6 Coin Magic Tricks Revealed

rub the coin and it looks like it just
magically bends take the quarter wave if I just wave… (whoa! no way!) so take the coin… stuff it in… watch… 1… 2… 3! take the card… and change it! watch 1, 2, 3… (gasp) all we have to do is just roll over the bill… Just wave and the coin magically reappears! Open your hand… slowly There’s no way… WHAT?! What? what’s good? welcome back to
How To Magic! I am your host Evan Era… today I’m joined with a special co-host I got Justin from Couch Collectibles (What’s up guys?) and we are showing you 6 Magic
Coin Tricks that you can do at home You paying in change?! That’s all I got! No no no You got to have bills paper money! so if you’re ready, hit the thumbs up button for me and let’s go! This first one is an impossible coin trick that looks like your spectator has
supernatural powers! Check it out! you make coin that I can borrow any coin
you want what are you going nickel perfect nickel
right here hold the pen do me a favor just sign the nickel right on the front
face of it yeah don’t move as best you can do Oh perfect your name on there
yeah good oh my initials it’s definitely your son coin right there by Taffet 1 2
3 you can kind of see it just just like that it goes it goes right I’ll watch we
can try them Wow if I take the coin hold out her hands for me both hands together
can actually make the coin reappear there see hold both hands up high like
high as you can hi perfect just like that okay now I’m
gonna drop the coin right here and squeeze just like that
hold tight okay okay you kind of feel it happen in your hands if you just squeeze
tighter on the coin you feel it kind of bending a little bit look open your hand
slowly there’s no way what what
yes it’s bad I just something how would you do that with your hands I’m so
confused that’s incredible what’s wrong I mean it
must have been me there’s no way I did that yeah there’s no way all right
here’s how it’s done I’m about to reveal the secret to this trick is extremely
simple and I’ll teach you oh it’s done right now okay this is the secret to the
magic coin Bend this is not a normal sharpie marker you just bend it right in
the middle it looks like a normal sharpie marker it actually has a hinge
in the middle and it’s actually made of metal it’s not plastic like an almost
sharpie and if you look it as a slit in the middle there’s a cut but that is
actually for is to slide a coin inside so step one you’re gonna start out with
the folding sharpie the metal one in your pocket I’m gonna have a normal
sharpie marker out here you can borrow a coin from them so this starts off in
your pocket I’m gonna give you the steps right now so they can sign this coin so
you put whatever they want on it doesn’t matter they could sign the coin on both
sides then you’re gonna do this little coin vanish it’s a simple little thing
you have the coin in this hand you’re going to tap it with the sharpie marker
one two three and on the third time I’m just gonna toss the coin back into your
other hand as you come down with the marker so it’s gonna look like you just
one two three tap it and it disappears you’re going to just practice that a
little bit some move it’s just a one-two-three and the coin does vanishes
looks like the sharpie just made it vanish so now when they’re reacting to
that you’re gonna drop this sharpie marker into your pocket and switch it
for this one I’m gonna bring it back out you’re gonna make the coin reappear in
your hand now while they’re reacting to the coin reappearing you’re gonna tell
them to hold up their hands like this when their attention is misdirected to
their hands you’re going to slip their coin into the slot on the sharpie marker
you’re then going to use the sharpie to bend their coin all you have to do is
press and the coin move Ben you’re then going to slip the marker back into your
pocket now there are a couple different ways you can produce the bent coin at
this point you can hold it at your fingertips like this have them rub and
it kind of seems like it just bends right there your fingertips or my
favorite is to have them hold out there and you then place the coin in their
hand and immediately have them close their hand around it and telling the
squeeze as tight as they possibly can and then when they open their hand it
seems like they bent the coin themselves it’s really one of the most astonishing
things you can do with a coin I think it looks so impossible rub the coin and it
looks like it just magically bends stay tuned until the end of the video I’m
giving away the magic coin bending sharpie to one lucky comment and that is
how you do the magic coin bend trick okay this is a cool piece of money magic
that looks absolutely stunning take a look rgeous and so I have something cool
to show you this is called a money printer we actually have a money printer
shop this is different it’s actually a little bit cooler do you have a dollar
bill not a good condition dollar bill but let’s talk about even better got a
super Krusty dollar bill here I said when take the bill I’m gonna sit it
right down here a normal on both sides all you do is take this little roller
all we have to do is just kind of roll over the bill the secret of this trick
is just as cool as the trick itself here’s an explanation of how it’s done
okay here is the secret of the magic money printers so cool
the secret is all found in this roller let me show you so this is kind of
similar to the money printer that we have in the of an era TV shop it’s a
little bit different so you start out the trick with the roller set just like
this you’re gonna take a hundred dollar bill or a regular one dollar bill if
you’re gonna change it from a blank piece of paper into a one I’m gonna set
the hundred dollar bill right here then I’m gonna take the roller and it looks
like the bill just completely disappears what’s actually happening is there’s a
