7 SIDE HUSTLES YOU CAN START TODAY! ? (How to Make Money Online 2020)

85 thoughts on “7 SIDE HUSTLES YOU CAN START TODAY! ? (How to Make Money Online 2020)

  1. Your tips and strategies have helped out my business and my YouTube Channel. Anyone else have more advice out there ? Thanks in advance ?

  2. HUGE THANK YOU ROBERTO! You have inspired me to start my own youtube channel and chase my dreams. I will appreciate some feedback and hope that you guys will like it 🙂 Peace <3

  3. We have been doing training for interested digital content creators here in Nairobi. I always appreciate the tips you give,and even bought the YT Starter Kit to get better thumbnails.

  4. Great Tips. BTW. That's to you our Love Crossing Borders channel has rapidly grown. You're the best, Robert. We are going to implement these tips also. From Cali Colombia

  5. Loving the pink/purple hue that this has to it. Is that just the backlighting or is its effects, color, etc? All of the above? Either way, it looks awesome!

  6. Good ideas. They are also work from home which is what a lot of people are looking for now a days. Thank you.

  7. #QOTD: What Side Hustle Are You Going to Start?
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  8. Nice video Roberto. I'm working on the social media manager for 2020!! I heard about Adobe Spark at VS, need to get that asap – is it somewhat like Canva but better?!! I'm using your link to get that started. Question about video editing. I use Filmora to edit my videos, would I do better staying with that or switching to Spark for the videos? I am not a graphic designer by trade by the way, so I am novice at photography, video and graphic design.

  9. Great video. It is a long process to make money online. Whatever you do, you have to bring as much value as possible. Love from a small YouTuber 🙂

  10. Thanks, Roberto! This is a great video to help out anyone! Also, I messaged you on Instagram and received no message back. ?? Lol No I'm kidding man I know your busy! Keep hustling! ☺️

  11. Thanks so much for this great video. I have been helping a few friends out with their video editing captions for their videos as well as helping out as a virtual assistant along with running my business. I absolutely love it. I would love to get more into social media marketing and video editing.

  12. I started flipping used sofas on Craigslist as a side hustle and made $65,000 in about two years. People were calling me GaryV and I didn’t even know who he was, lol. Now I flip houses and am a huge fan of GV AND Roberto Blake ??

  13. Great video I’m trying to save up enough money to buy the parts to build a gaming/game development pc my current pc specs are 4 gigs of ram , core i3 , integrated graphics, 128 gig hard drive so yeah I can’t game much on it much less make games and it’s not upgradable

  14. Hmm. Those last three suggestions really caught my attention Roberto. I never thought of being a virtual assistant. I really like writing, and because I already make videos, #7 could be really helpful. What do you think about Davinci Resolve or have you had a chance to check it out?

  15. Thank you for the video needed to see something like this Ive been studying Graphic Design and have been wanting to get some of my work out there so may have to try bechance and may try Adobe Premier I need to learn another editing software. Also just wanted to ask is there a specific part in Graphic Design you recommend focusing on or just create what you enjoy? I know there's like branding, logo design and much more.

  16. Please l need help here,l have a cooking channel and l am trying to do some research about this YouTube 10/12/19 do l need to set my older video on the age restrictions things please help me here am confused

  17. As always you provide excellent information.
    I’m looking forward to using Adobe Spark to make better videos on my channel

  18. I am thinking virtual assistant. however, I dont know exactly what that is.. but like you say you get to try so many different things. This may help me figure out what exactly I am good at. If anyone has any advice please feel free to share.

  19. I am out of ideas… I did several but they do not stick. Little one will not start school next year free time and energy are so rare ?

  20. Side hustles are great, but everyone should also focus on side hustles that are scalable! Do something that can eventually become your full time gig and make you a ton of money!

  21. I used to blog as well before starting my YT channel. I started a few blogs but haven't published them yet. Maybe I will in December. ?

