$3900 Bitcoin! Epic Charlie Lee Litecoin truth bomb! Bcash thoughts

Hello everyone this is Adam Meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister
welcome to today in bitcoin today is
August the 12th 2017 buy and hold resist
that temptation to sell at these high
prices people this is when you really
have to have a strong hand get rich by
desiring little pure commitment to
Bitcoin alright
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quick and let’s get this party started
as they used to say in some other decade
alright so thanks for the person who
sent me – a few days ago and I want to
say today I was at a financial event in
Dublin Ireland there were people there
who knew me from and we taught there was
a cryptocurrency segment also to it and
it was pretty interesting it seemed like
most of the people who were at the
financial event Wanted were just
interested in crypto currency at least a
lot of them which was really positive
and there were some people who knew me
from the channel hello guys maybe you’re
watching it was really great to meet you
some a longtime viewer especially it was
really an honor to meet you and thank
you for the compliments and being a
buy-and-hold guy and he’s a big towel he
actually knows a bench and big towels so
eventually I’ll probably talk to that
guy soon what do we have here oh I will
be in Quebec City so I’m obviously in
Dublin Ireland right now being in Quebec
City starting all you
the 17th you know if you want to hang
out email me at Adam at traceur help.com
and we can set something up it’s gonna
be a file be there a month so hey it’s
gonna be cool
hey the strong hand is really paying off
lately isn’t it everyone
I mean Bitcoin almost got up to four
thousand dollars today and that’s pretty
exciting and and if you’re happy is
probably because you held on to your
Bitcoin you never panicked you had a
strong hand by the way we had great this
week in Bitcoin yesterday we Frances was
on timing picks in new guests from uh
South Africa Who am I forgetting
oh yeah Benny but BTC Benny was off it
was just great I it’s linked to below
please watch it it was one of the best
shows we’ve done and a lot of insight on
what’s going on with the be cash
iteration and if you’re scared about
segue to X you probably won’t be very
scared after you watch this the guys did
a good job explaining why this thing is
neutered and be cash helped neuter the
possible 2x hard fork and it’s a 2x hard
fork happens then yeah whatever it’s
it’s just another off coin just another
altcoin I keep on saying out key words I
forgot to put in my description off coin
and trades or must be added or I found
that like button if you like Adam
stating what’s in his head when he’s
just randomly thinking about what he
needs to be in his notes alright so I
linked to a Dan dark pill tweet
according to a via BTC CEO segue to X is
not going to happen all right
that is a rumor I cannot translate
Mandarin Chinese it was translated from
Mandarin Chinese
obviously they it the likelihood of it
the actual heart fork happening has gone
down with this be cash thing sticking
around maybe they’re all gonna jump on
be cash and that is how they’ll cause
they’re FUD so and that will help the
price of B cash if you’re wondering but
they who knows if you care about that
remit and hey by the way remember
earlier this just a few
weeks ago months ago I was talking about
how August there was going to be a
Bitcoin hoarding and so now people are
starting to ask is there or not
Bitcoin out there now is that why the
price is going up so much because all of
a sudden there are a lot of people who
want it and they’re willing to pay and
people aren’t willing to sell it for
whatever reason they’re not willing to
stop because they haven’t split there be
cash off yet because it’s going up in
price because they just don’t they
listen to me and our golden holders or
buy and holders or just like just you
know hoard their Bitcoin who knows but
there there might be some real hardcore
Bitcoin hoarding going on right now and
that’s only gonna boost up this price or
we’re gonna hit the mythical four
thousand I think we in some places might
actually hit it today but that doesn’t
mean we’ve got to be there for a little
while to really hit it and we got up to
thirty nine hundred real solid today
from what I saw so since it hit four
thousand so fast it makes you feel good
it makes you feel real good alright
someone just sent five dollars over
there in the cat I got to recognize them
angry artichokes wealth consists not in
having great possessions but in having
few wants Wow wise words right there
people possessions they don’t mean a
thing but if you’re satisfied if you
don’t want things if you if you’re
disciplined and you don’t desire what
another man has if you don’t give into
society to the hype of consumerism and
what I buy every single thing you have
you have true wealth and you have you
know self control I want to say when I
arrived at the airport the other when I
arrived at the airport they had this
banner for me here it says welcome
bitcoinmeister and it’s got like a pound
that like button thing there you see
there’s the there’s a thumbs up it’s
hard to see but it was really nice I
mean that’s really nice to have a
welcome back you know when you get off
