7 Proven Ways to Make Money with Your Email List (2020)

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Everything else was fun too but this is a way for you to make money with your
email list. Now I also want to share a word of caution. You want to make sure
that you’re also providing value when you’re sending out email so don’t make
every email a sales email. You’ll want to look at doing something like a ratio of
four or five to one meaning for every four or five emails of information and
content that is helpful to the user, you can send out one email that is sales
related in some way and so let’s discuss some of the ways that you can do that.
First thing you can do is you can recommend projects. This is also called
affiliate marketing where you’ll send out an email of maybe one of your
favorite products that you have used for ever and you want to share it with them
and then you add an affiliate link within the email so that they, when they
click on it, when they buy it you’ll get a commission. Now you want to be careful
because some affiliate programs such as Amazon don’t allow you to put affiliate
links inside your email so you’ll have to get a little creative where you talk about the
product, send them to your website that has the affiliate links, and then they
can click on from your blog to then go. There are others that they don’t care,
you can put an affiliate link in the email and it’s okay so just check with
your affiliate program manager or the affiliate program to see what the
requirements are for affiliate marketing and this one is probably one of the
easiest ways to set things up just like with growing your website and your blog
and making money with your blog. Having affiliate products and ads on your site
are probably two of the easiest ways to get started with making money the same
thing goes with having affiliate products and suggesting them in your
email is one of the fastest ways to make money with your list. The next way that
you can make money is to get email sponsors and basically this is just,
you have a list of a targeted audience and you know someone, you partner with a
company or another website where they need to get in front of that target
audience and so they sponsor an email that you send out to your list and it’s
usually a product that they want your target audience to go and purchase.
Here’s an example of one Tim Schmoyer from YouTube creators he is talking
about a particular product that he wants to introduce to his readers and you see
at the bottom it even says that it is a sponsored email and you’ll want to make
sure that you showcase that is a sponsored email somewhere in the email
for FTC purposes like he does here but you see it’s a great way for him to
introduce something that his audience probably already wants or already needs
and this email, this sponsored email allows him to offer that and then he’ll
get a commission if they buy. So getting sponsors for your email is really a
great way to make money and it’s a one-off thing unless it works really
well then the sponsor might continue to sponsor all of your emails where maybe
you just put a little link at the bottom. Next you can also sell your own product
and for a lot of bloggers or a lot of people with a website, that is their
ultimate goal. You’re building up your email lists so that when the time comes
you sell your own product and this is either a physical product that you’ve
made you can do drop shipping that you sell somebody else’s product or
e-commerce but most of the time this is just you
selling your own product. Something that you have created and that flows really
nicely into number four where you’re offering an eCourse. Maybe you take a
product like an e-book or something like that and you build it up into a video
tutorial with downloadable items where you’re taking them from a pain point to
a solution point and you’re offering the information to them and offering it as
an eCourse through your email list and then once you create the product or you
create the eCourse then you can start using your Thank You page to sell the
product so that’s the next tip. Don’t wait for them to be on your email list
for a long time you can immediately once they sign up to be on your email list, most
people simply send them to a really short thank you page. Create a really
valuable thank you page where you’re showcasing what you can offer and
possibly even sell your product to them or at least introduce your product to
them and give them the opportunity to purchase that product on the Thank You
page. The next one I think is a really neat idea and it’s basically creating a
paid email subscription model. I think this works more in industries where the
topic that you’re covering changes a lot and so you’re keeping your readers
on top of the information and here’s a great example.
Marie Haynes she is in the SEO industry and she has created a really great paid
email subscription model where, and it’s a two tier, you actually are, you can be
on the list as a free member and then also as a paid and basically the free
member just doesn’t get as deep of a dive as the paid members and this comes
out monthly. What I think is great about this is it gives everybody value whether
or not they are paying but it also gives the free members a chance to bump it up
to a paid email subscription model where then they’re getting a little bit more
information in the topic and I think for Marie she gets a better idea of how much
she’ll be making each month from that model. So thinking ways of how can you
create a paid email subscription model for your readers as well. And then
finally one of the easiest ones to do is if you have an e-commerce site sending
an email to abandoned shopping cart people is a great way to recoup some of
the money loss when people go to your ecommerce store, add something to the
cart, and then they leave without ever making a purchase. If you’re able to do
that it’s not uncommon to recoup as much as 10 to 20 percent of the people who
had already abandoned and so those are seven easy ways that you can incorporate
making money with your email list. Thanks for watching and don’t forget that this
video was brought to you by OptinMonster. You can use OptinMonster to convert and
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So question for you, which one will you work on today and get started with
making money with your email list? Let me know in the comments below

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  1. I love the idea of including a focused affiliate product link in an email…will do that with a product I'm reviewing soon 🙂

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