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  2. Thats why I buy an old Chevy or Oldsmobile or Toyota or Honda from the 70s or 80s or 90s model and then I'll drop a new motor in it and the car would last me 10 or 20 yrs or more bc i'll buy another old car and have it rebuilt motor and transmission so I'll have two old cars that would last 10 or 20 or longer..

  3. Yes, but why suggest buying schools for third world country when you can use that money to buy your own house which is a better investment than spending it on people you don't know. The US spent millions and millions of dollars to help foregn countries what does it get back?
    Human trafficking, illegal immigration, drugs and criminality.

  4. I live paycheck to paycheck cause my money goes to investments which pay me and so I can live tomorrow great

  5. “Then
    rules and laws should be established to regulate the excessive fortunes of
    certain private individuals, and limit the misery of millions of the poor
    masses; thus a certain moderation would be obtained. However, absolute equality
    is just as impossible, for absolute equality in fortunes, honors, commerce,
    agriculture, industry, would end in a want of comfort, in discouragement, in
    disorganization of the means of existence, and in universal disappointment: the
    order of the community would be quite destroyed. Thus, there is a great wisdom
    in the fact that equality is not imposed by law: it is, therefore, preferable
    for moderation to do its work. The main point is, by means of laws and
    regulations to hinder the constitution of the excessive fortunes of certain
    individuals, and to protect the essential needs of the masses”.

    (Abdu'l-Baha, Baha'i World Faith – Abdu'l-Baha Section, p. 281)

  6. Cars are a huge waste of money. The last new car I bought was a 2006 BMW M3 that I paid ~$140,000 AUD. I sold it 3 years later for ~$90,000 AUD. Now, I drive a car worth ~$7,000 AUD. We're also 100% debt free, have ~$1.1m invested, and each work part time in our business.

  7. The odds of becoming the president of the United States are ten million to one? Odds for who, the kid from Compton with the crackhead mother or the kid from a super rich family that goes to Harvard are the same? Really?
    Don't waste money on fancy drinks?How about not going to the bar at all?

  8. I've done all 3, in my youth to many bottles to many cars and have lived in Vegas, now I live in a Semi on the road, this guy knows what he's talking about!

  9. Have to disagree that a car is just a method of transportaton. My 1940 Ford, for which I paid cash, is a method of putting a big smile on my face every time I get behind the wheel. I don't gamble, never heard of bottle service until this video.

  10. There are exceptions of course. In #3 for example; a realtor or broker is driving clients to view properties. Doing so in a $500 car will probably result in significantly less sales. This is because of the clients perception that the realtor is not successful enough to be able to provide a certain level of comfort and confidence.

  11. If I won the Powerball damn i can buy my own vending machine……no body better lay a finger on my butterfinger.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  12. Took me a minute to wake up. Used to have a Jag rollin around like I was rich. Gave me attention from girls/gold diggers but it worked except when it was time to replace something or get a repair done.

  13. The comment on not buying a lottery ticket really doesnt make sense, particularly if a person CAN afford to spend $20 and not be broke from doing so. Luck plays a big part in everyone's life. But if you dont ever put yourself in a position to get lucky, then you wont ever get lucky.
    It's kind of like meeting your future wonderful wife. If you never leave your house, you will likely never meet her. So dont be afraid to buy a lotto ticket if you can afford it and dont be afraid to leave your house and say hello to a woman that smiles back at you. You never know if luck will hit you, or when, but you have to give it a chance in order to "get lucky".
    Good luck everyone!

  14. I've only gambled once; I don't drink so I have no need for bottle service and I don't drive so I don't need a swish car.  Even if I did drive, I'd get a good car, not an expensive one.  Where are my millions??

  15. Dude you gamble everyday you're a businessman what do you mean don't gamble if you're afraid to lose you already lost.

  16. Wanna save money? 1) Avoid marriage, dating, and kids, 2) Avoid begging ass family members, 3) Stop trying to impress people💰

  17. This is why the Volkswagen Beetle is the greatest car ever built. A car does nothing but get you from point A to point B. He's not going to make you better-looking more desirable.

  18. thanks for the warning. i'll be sure to stay away from las vagas, drive a beater. and quit buying lotto tickets. i'm a rich man now!

  19. 2 Of these are common sense and the other one just sounds like a very uncommon mistake to make that about nobody does. Then again if you are drunk already you might end up buying it because of that.

  20. This mfr is a typical asshole trying to profit off of the misery of everyone who struggles, by stating obvious facts as a way to befriend you and the sad thing is, is that you will help this asshole because he makes sense and he will take advantage of your misery!

  21. Hello Ryan, just subscribed. Liked the video, the best part was close to the end when you mentioned the number one problem with people in today's society. Thank you.

  22. back in the 80s i used to go to the scrapyard with my dad, for parts for his car, and we came across an old triumph stag, a real heap, and was totally rusted and parts hanging off, and my dad said " not long ago that was someones pride and joy, and they bled to pay for that, now its just garbage" – and then later in life; i was walking through a car park, full of luxury motors, and this guy said….wow look at all these beautiful cars….you, know, 10-15 years from now, they'll all be put in the crusher……..so i always buy old cars and pay full price, never used finance in my life, and saved a tone of money.

  23. Me: this guy is right, dont buy what you dont need.
    Also me: I want to buy a new computer because the 2 I have is taking up too much space, I want a ledger nano x, and an xbox controller.

  24. You only live once. Enjoy your money go to casino and play black jack..Who cares .It's my money not yours..Got problem buddy..

  25. My car is a Tesla model 3 and it costs $670 a month it uses electricity to drive the chance of breaking is very low my grandpa bought it it’s the safest car he could find I’m only 7

  26. My question for you is, what do you consider expensive for a car?
    This is specifically because my current 16 year old car (cost like 1500) constantly breaks down, has horrible gas mileage, and is rusting through the cab.

    Buying a car that's about 17k (hopefully in cash and yes, I know I should be investing that 17k) that has the current best gas mileage (about 55mpg), no monthly payment, and won't breakdown nearly as much.
    This sounds to me like an investment in my safety, and savings in gas.

  27. Instead of ordering bottle service at the hakkasan nightclub, I'm going to become the DJ

    Btw love the intro 😂

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