the plane and trust me it’s a play there
was a lot of playing drama thanks to wow
Airlines cancelling my flight and making
me a day late late but to get here in
Dublin and lovely Dublin Ireland where
people are very nice
and see that sign when I got the plane I
want to show it I didn’t obviously this
weekend Bitcoin didn’t have time to show
it but the people who did that were very
or very very nice people or fans of the
show obviously very generous people and
they worked they were if you were at the
event today you met them just good
people here in Dublin and again the
person who you know allowed me to go to
this event today is an awesome dude he
actually gave you a silver dollar
present I have it right here
so now look guys I have a silver point
for all these people who who wanted you
know ask do you precious metals well
yeah there’s a it’s a silver point
apparently so that’s that’s really cool
all right so back back to this back to
the show all right toward Meester has a
tweet out there coin what they saw a 10x
year-over-year volume increase he heard
similar rumors for several Western
exchanges Japan South Korea and even
higher multiples okay and and this was
actually in response to another tweet
that says exchanged coinbase exchanged
five times more digital currency in the
first half of 2017 that it did in all of
2016 okay so there’s there’s a lot of
Bitcoin action going on there’s a lot of
crypto currency action going on I mean
today you could feel the interest there
were a lot of newbies around there and
just people want to get into this thing
they’ve heard about it CNBC is saying
elastic good things about it we’ll get
into later the show who else is talking
about some funny funny dudes out there
panned out like button people thank
thank you very much for watching I guess
this is a good this is a good time where
a lot of people watches eight o’clock
out on the East Coast here in Dublin it
is 1:00 in the morning great all the
time alright here is but everyone knows
this already but I wanted to comment on
it tweet that says bitch Phoenix is
suspending trading of ICO tokens
generally in response to the sec for US
customers all right I mean this was
bound to happen I just wanted to say
they the United States is looking into
regulating icos or whatever and so
other so these exchanges that deal with
icos don’t want to deal with the United
States citizens anymore because they
don’t want to get in trouble with our
government this is just something to
consider when you hear someone say well
they’ve got the US government will get
involved so there’s be prepared and some
people all know why would the US
government try to regulate this is in a
different country well they they have
their ways now I’m not saying get
paranoid about the US government like
shutting that bitcoins they can’t do
that but um they you scare financial
institutions financial institutions that
are trying to stay like a hundred
percent legitimate they don’t mess with
the US government so I was thinking
about the other day litecoin and it’s
unfunny I don’t I’m not an i co fan I
don’t think I think people should learn
from losing money they shouldn’t be
forced by their governments not to do
something they should lose their lesson
by losing money and then they should not
be bailed out by our government or by
you know maybe we can ask a friend for
some money but I’m not here to bail them
out i I’m you know if you refuse to
listen and learn the lesson the hard way
the government shouldn’t be making stuff
like that virtually illegal or thinking
about it anyway is litecoin and be cash
how do they relate to each other I mean
I I noticed at one time when one why not
one went down logically that should
happen because they’re vying to be the
of Bitcoin which one is gonna be the
backup of Bitcoin I mean litecoin
obviously is that one but you’ve got be
cash trying to use that name so but be
cash isn’t trying to paint itself as the
silver either so those two coins
shouldn’t be going up at the same time
in a sense they really are very similar
to Bitcoin and do you know have right
now they’re faster or something like
that so anyway I mentioned only this
weekend so keep an eye that one go
if they start to not follow each other
in price but again we don’t have a
logical market now I mean people are
buying these things for illogical
reasons especially be cash Oh God
who would buy that like I will get to
that in a second all right so Frances
pulo of Montreal who was on the show
yesterday he again he’s got to be
congratulated he and his buddies in
Canada are now again promoting something
they thought of a long time ago did that
what defines what an altcoin is and what
the real big point is so they’re just
drawing a line in the sand that this is
Bitcoin this is not Bitcoin you can fork
off and you can do your own all coin and
on the show yesterday we were just
talking about I mean how it’s good that
be cash is just chugging along right
there but it’s everyone knows it’s not
Bitcoin it’s just setting this precedent
where if the two ex guys dare do a hard
fork it’s just gonna be an all coin
there is it’s not contentious it’s not
no one has a claim to Bitcoin but the
real Bitcoin now and it’s for various
reasons it’s because people who know