  22. Zooming in when clarifying an important point. Wearing blue to contrast the pink background. Picking up on these subtleties! Brilliant!

  23. I just created my media kit, finding what to watch in order to improve my marketing strategies, Glad I found this.
    My question is since my content is all about Trading Forex, Stocks and Crypto Will it be harder for me to get client compared to those contents are about apparels, gadgets etc.

  24. You’ve got some great advice here Roberto! I agree, there’s no reason to not make some extra cash in today’s world.
    Keep up the great work bud!

  25. Hey Roberto, now that I watched this video I have one question – Do you need any help with all of the projects you are doing? Im from the Balkans, so Im cheap 😀 Let me know brother!

  26. Well I already have three little kids that hustle me out of most of my time so I am really still on the skill building side rather than hustle time. ???

  27. Thanks again Roberto for another GREAT video! I have been wanting to learn photography and videography/video editing for quite some time! Gonna pull the trigger in 2020. Getting a Sony a6100 camera to start my journey! ??

  28. I’m a “micro-influencer” currently so want to take that further. I’d also like to become a social media manager but am not sure how to go out securing my first client. I’d be interested in that or become a VA.

  29. As Always Roberto, thanks for this video! I like all 7 Side Hustles you discussed. When I have more time to expand my services, I would like to try all of them to see which one I am good at. Currently, my side hustle is a Speech Evaluator.

    I have tried Adobe Spark before. After your recommendation, I will try it again.

  30. Yo…

    Not related to this vlog.

    I wasn't able to join your previous live and don't have four hours to play it back. I wanted to ask if you could somehow, possibly, condense it into, maybe say a 20 minute vlog?

    I believe I'm familiar enough with it from what other family vloggers have said, and although it doesn't seem very well known, I realize that the entire issue, which also involves YouTube (Google), is relevant to the fact that there is more than one entity that is in violation of the law. One particular of the entities is in violation of the first amendment of the (US) constitution, Freedom of Speech. However, if you're able to fulfill my request then I'd like to hear some of what you said in your live stream. I was thinking you could at least focus on some, if not all, of the most important parts.

  31. I'm blogging and creating videos for (aspiring) software developers on YouTube. My goal is to be able to support my life from these activities in the future. I also would like to do some consulting on the side to get a base salary.

  32. I saw what you did there, sneak a little Swoop in! Salutations from chilly & mostly cloudy Kinsale! ☘️?????☘️

  33. Side hustles can help you accomplish three things –
    1. Escape the gulag like existence working in the salt mines.
    2. Actually being able to afford cool swag you always wanted.
    3. Helps to keep you from becoming a YouTube zombie?

    Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!?

  34. I already do photography. I have an IG page but all my photos are taken with my smartphone. I don’t have a lot of views (I’m a couple of months old…when it comes to my page) and I know I need to save for a camera. I am very interested in Freelance Writing and Virtual Assistant. I’ll continue to watch your videos to help me grow my IG page. Thanks!

  35. Thanks for this Adobe Spark! I use the tool for thumbnails now and love it.

    Consulting is where my side work has taken me. I started doing things to help my community but finally gave in to the requests so content has taken a back seat. Sometimes the market shows you where you should be.

  36. Roberto I erased my comment and made a new one before I saw that you commented under my comment. I should’ve waited and listened to the whole video before I made my comment. So after you broke it down and I understood. Go read my new comment.

  37. I have been a content creator for almost a year now. With that said, I have been doing photography and video editing for the same amount of time for my channel and Instagram presence. Having watched your video, I can honestly say that I am most excited when editing the videos. So I am going to share my talent and skills with video editing and bring value to the market place in this role! Thanks Roberto for this video because I actually drew this conclusion while responding. Who knew ????

  38. There are about 4 maybe 5 of those lists that I can do, or have experience in. What originally led me to your channel was when in 2015 I lost my job and wanted to use my Graphic Design degree but didn't know how much I should quote clients. After a few of those videos, my interests sparked as a content creator.

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