3 Ways to Make Money with Live Streaming

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  1. Hello, where is the link with how to set up lights or spawn monsters in games by hooking it up on super chat? Thanks!

  2. Damn.. all that features doesn't support in my country "INDONESIA"

    I have 50k subs on my other channel, that targeting to English people

  3. Hi Tim ,

    I have noticed some channels are live streaming over 10 days in a row if not more ! How are they doing this and does YT allow this i assume? Thanks

  4. Great video. Great tips. Despite my channel being Gaming-focused, all of these tips work across all types of content. For those interested, I use IFTTT to connect my apartment devices to Super Chat and Memberships. For on-stream alerts, I use Livestream Alerts, Streamlabs, TipeeStream, TreatStream and more! Try these things out, have fun, and tag me! I’ll come watch!!

  5. Hi, Tim! Great content as always. While we're on the subject of live streaming, do you think that YouTube will ever enable Super Chat and Sponsorships for countries like Uruguay? I'd love to do more live streams on my 250k + channel, but I feel there is little incentive with those features disabled, as they take up too much of our time to do.

  6. Been waiting for this, thanks! Just started streaming about a month ago and started wondering about this kind of stuff

  7. Luckily graphics card prices are on the decline right now, so you might be able to find a good deal. On the other hand Nvidia is releasing their next gen GPUs sometime in August which are supposedly pretty powerful so that's something to consider as well!

  8. I am afraid to live stream….what if I can't shut it off….Still new to all this, but learning!!! Thanks!

  9. Very energetic and positive! Really love that she's having fun. YouTube has always had me apprehensive about streaming to it vs Twitch, but I'm going to give it a try

  10. It's very unfortunate that you've chosen to interview this particular person on the topic… because here's what reality looks like: 3 ways to make money with live streaming. Step 1) be a woman. Step 2) be attractive. Step 3) do absolutely nothing and see the cash flow in. That's it. Women face absolutely zero challenges on the internet in terms of money making opportunities, as long as they're half way decent looking and willing to double down on that as a sellout.

    And I see how you might want to call me "sexist" and other names now, or maybe approach me politely and say: "that's kinda mean, and you're most likely wrong" – but here's the point: I would bet everything that if you were to replace the person with a dude or an ugly chick, all starting at zero followers (on an equal level), the given advice wouldn't work anymore… or at least it would be way, way harder to grow an initial audience.

    I'm not even meaning that in a derogatory way; it's just how the internet works, and people wanting to start a live streaming channel should be made aware of that, lest they could end up very disappointed.

    /EDIT: after watching the video, I can at least admit that yes, Barbara does have a good personality. She seems pretty excited and enthusiastic about the stuff she does, so that's a plus (the main reason many people fail is due to lack of personality). Yet I'm still unconvinced and would say, nonetheless, people without her looks have it harder to kick off a channel from scratch.

  11. She has under 10 thousand subs and has the sponsor button. I thought the sponsor button demanded 100,000 subs.

  12. Great content as usual. Thanks for sharing. Unfortunately super chats are not that common in brazil I think… but want to do more lives in the future. They’re reallly good for community buikding

  13. Very useful, I plan on doing moe and more live streaming. Its totally the best way to reach ones audience!

  14. This is great advice if YouTube has given you a Sponsor button, and if you have over 1000 subs (can't enable Super Chat until then). I guess I'll have to keep working until I get to the point I can actually use this content. 😄

  15. I am thinking of doing this with a GoPro live hiking at some point hopefully for my vlog channel. We’ll see how it turns out!! Thank you. Another very useful video 🙂

  16. I'm starting to feel very left out by YouTube, I mean, I'm so glad that this girl is already in the sponsorship program with just 6.9K suscribers, meanwhile I with over 170k am not, besides I reached the 100K milestone, months ago, and they have not even contact me to let me know anything about the silver button, Why YouTube WHY!

  17. Thanks a lot. Wow i like this a lot your content is best ever and This is the best collaboration ever

  18. I would actually like to know, what are the minimum specs you can have on a pc to be able to stream?

  19. Great video as always! I have a question about "Live Streams" that aren't "Live"? On my channel I make educational songs and animations for kids. My "Up Next" feed is full of other kids videos from competitors, and I'd say about 50% of them now say they're "LIVE". The thing is when you click on them they're not live at all, just pre-recorded videos, some of which have been running for months! I'm trying to ascertain why these channels are doing this? Is it just that kids are more likely to click on the thumbnails with a big red "LIVE NOW" underneath? It doesn't seem legitimate as these videos clearly aren't live, but then some of these are coming from huge channels with millions of subscribers. I just wondered what your thoughts on this were?

  20. great tips for live streaming l have not done any live streaming yet I am just starting out here on utube I was wondering what you think about adding emoji s to you video descriptions 🆒 or not 🆒 ??

  21. Is it a violation of copyright to play live on piano/ sing a few measures a rendition of a song that is copyrighted?

  22. Wow, having a modded minecraft version where your audience can spawn ender dragon as an amazing idea. i also like the lights where users can mess with your green screen. I just subscribed so I can troll you one of these days. Good luck with that house ;p

  23. Maybe i missed something. I still don"t see any popular / trusted tipping websites. I thought about using PayPal but it gives away to much personal information. The one I saw in this video said leroy! on it I could not find nothing in searching that related to it. I am just now starting a gaming YouTube channel (as of today) and trying to gather information on doing it successfully to build a great interactive community based audience. I am very excited and scared to get started but to anyone that can help me out with information it would be much appreciated.

  24. I'm starting a channel and really just want to do live streaming is that a thing or no do I have to upload videos to get a lot of followers

  25. What’s the deal with everything today being crowd funded? We pay youtubers to get what we want, we fund Kickstarter projects, gofundme, video games that are live service essentially are asking us to pay for their incomplete game and test it out. What ever happened to people make a product and we pay for that product? Done.

  26. With my sub base, I fear I won’t get anyone lol I want to stream gameplay, and animating, even singing, and even drawing requests!

  27. So what is the estimated income per 1000 viewers on live streaming? Does anyone know? I mean, general video uploads are about $2-3 per 1000 views? Is live streaming significantly higher?

  28. I just started watching this video and I have a really small channel and I'm really hoping this video will help me with my channel. Thank you!

  29. Question :
    – what's the best Livestream App for IOS?
    – What if I'm on Asia… So only Asia people can donate? Or all around the world? Cause I saw "it's not available in ur country" that time and it confused me..
    – is there 1k Views/ Money in live streaming? Or it's only from Recorded content?
    – can u put ads on Live?

    I'm on mobile.. btw

  30. Ideas are indeed very creative and possibly very paying off! I am just a very introverted person that doesn't like to express emotions with all of a sudden, I hope I don't need to be veeery expressive, I can be humble to thrive in my niche, right? Besides, it's okay I guess.

  31. i have been a live streamer on many sites over the yrs but my question is , why is it when people stream on yt they seem to get this over the top loud annoying voice that goes up and down in your face just like the female does here when she mentions her channell its very weird and its 1 of the reason i will not go on yt to stream

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