what they’re talking about are gonna
call Bitcoin Bitcoin but also the people
who have no idea what the heck is going
on I’m just gonna call Bitcoin Bitcoin
also they see something called Bitcoin
atom they’re gonna what the heck is that
or I’m a little confused but I already
have this Bitcoin from coinbase so it’s
we’ve lived through this we experimented
with this and it is a unique way to
distribute your altcoin you can’t deny
that and the more the mayor get if I
discuss this back in March when I came
up with a friendly fork concept that you
know they should just there should be
coins that if they think they can
compete with Bitcoin then fork off a
Bitcoin and do your best but you’re
gonna be an altcoin anyway but you’re
gonna get yourself distributed in a
pretty cool way for free you’re gonna
end up with exchanges cooperate you’re
gonna end up as a point given given the
people as an air-dropped to everyone who
owns Bitcoin and that’s uh that’s pretty
cool and thus if you’re being given away
for free why would you buy it
newbee why would you buy it
anyway and I don’t care if it goes up in
I got you care if it goes up I praise
because I still haven’t split mine yet
so whatever that would be nice
but if it doesn’t go up it price
whatever I’m just paranoid about
splitting my Bitcoin and on this trip I
do not have my Bitcoin with me actually
so all right I watched the Bitcoin group
from Friday on world crypto Network and
one cool thing they were talking about
The Linde effect in Bolivia effect is a
concept that the future life expects
expectancy of some non perishable thing
like a technology or an idea is
proportional to their current age so
that every additional period of survival
implies a longer remaining life
expectancy so they were talking about
Bitcoin saying you know Bitcoin has
survived this long it’s gonna survive a
lot longer because everyone keeps
thinking is going to die and the longer
you survive the longer you survive
despite the odds the longer you’re going
to last is what they’re saying and this
in this lyndie effect and I actually see
that with be cash I mean a lot of people
were seeing seeing be cash instead of
you know drop the five including myself
out I thought we’ve dropped to five
dollars and at least in 72 hours after
it was created and it didn’t and we if
you if you’re a be cash hater or
whatever and I mean obviously the people
behind it we’re didn’t do it in a
friendly way but it’s here and it
appears it’s here to stay because it
keeps on lasting like the Energizer
Bunny it keeps on going and it’s
sticking around point oh eight or 0.1 or
0.09 BTC whatever the heck it is it’s so
I thought the lumen the effect for that
actually BTC catchy the exchange that
disappeared they got shut down that base
I don’t know what happened when other
rumors that it’s coming back and that
they’re gonna issue tokens from this
well one we already know don’t store
your never store your coins on an
exchange okay lesson if the government
shut this down and they’re gonna operate
it again and they’re the ones we want to
operate this now play with BTC dodgy it
could be just a way for them to because
people the
the rumor is the reason the btc-e got
shut down was because of money
laundering and this might just be a way
to figure out well who were the real
customers that were laundering money
just so whatever government shut this
down and get a list of names so I would
be careful you know if you lost like
three litecoin or you know $100 worth of
something I don’t think it’s worth your
if they open btc-e again to like give
any of your personal information you
probably should take the $50 or $100
loss and be happy with it
I don’t know btc-e is really coming but
up back now but people have told me yeah
you should everyone should just if you
lost money for vtc deskey get used to it
just get used to it right if you lost
money and it does come back you real
care for what you do it’s only
information you give it over there but
you might be putting yourself on a money
launderer list and yet probably don’t
want to do that so Charlie Lee had an
epic reddit I missed I think he must
have found this when I was in the air
and so maybe some of you have heard of
it I link to it below okay but I’m gonna
read you some quotes about it because
people always ask me about litecoin Adam
Adam what do you think about litecoin
what do you think about litecoin and I
don’t think that much about but I think
we Charlie Lee thinks how about that so
this is what Charlie Lee said if you
expect me to pump like coin to make you
rich I am NOT going to do that I do not
work for you you are not investing in a
corporation where I am the CEO and I
work to make investors money
this is not how decentralized currencies
work again newbie this is me adding this
now if you’re new to this decentralized
currencies that’s why we got into this
thing people so if you’re into some
centralized currency what are you doing
but anyway back to Charlie’s quote if
you don’t appreciate that and don’t like
it then please sell your like coin okay
he also and there’s more to it but
another thing that he says that I liked
my vision for like Corinne is always
silver – bitcoins gold
that’s not going to change I will be
touting that whenever I can now remember
he is the creator of light point for