piece of paper wrapped around this roller right here that’s rolling up so
if you look closely as this unrolls there’s paper coming out of it just like
that and it’s the exact same patterned paper that’s underneath here so it’s
really hard to tell the difference so you put the bill here and the roller
actually hides it underneath that piece of paper then it’s set up to go it has a
little notch right here that this bar kind of latches into to hold it in place
and if you just let go of it it’s like spring-loaded it’ll pop back to the
other side you can borrow a bill from the spectator that’s a really cool part
and take their bill put it here and say watch if I just
roll with if my money printer it magically changes into a hundred-dollar
bill such a cool visual they can instantly pick up this bill and check it
out can’t really let them inspect this too closely because if they move this
they’ll see the other bill underneath but you can’t show it openly on both
sides they’re like a nice little rubber grip on the bottom and then I’ll know
why you would want to but you could change the hundred back into it take a
blank piece of paper put it in your little money roller and just print a
hundred dollar bill so many different things you could do with it different
variations you could take their money turn it into an IOU that’s as good as
money sir those are io u–‘s or you could do the reverse of that take the
IOU and say look I know I’ve owed you the hundred bucks for a while here you
go let’s just turn the IOU into real money
it’s still amazing even after you know the secret and that is the secret of the
magic money printer everyone loves a trick that you don’t need props for
here’s a cool coin trick that you can do at home right now okay cool coin trick
that you can do at home this is a regular quarter see on both sides and my
hands are both completely empty now I’m gonna take the coin right here push it
in right here squeeze and watch super simple secret
here’s how it’s done alright so the first step to the tunnel
coin vanish is you need a coin so any coin will do for this it works best with
like a kind of a bigger coin like a quarter or a nickel – gonna set it right
here here’s where it’s gonna start out this is if you’re gonna stuff it into
your fist to banish it with a thumb tip show it to your audience and you’re
gonna turn your hand this way they can still see it a little bit there we’re
gonna take the thumb of your other hand you’re gonna act like you’re pushing it
into your fist like this and you really are you’re gonna push it into your fist
we’re gonna let it fall out of the back of your fingers and into the hand
underneath as you pull your hand out and point at the fist so it’s a quick finger
palm of this coin really fast watch so starts like this you show it here push
it into the hand and it’s gone you retain it over here so you have the coin
here push over boom it’s over here so from the backside let me show you so the
hand is like this this hand’s gonna push the coin over and out the back into the
other hand just like that as you pull the thumb out and point at this
and it looks like you just stuck the coin into your fist like that they can
do a little bit of acting like you’re holding the coin right here at your
fingertips and just rub it out of existence now once you have the coin
retained and finger palm here you’re in a perfect position to make it appear on
your spectators hand so you tell them to hold out their hands and as you wave
across you simply let go of the coin with a bit of misdirection of the waving
of the hands it really seems like the coin just appears right there in their
hands such a cool and easy coin trick that you can do at home with just a
little bit of practice so take the coin stuff it in watch 1 2 3 and it’s calm
just wave and the coin magically reappears and that is the secret of the
magic tunnel vanish this coin trick is absolutely amazing and can be done in a
snap check it out ok another cool coin trick I have a quarter right here and
empty you can see all right watch all you just take the quarter and just leave this is another simple one that you can
pull off at home let me show you how so you’re gonna need two coins for this
you’re gonna need a quarter and a penny or whatever coins will work for your
country’s currency you just need one that is bigger than the other so big
coin goes in the front little coin goes behind and this is exactly like a snap
change that you would do with playing cards take the card and change it so
it’s the exact same concept with the coins you’re gonna start out with the
bigger coin in front and the little coin behind just like this at your fingertips
and you can show this pretty openly show your hands empty on both sides just
pinch the coin real loosely show this very casually you want it to be
completely nonchalant you’ll be careful that the coins don’t clink together so
kind of avoid that sound you’re just gonna hold them at your fingertips pass
it back and forth so once you have it here you’re ready to do this snap change
you’re gonna hold both your two fingers on the front of the coin like that and
your thumb on the back so the thumbs gonna go on the back and hold the penny
in place your forefinger and middle finger are gonna go on the front of the
big coin here’s what’s gonna happen your other hand is going to come over to
provide a bit of cover for this happening you’re gonna start by pulling
your middle finger back and it’s gonna tilt the quarter back just like this so
what’s gonna happen is that essentially this happens very fast though got it at
your fingertips show the hands empty and the quarter
magically changes into a penny so there it is the quarter should be tucked back
far enough that you can show the penny at your fingertips drop it into your
other hand and ditch the quarter into your pocket while their attention is
