fluent in any other language other than English your
services can definitely be of use to people who have online presences of any
sort now this doesn’t need to be only videos this can be blog sites this can
be service based websites any website I all can use your services because it
helps them to reach an audience that understands the language that they’re
not presenting information and we can also put your services once again as a
translator to anyone who has any sort of online presence a website job posting
literally anything at all it really doesn’t matter what the Nisha’s may be
reaching out to local dentists office is where health centers just anyone who
would like to reach different audiences who understand different languages the
next idea is to become an influencer talent agent now this is one that I
didn’t actually realize how much of a great side hustle it is until I started
having influencer talent agents reached out to me and I realized wow this is
actually an amazing side hustle where you are
the middleman between the influencer or the talent and the brand so as an
influencer or some sort of talent you’re constantly getting emails daily of
people who would like you to promote their products and you just don’t get
the chance to reply to everyone it can also be very time consuming as well to
constantly be following up with these brands and negotiating prices and things
of that nature and so as the middleman your job or responsibility would be to
pitch that influencer or talent to these brands and in exchange you get a
commission of how much that brand is willing to pay the influencer now I’m
telling you that brands paid thousands of dollars for influencers who don’t
even have a super large audience micro influencers are currently well
sought-after because their audience is super engaged it’s a very tight-knit
community and family of sorts and so a lot of brands prefer to reach out to
micro influencers as opposed to reaching out to influencers with millions of
subscribers or followers oftentimes when an influencer is already at a million
they’ve kind of already built their team a lot of the times and so influencers
who have a smaller closer knit community but are still growing and still very
active they’re still getting tons of emails a day of brands wanting to work
with them and so they just don’t have the time to respond back to all those
emails or to even pitch to brands that they’re interested in and so if you get
a percentage let’s say you get even 10% of every brand deal that you bring an
influencer and these brand deals are let’s say $5,000 and you get $500 for
simply sending out an email and securing a brand deal for an influencer or a
talent that’s five hundred dollars that you made
without having to spend a single dime upfront so what you would do in order to
set this up is you would send an email to the influencer or a talent that you
were interested in working with if they agree and they say yeah I could actually
use your services you sent off a contract to them and you make sure that
you let them know that it’s a non-exclusive contract and so their lot
to work with any other people that they want to that’s more enticing for them
because no one would like to sign an exclusive deal with someone who they
haven’t been able to see brings in enough business for them you know if
I’ve never worked with you before why would I want to sign an exclusive deal
with you and you haven’t ever brought me in a single dollar of income and so when
you have a non-exclusive contract with them now once you have that in writing
you’re able to pitch on their behalf to certain brands as their talent agent and
it makes them look super official as well so the incentive for them is that
they’re able to get brand deals that they don’t have to actively pitch to
they don’t have to actively send emails to and it gives their business a sense
of looking official or looking professional and it kind of sets them up
that much more of a notch because it’s like I have an agent you know it just
seems like more serious business you know what I mean as long as you’re
articulating your emails and your communications with the talent they’ll
be comfortable with signing on with you and once you have their okayed you can
bring in brand deals on their behalf and receive commissions for that some people
call their agents their managers as well so you can become a influencer talent
manager or an influencer talent agent whatever you’d like to call yourself or
whatever you’d like to market yourself as you can set up a quick website with
something like Shopify Wix Squarespace things like that or you can just use
your social media use your Instagram because those two things can kind of be
a digital resume for you so try looking into that try becoming an influencer
talent agent or an influencer talent manager it takes zero dollars to start
up and you can start making money within weeks the next idea is to write an
e-book and sell your ebook online a lot of people don’t actually realize how
much money you can make with ebooks it’s amazing to look into you can use sites
like canva to build yourself an e-book I can sell your ebook on Etsy you can set
up a quick Shopify store Shopify actually released something saying that
their trials are now 90 days instead of 14 days due to the coronavirus and so if
you’ve been making about starting an online site of
any sort now would be a great time to do so so if you’ve been thinking about
creating an e-book you can also self publish your book with things like
Kindle and I’ll leave a list of sites that you can self publish your book but
it’s an amazing source of revenue it’s a digital product and so it’s also a
passive income stream like me book the next idea is to create a course of
course is something that actually might take quite some time to build but once
you do it’s another passive income stream because it is a digital product
and you can pitch it to an email list that you start you can market yourself
on Pinterest you can sell it on Etsy creating online courses is an industry
that’s constantly growing and online education is becoming one of the largest
industries it’s a booming industry because people are realizing that online
education can teach you things that universities and colleges cannot so if
you have a skill that you are competent in think about teaching other people
what you know and what you’ve learned alright so the next thing that I want to
talk to you guys about is Amazon jobs Amazon jobs is similar to indeed or were
clop elasaur those other online job portals but what I really love about
Amazon jobs is that they have a section that’s specifically for virtual jobs so
I’m gonna walk you through it really quickly I’m gonna leave a link down
below for both amazon canada and amazon.com for the u.s. so when you
scroll down to the bottom you go to careers and then it’s gonna bring you to
a page that is amazon jobs and so it’s really dope because they have student
programs they have fulfillment center hiring and then they have their remote
career opportunities and this is basically a virtual jobs that you can do
anywhere in the world but specifically at home and so right now there’s
currently 1187 jobs that are listed full-time online jobs that are listed in
several different categories and I just wanted to leave that there with you guys
because I think it’s something that a lot of people don’t know about and these
shops are constantly being updated like this one was just posted six hours ago
and with online entrepreneurship becoming more and more popular more
people are looking for online support they’re looking for people who are able
to work remotely and so I just wanted to leave this here with you guys so that
you guys know that there are tools and resources
there for you to look into on several different industry and a lot of these
are looking to hire ASAP and so I would definitely urge you to look into Amazon
jobs I’ll leave the link down below for both Canada and the US through every
period of adversity there’s always a silver lining in sinning everybody lots
of love lots of positivity and as many feel-good emotions your way as possible
if there are jobs or opportunities to make money online that Eisenman mention
I would love for you guys to drop it down in the comment section let’s get
the conversation going let’s share because sharing is caring it would be
super super helpful to our friends who are looking for ways to make money
online I would just say to keep an open mind there are tons of opportunities out
there you just have to find them in order to find them you have to be
looking for them and if you’re looking for solutions you’re gonna find
solutions if you’re looking for problems you’re gonna find problems so look for
things with a solution based mind I wish you guys nothing but the best nothing
but prosperity more love more life more happiness and more health most
importantly that’s it for this video I love you guys so much love you to the
moon and back be true to you y-ye

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