your new people out there this is the
creator of light pointing say it being
so honest is he is like the most honest
man in cryptocurrency okay
he litecoin is always silver to bitcoins
goal my vision for likens always
somebody big phones gold that is not
going to change I will be touting that
whenever I can I see light coin working
side-by-side with Bitcoin to address the
need for decentralized currency I hate
to break it to you but light coin will
never overtake Bitcoin I’m gonna repeat
that hear what he just said no matter
how much okay I have to break it to you
the light coin will never overtake
Bitcoin Bitcoin will always be the king
again this is the founder of light corn
saying this bitcoin will always be the
king no matter how much I want that to
it’s not going to happen so again all
you people out there who ask me about
like corner ask me about whatever a coin
you have and you think it’s going to
overtake Bitcoin you think I’m going to
say it’s going to do that and you think
if I say it on my youtube channel that
it’s gonna help it isn’t it’s not going
to happen the founder of litecoin is
saying to his coin which is like the
second best coin out there on many
different levels it is the silver to
bitcoins gold it isn’t they didn’t baby
cash is trying to be that probably but
like coin is it it’s not changing it’s
not overtaking bitcoin and no matter how
much I wanted to he wants to change it
it’s not going to happen and then back
to the quote I’m gonna find the cat and
we’ll work toward the future
we’re both bitcoin and litecoin are used
by everyone all right so you know there
can be cooperation in this space pound
that like button if you like cooperation
and that’s not saying that like coin
won’t go up or whatever but I mean and
someone just gave me $2 SDR from China
and now allowing Americans to buy
okay yeah I don’t like when Americans
are not prevented or prevented from
buying things I think that is not nice
America anyone on the earth that money
is freedom money is freedom and it
should not be garnished and try to take
away our freedom thank you ACU five for
your tip and it people if you like to do
these super tacks and send tips I
appreciate it I really thank you guys
people been doing that a lot it seems to
be a trend I know people don’t want to
give away their a Bitcoin I don’t blame
him I don’t blame that today we were
talking at the conference someone was a
guy who is actually in the chat
sometimes he was he was at a conference
on men and he said no III wouldn’t spend
money on coffee when the coffee in a
year I’ll look back I’ll see how much I
paid in Bitcoin it’s gonna be like $100
or I paid $100 for a coffee I mean it’s
it’s it’s ludicrous it’s it’s a it’s the
gold I mean it is it’s it’s a story
whore it for the Hornet I also want to
say that there was a the word blockchain
was being thrown around a lot today
which is interesting used to kind of
make jokes about that the speaker was
one of the speaker’s was from a
corporate a very corporate environment
and was talking about internal
blockchains and he was a nice guy and
everything I’m hit his company works to
establish private blockchains I say
internal blockchain says I am thinking
about intranet versus Internet and how
in 1997 they thought that intranet was
going to be the big thing not internet
you got to have an intranet this is this
this is the same comparison we have now
these private blockchains a days it’s
not about private blockchains it’s about
the public blockchain is about Bitcoin
all right so bill still who has been on
my show before he has a new show out
there saying that a Bitcoin can hit
$100,000 in 2021 all right and reason I
don’t usually say things like that I
don’t want get people too excited but he
has definitely changed his mind people
the people who follow bill still and
they’re quite a few
you know bill still I can see that he
was really down on Bitcoin for a while
he came on my show I didn’t change his
mind but he did soon change his mind
afterwards he got everyone knows he got
scanned by quark back in the earth now
everyone knows that actually in the
early days and there were a lot of
really obvious up coin scams well it
became obvious at one point he got he
got scammed by these quark guys so and
he had left a very bad taste in his
mouth and that happened to a lot of
people and it sucks that happened to a
lot of people because they didn’t hold
on to their Bitcoin does now worth
almost $4,000
so buy-and-hold pound that like button
alright so we just experienced Friday
now and it was like the opposite of fun
Friday these last two Fridays it’s been
fun Friday so what a difference a couple
months back to make we remember back in
March well if those of you who are not
newbies because there’s a lot of movies
that are coming around but back in March
there was so much fun and we were
dealing with king of the trolls and and
there’d be many Fridays where just a
price would drop and people would be
down but I told you have a strong hand
people I linked you a Craig shift
Craig ship craig ship video below and
craig it’s an interview that we did not
the one that i uploaded here but when he
uploaded so it’s funny it’s it’s kind of
it’s very quirky it’s very quirky
straight out of baltimore type of weird
stuff I mean it actually was Craig’s