misdirected on this coin so practice a few times before you show it off to
people but it’s a really easy change once you get good at it you don’t even
need the other hand for cover you can just take a quarter and magically change
it into a penny just like that and that is the secret of the magic change
snapped change change the coin change with the snap changing it’s change and
then the changes okay this one is a classic coin sleight-of-hand maneuver
that every magician should know okay so of another cool coin trick to show you
just like that perfect so empty hands here also the sleeves are rolled up on
both sides watch if I just wait the secret of this one is some simple
sleight of hand let me show you a really easy one that you can do at home with
just a little practice this is such a cool way to produce a coin from your
bare hands so you show your hands empty that is you would traditionally do
before you do a magic trick you’re gonna roll up your sleeves just gonna push
this sleeve up like this push this sleeve up like this and then you can
magically produce a coin from your bare hands now you can use this to produce a
coin onto a spectators hand you can use it to just make sure you have a coin
loaded for somewhere else in the trick so you know start out with the coin
tucked into the folds of your jacket that’s kind of already rolled up a
little bit so you’ve got the coin right here you’re gonna tuck it into one of
the folds it’s gonna have this rolled up in the crease of your elbow so you can
show your hands empty here and then as you roll up your sleeves you’re gonna
steal that coin out of your shirt just like that and on this side so you could
even have a coin in both sides if you wanted so you have your coin hidden here
sleeve gets rolled up coin gets stolen out gonna conceal that in your hand as
you come over and roll up the other sleeve you want it to look completely
natural like one fluid motion of you just rolling your sleeves up it’s
another you have the coin palmed making it appear as simple as dropping it onto
your hand or onto the spectators hand so set this up before the trick starts
you’re gonna just tuck it right there in the fold of the shirt and the crease of
your elbow is gonna hold it in place as you show your hands empty so hey check
it out I have a trick for you empty hands right nothing up my sleeves
which coin just magically appears there are so many different applications and
variations that you can use the rolling up your sleeves move for so you gonna
have a marker right here on your jacket say look my hands are empty I’ll even
roll up my sleeves for you then you can take your marker remove the cap and it
looks like you produce a coin from the cap of the marker kind of impossible
because the coin could absolutely not fit inside the cap of the marker it
looks like it comes right out of it you just gonna retain the coin in your hand
like this and as you go down you just let it drop from your hand looks like
the coin just magically appears from the marker cap try it out at home and let me
know what you come up with and that is the secret of the coin of the sleeve
trick this one is a classic coin trick and it’s absolutely amazing one of my
personal favorites because I think it’s the first coin trick I ever learned take
a look so I’m going to show you a cool coin trick it’s actually with two coins
from different countries this one is from America where we live and this one
is from Mexico so the silver one here that is our US coin and then this one is
from Mexico so pay attention to the Mexican coin if I just take my hand and
I shake like this it looks like the Mexican coin has just completely
disappeared it’s gone take this you can see it’s actually disappeared do you
know where it goes it actually went right over here into the tortilla chips
so hold up your hand if you take the chip like this watch one two three
DeBeers the secret behind this one is really
amazing let me explain the mechanics of how it works here is the secret of the
magic disappearing Mexican coin this is a special coin it’s not just a regular
US half dollars trick is called scotch and Soda it’s one of the first coin
tricks I ever learned comes with this little ring and when you bang it on the
table you can see that the half-dollar is completely hollowed out on the bottom
and the Mexican coin will actually fit right there into it that they lock
together and become one coin so you can take this bang ring is what it’s called
put the coin inside of it and then you slam it on the table
Koen will come out so you start the trick with these two already separated
like this sitting on the table or in your hand and as you wave your hand over
it looks like the Mexican claim against ten pesos a centavo just magically
disappears now it comes with another Mexican coin a normal one that you can
put in your pocket you can slip into a spectators pocket where you can produce
from a tortilla chip anything like that you can make it appear inside a burrito
or a taco really this infinite possibilities you can just have this in
the other hand whatever you want to do so gonna hide this coin before the trick
starts and you’re gonna start the trick with these two separated have them laid
out on your hand then you can either wave back and forth kind of close your
hand up and make them join together like this then you can really show this
openly the spectators can even handle this coin and they won’t find anything
and then everyone’s gonna be wondering where the Mexican coin is gone that’s
when you produce it from a tortilla chip there pull it out of your pocket super
easy coin trick you could even do it at your fingertips say watch all I have to
do is just wave and looks like the Mexican coin has just completely
vanished it’s a classic magic trick and I’m gonna
give it away to one lucky comment at the end of the video so stay tuned and now
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