5 Tips to Keep Your Crypto Safe

CryptoSlo cryptocurrency news and
investing crypto slo with more crypto
gains what’s going on guys happy
Memorial Day 2019 so things are looking
great in the market and you know I can’t
complain so let’s get right to it the
title of today’s video is top five ways
to protect your crypto and/or crypto
tips so these are my big tips for people
that you know if you’re in crypto
already great and if if you’re newer you
know these are some good tips to keep in
mind so that you don’t lose those
hard-earned coins so tip number one and
this is one of the most important tips
by far to help you not get hacked and to
protect your coins and that is to turn
two-factor authentication on on all your
accounts exchanges coinbase your Google
account your Google Drive this is just
this is this recently has been studied
and shows that this is the number one
way to protect your crypto and you’re
like well what is 2fa well if you see
here I am getting ready to log into
finance and you see how it says Google
authentication 2 factor is a code that
is constantly changing now there’s a
couple ways you can do it you can put
Google Authenticator on your phone from
the App Store and you also can go to the
chrome store let’s try this here and
check out Google Authenticator what two
factor authentication is is a code that
changes every 30 seconds to that you
have to enter in order to successfully
log into your account so you see added
Google Authenticator now there’s some
other ones here I would stick with the
off authenticator and basically you this
if you add it to your Chrome browser
what it does is you put in your secret
key and you’ll see here my Google
Authenticator in my browser and I have
my by Nance code so that I can log in
now if I try to log into by Nance and
just put in the weird code err so I have
to have that secret code in order to get
in to my account so I put that secret
code in and boom I am in to my Finance
account it’s that easy now you’re like
well how do I add more codes to my
Google Authenticator you hit this little
pencil up in the corner and you hit add
you name the account coinbase
and you put in your key that you got
when you signed in so that is tip number
one so let’s go to tip number two tip
number two is just as important and that
is turn on email verification on all
withdrawals and you’re like what so if I
tried to go to my finance account and
withdraw any funds it will send me an
email with a link that I have to click
on and that link then they will process
your withdrawal so you have two factor
authentication and then you try to
withdrawal and then it emails you so it
makes it very very hard to get hacked so
pretty simple stuff most accounts some
accounts even have a login email
verification so if you log in from a new
computer it will send you an email and
you have to verify that new browser or
phone of the log in third tip never keep
more than 10% of your coins on any one
exchange now this just goes back to
simplicity here and that’s keeping all
your eggs in one basket is just not a
good idea we can see that not
even by Nance can be hacked and it was
hacked recently for 7,000 Bitcoin
luckily seesee hooked everyone up and
used thus a few funds and got their
money back to the people but this is
just important
don’t keep more than 10% on any one
exchange alright tip number four never
keep more than 25% of your coins
portfolio tokens on any exchanges any
exchanges so in essence you always want
to make sure that you have hard wallets
to store your coins in and private keys
and there’s so many solutions now
there’s some mobile Exodus wallet
there’s the mobile Tron wallet mobile
digital wallet literally you know what
you can do to find these wallets is you
go like a good way would be just go to
bit screener okay
type in your coin electron okay go to
the bit screen information and you’ll
see the link to the website and then you
can go to the website and most of the
time the official websites will always
have links to your wallets
so Tron has many many options to hold
your TRX safely and that is just it’s
just not a good idea to keep your tokens
on an exchange you want to own your
private keys and you want to have your
your coins spread out in a bunch of
different places and now for tip number
five sending coins especially when
moving large amounts of tokens always
always send a test amount of tokens what
do you mean by that so let’s look at
let’s look at my account and we’ll say
I wanted to send some TRX to slowboat
Ron right from my Megatron I’m gonna
copy the address and then I’m going to
go to send now let’s I have 73 TRX
available well what makes the most sense
is send one send 10 test it first so if
you’re depositing to an exchange sending
to a wallet whatever it is just send it
to a different wallet send a small
amount to that wallet first and test it
and make sure that it goes through
recently I accidentally sent 10,000 TRX
to another telegram member luckily he
was cool and legit and sent my coins
back to me you know but it could have
been a disastrous day for me so that’s
it that’s my top 5 crypto tips to keep
your crypto and tokens safe
this is crypto slo if you’re not
talking gains then we’re not talking

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