idea I wish I could say it was my idea
because I I try to have wacky ideas like
that so I’m not I’m not dissing Craig I
love I loved it
but you know the person who interviewed
me was very interesting and it doesn’t
have that much to do with Bitcoin at
times and maybe it’ll just attract some
Outsiders the Bitcoin it’s it’s funny
and a lot of you are gonna be like this
is weird this is weird
okay whatever if you think it’s weird
you think it’s weird but I think it’s
it’s big it’s quirky and Thank You Craig
ship you are awesome
you are awesome you are awesome he and
obviously people love Craig shift
because his camera is a lot better than
my camera hey but if you want to buy me
a camera people you could buy me a
camera right yeah I don’t get my
good cameras I’m always check I’m always
traveling it’s really hard to schlep
around all this stuff from like
continent to continent it’s not that
it’s so I have an extra piece of
equipment you know you know if you want
to give me if you want to give me
something that you think is lightweight
or whatever I don’t have time to even
research and stuff and to me it just
listen to these videos I still can’t
understand why any of you in this 95
percent or 93 percent male audience want
to look at me really I have no idea why
you want to look at me let me a serious
if you are I mean if you’d like a look
at men and I’m a good-looking man and
everything by game most of you don’t
like to look at man I assume I mean like
most guys are attracted to women at
least in my experience so okay but don’t
value your life in women and getting
their approval okay we’re getting off on
a tangent so uh all right a client of
mine I had that I had to say this and
this is important for new people out
there a client of mine made a huge
he sent his etherium in a rush to try to
buy an ICO
okay he sent it to some exchange and he
comes to me he’s like I lost nine
ethereal you got to help me out here I
sent it to this address and I just
thought about it for a while and I said
wait a second to you check your exchange
what’s your aetherium classic address on
your exchange sure enough he had sent it
to his aetherium classic address so guy
and now he’s got a bag his exchange to
put his aetherium that said as a fearing
plastic address which obviously is also
aetherium address but one that he cannot
access into his ethereal address that he
can access at the exchange
take it slow people make sure when you
send your aetherium to an exchange you
send it to a theorem and not a theorem
classic it’s a mistake that people make
don’t send nine aetherium at once either
it’s a probably good idea like send you
point no one just take it slow take it
slow I mean some of you were saying oh
that’s so obvious Adam or whatever you
know there’s new people out there let’s
try to help the newbies and again try to
understand Bitcoin before you start
playing with I SEOs in a theorem and all
that stuff I said on yesterday’s show
that Gabriel in Venezuela we were in
contact he’s been on the show before
he’s a great guy he
is fine at least 48 hours ago he was
fine there they’re going over some
problem they’re having some problems
down there okay obviously the the threat
of a future Bitcoin fork has been
neutered I would say the threat from the
2x has been I mean that’s what’s going
on that’s well that’s what’s in the air
right now maybe they’ll come back maybe
they’ll try to use B cache as their
weapon and I mentioned that before
again if there is no 2x hard fork which
there’s looking like the chance there
won’t be then this is we don’t have till
November to think about this I really
don’t worry about it now but that will
be good for the B cash price again if we
end up with you know a second Bitcoin
altcoin then that won’t be good for the
be cash price okay here’s another tweet
that I forgot to add below a today’s
newspaper in India I mentioned Bitcoin I
think this is this is going real long
here you guys noticed that be cash likes
the surge in the morning anyone have a
theory about that
okay I’m gonna mention this another show
but we’re running out of time and I’ll
mention well I’m gonna mention Peter
chef’s I’ll conclude with the Peter
Schiff thing here Peter Schiff talked
about Bitcoin today I link to that video
below and he was just saying that he
thinks that gold the gold could pop pop
the Bitcoin bubble he’s always talking
about that and he was kind of angry it
seemed like or frustrated that CNBC is
talking a lot about Bitcoin in a very
positive way or at least he felt CNBC
was he said he’s he admitted that some
of his clients are cashing out their
funds with him and buying Bitcoin I mean
that is that’s bullish right there and
it’s it’s good that Peter can admit that
I mean I don’t think Peter is a bad dude
I don’t think he is a bad dude I think
he is he didn’t it a little bit that he
is biased for gold I don’t think he’s a
bad dude
I just think he’s stubborn he’s very
stubborn and uh a lot of our people are
stubborn I’ve had advice
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister
remember to subscribe this channel like
this video share this video do check out
the notes section below i got a lot of
material for tomorrow so tune in
tomorrow pound that like button I will
talk to you guys later bye bye

