57 Coins Too Many

Hey it’s me your pal, alientoyshop!
Don’t forget to Like and Subscribe… ok Today we’re playing Templeless Temple Run
by epiccreeper9001! ok here we go Alright so this is for coinless week,
which meant you had to not collect any coins. Ok well.. This is really an
underrated week in my opinion. It’s.. it’s really interesting we can try to do this
the easy way or we can try to do it the hard way.
So let’s do it the easy way first. Just a normal speedrun everything is going
great we’re dead. Alright we’re just gonna do it the easy way first. We’re
gonna do this and we’re gonna get coins and it’s gonna be great, we’re gonna have
fun, follow the coins we’re gonna trust the coins Just a.. just a nice little coin romp. Easy
twenty second speedrun fun. We’re dead. Ok I think we got this one. Let’s just
trust the coins. That’s our catchphrase by the way.
mostly when there aren’t any coins. Ok alright almost got it.
This is not gonna be easy to do coinlessly. I think POW is for the coins. There we go we got 57 coins! We need to
reduce that number to 0. Alright no coin challenge go! Ok, well.. no let’s start over. Alright
no coin challenge go! I think it’s interesting to have the new coin stuff,
because you can kinda cater to two different audiences that way. That’s..
that’s too hard. Alright well get ready for a montage of me running into those
coins over and over. Ready? Here we go! Nope. Oh and that time we do it. No! MMM let’s just get all them. Oh yeah. great oh just
get em all. Oh yeah oh yeah thank you so much. Yes. Let’s get some of those, get those, oh yeah that’s a great one. We died rich. Yes! Yes! Come on.. crash and burn. Just
crash and burn. Practice, practice, practice.
Oh that one hurts. Oh that one’s hard to.. you.. Oh God.
Oh then the ending is hard too what.. oh gosh the ending is not easy either. We can do it, we can do it, we can do it! Easy! It’s EASY. Just get them all. Who cares.
Who even cares. Just get em all. Get that one, yeah. Get these. I think the coinless stuff is cool for
two reasons. One you’re doing it yourself like you’ve decided that you’re going to
do this coinlessly. You’re.. you’re imposing the challenge upon yourself. And
two, the endless players will NEVER know that this was supposed to be played
coinlessly, and so they just have a nice time with it. They’re basically just
optional spikes and I think that’s cool. If I can just get that one section, we’ve
got this. That’s all I need. That one, yes. Ok, we’re gonna make it to the end with one coin.. Yes.. yes.. GRRR Jump early jump early.. yes.. come on give it to me..
Zero coins baby! ze-ro coins! GG! I’m so happy! I will see you tomorrow bye! thought I had another half-hour to go in
that level but we did it didn’t get a single day in coin all right bye

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