50 thoughts on “$3900 Bitcoin! Epic Charlie Lee Litecoin truth bomb! Bcash thoughts

  1. Peter Schiff is a great economist but at the same time he owns a precious metals company and mutual funds so i'm sure he does not want to see BTC as the safe haven. However, cryto's and gold/silver are on the same team. My only complaint with Schiff is he wont admit gold and silver are totally manipulated markets.

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    The entire cryptocurrency world lives or dies based on Bitcoin (original). The Holy Grail that we are all hoping for is wide-scale public adoption and that will only happen with rock solid confidence in the technology. Bitcoin is the name brand. If it goes down, the entire sphere will be shunned by the general public and the Wall Street brokerages.

    Mathematically, there should be plenty of room for Litecoin to grow naturally. There are 4 times the number of possible Litecoins as Bitcoins so it could be worth 1/4 the value of a Bitcoin in a mature market, assuming both have widespread acceptance.
    That said, I don't really understand the need for Litecoin to exist "side by side" with Bitcoin. Can't Bitcoins be broken down into millions of pennies called Satoshis? Unless it's just a hedge against a future Bitcoin collapse….?

  5. Good show. I £ed that like button. Maybe the next few weeks will be BTC days 🙂 Eventually though when people cannot even afford 0.00001 of a BTC I see LTC doing well, but LTC market cap will never surpass BTC. However I think LTC can get to 10 percent market cap of BTC. So it makes sense to hold a little LTC as well. I finally told my friends to buy BTC as institutional investors are coming in. Only one of my friends responded, and so it is hard to convince people still, probably they will end up buying next year at over 10000 LOL.

  6. Hey Adam, I saw your mum the other day and she said she bought some Bitcoin Cash, she said her son (you) couldn't figure out the real deal so she had to do it for him (you).
    Pound that like button on my post, as it was very funny post!

  7. Bitcoin Cash is the real name, I wonder why is Adam continually calling it by different name? As far as I know people who provide information and facts only, usually call things by their real name. Hm… doesn't fit in this case does it? I wonder why that is? Maybe because Adam is insecure and sees Bitcoin Cash, which is the original Bitcoin code, as a threat to his Blockstream mutated version of it?
    Pound that like button on my post, as it was very thurthful post!

  8. If you zoom out, you see the Earth rotating Europe into daylight, people checking on BTC, FOMO spreading, and a buying frenzy starting.

  9. I sold my Bcash at a low $200 one week ago and put it into bitcoin. As I write, that bitcoin is about 25% higher already, the equivalent of selling the bcash today for $250. And it's still rising…

  10. Altcoins rarely die. Feathercoin is still going and has a marketcap of $10million at #176 on coinmarketcap. BCash isn't going anywhere but doesn't mean it's any better than any alt. One thing it has is some devs working on features that don't rely on segwit. The best thing about it is that it gives conspiracy minded backward looking trolls something to cling to.

  11. Keep calm and buy Bitcoin + Ethereum ( preferably on pull backs ) Strong hand – Adam has the best advice

  12. when you say quebec. will you be in montreal i'd love to come see any event you're in, sorry if you said so already in your video i didn't catch it

  13. Great as always! Btc… all day. I think you can buy yourself a camera mate with all your btc! Let the little people keep there money. Your a real miser.

  14. Hi Adam. Buy and hold newbie here. Have my Bitcoin in a Blockchain wallet and made no attempt to split BCash yet. Is it OK to add more to my wallet before splitting or is that going to make splitting more difficult when I get round to it?

  15. The reason Bcash is around is because most people don't even know that they have it. good vid keep up the good work.

  16. I like Bitcoin Cash. Please call it by it's real name. Increased block size was envisioned by Satoshi. Peer to peer cash. Yes, many things can be done with blockchains. I'm glad BCH came to preserve and defend peer to peer cash.

  17. As for a new web camera (you will be delighted): You can NOT go wrong with the Logitech HD Pro Webcam C922 HD (or 920). I selected it after a long search, it is just simply still the best or really near the top and also widely available. A sure quality buy. image but also audio recording quality (stereo) is superb.

  18. Hello BitcoinMeister and anyone reading this. I am looking for a solution to a problem. I have been missing out on this upward bitcoin roller coaster because my damn coinbase account wants more verification. I have been trying to upload my ID to no use. Can someone please suggest another safe platform to buy bitcoin? It seems all the other big exchanges like Bitfinex has stopped buying of crypto using USD. Looking forward to your suggestions.

  19. Im assuming some of the early adopters and miners are releasing some coins at this time which is good as it will go into the strong hands of the hodlers

  20. My Bittrex account was hacked to the tune of $18K. Happened on Monday…NO response from Bittrex. Have sent them 5+ EM. Not a safe place to do business.

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