$2800 GAMBLE for Safe | Was this wise ? | Storage wars | I bought an abandoned storage unit

it’s right there ladies and gentlemen a
safe I think yeah maybe we should just title this is this storage facility
crooked thank you gentlemen boys and girls pirates of all ages it is I your
cap this being I’m looking for a car that’s way down there I don’t like
walking we just bought this unit right here for $2,800 and as I say every time
I bought this for one and one specific reason only if you know me you know that
I love a couple dings dust cobwebs rat poop but there’s one thing a pirate
loads more than no it’s not guitar cases it’s right there ladies and gentlemen
a safe the way I can’t clickbait you at then because I already know it’s it I
had to look in that thing right away because it’s a cash bar should stay up
what I did do yeah I looked in that one I shook that and that is full and
usually usually we do things like this we’re like hey guys we just got this
cool guitar case and we’re gonna save this to the very end you got the way to
the end of this video and then you guys get mad at me and all the rest of us
youtubers for doing that we’re gonna do something rare this time we’re gonna
open it first first thing whoo it is a fender harpoon
and it said something there what is that maybe this belongs to them all right what do you think’s in here
I hope a r27 like saying them all got me a mess ar-15 look at that
what is it looks like a Fender old you know exactly what it is he says made in
Japan the toys like when you see toys you only see like Jesus did we find
Jesus look at this what’s that word that’s actually as far as the new era
Star Wars that’s a better one but the box it’s gonna be three bucks all I do
is I barcode scan on 10 bucks easy 10 bucks
all right wishmaster he’s saying whore or using word I can’t use on YouTube
what I do want to say is I wish master that there’s something in that safe of
stream value and ladies and gentleman he was not kidding we found Jesus in a
storage unit Thanks you think that’s gonna be his
vans t-shirt let’s see if he’s right let’s to see how the sale correct this
man could be that is not band merch though Oh whoo a
marital aid oh that’s what we call for admit that I was like I never heard of a
marital aid before a federal law forbids sale of this bottle and reuse it is a
pretty cool bottle this is uh this is kind of neat right here though less
modes never underestimate pip holsters you
haven’t seen my video yet probably because it hasn’t come out but by the
time this comes out it will be out I found a poster of their day the only one
I see online is 17,000 these are his records huh no Lily Vernon terracotta
pumpkin okay so that didn’t go over too well but there you go there was a one
Alex and I looked when we closed the door he looked at that cassette tape on
the front there that thing goes for like 30 bucks yeah that’s my that okay so far
for $2,800 so far for $20 hundred dollars we’re not excited
I like his man what I really want to do and I usually I’m doing this you know
way backwards I need that safe out he wants to put he put his finger on my
box and then he said I want to know its moist
I wanna know what’s up with this look at this I want to put it on all right
chicken let’s see what’s in this box see a record player that’s a good this is a
good sign right here I see a record player as a Gerard licking once again
twenty hundred dollars we spent on this Union Sophie hopefully we find something
about you like always say it only takes one thing and I don’t think it is this
Amazon bubble wrap how do you know the Bible and Jesus come on coin books new
new Paul coughing Chronicle Books fierce tracks did you tell Joe Joe medieval
what is this no I just wanna know what it is it sounds says medieval I love a
good D&D Ned no offence the Nerds or DND fans I love D&D Carla Carini what’s that
all about what do you know about that sir come on Teddy Ruxpin oh wait there’s
a Teddy Ruxpin all right candles Oh what is this $25 no it’s 25 cents can you sell these
in your store I have a feeling so far this time a little nerve-racking
oh you want to look you want to look in that one you unboxing you want to see
what was so moist use it so we paid $29 for packing material I see records mmm
found $1,000 and camel cash if I tried to clickbait that up again so yelled at
found $1,000 and everybody tunes in and come on gold coin no this is this stuff
you give back right here I don’t own stuff like this anymore all the stuff I
made like this when I was a kid somebody stole from our storage unit install a
whole entire storage unit and then he put everything dependent cell and a
bonfire so all that stuff is going the smugglers is that uh a band that’s
valuable Jim Beam that sounds like a ban all right so we have nothing here
I have a few vices love is the most important one scattegories I used to
love what Oh what 1,000 pinup girls wow that sounds like a good story speakers sex pistol
what is this Sex Pistols merchandise coffee cups they almost got me excited
cuz that that’s the kind that’s the band you want to see when you find so look at
that a pirate ship TWD the whole damn yay
oh I’m not I’m not very excited right now that a year and a half in the life
of Metallica and 60 minutes this is predator alien in like Chinese
or something you know a lot about records I have a
record day I told him I gander and see he’s just gonna have to do a follow up
on these Tom Cruise is your record that really Brad Pitt oh you just know my guy
is Tom Cruise so far this is every record you don’t want to find that’s the
Bee Gees I was hoping for classic rock and punk
rock like the last collection of records I and you know in that moment when you
realize you turned all the records the wrong way okay Wow
I’m not seeing anything here no not what you expect to see this is actually this
one has one that was worth like a hundred bucks or one of these versions
of this Rod Stewart record yeah that’s worth like a hundred or two hundred
bucks it’s like a rare one it’s got an arrow or something okay when I was
looking I thought that was neat I don’t know what it is or of its value but
seems to be very intriguing of Wentworth like a hundred bucks each on thing this
one seems cooler over different little yellow different believe it or not this is probably $100
law on the day the doors the pieces that is $100 Lauren eBay so where’d I get 300
bucks now this right here is some money though you
still rise sleep with your teddy ruxpin the official spoke spear what are you
talking – Follis probably inside of him City of Angels
kaeleen oh the movie ticket that’s the one of the things that I would entreat
me to buy the unit to be honest with you what’s that ticking this isn’t bad the nice heavy locomotive Kaline Chapel
Hill made in China I’m curious to know Kaline city of Los Angeles but this is
at least 100 it’s gotta be Oh look buddy the day Teddy met grubby
Teddy and the mud Bub’s I’ve been to that concert without you the missing
princess what do you mean by Supermodified that’s pretty cool for a
skater type guy look at that we’ve got the original price tag on them oh that’s
a new old stock eBay right there super mods I like super mods oh it’s a
projector I know now now he knows everything what’s the square root of storage Wow if
you ever want to watch eight millimeter film this would be kind of cool that
found some eight millimeter adult films in the end the 875 dollar unit I bought
I know what I’m doing today what is it was March 4 they just never got around
to it oh wow lamb necks is safe we find this to be money that’s what Teddy
Ruxpin huh where’s all the good stuff man ooh ooh I
see something looks almost game ish no look at this one of my favorite songs of
all time it’s from this movie can you guess what it is
oh look at that no this is Robin Hood Prince of things I die for you walk a
mile for you holy smokes can we get open in the combo nope I
didn’t work I think something’s in here I can’t really shake it what is this
some some weird machines made in u.s. that’s like the exact toy box that you
were trying to sell dinosaurs out of he’s not that whole thing of g1
transformers and I’m looking for every time of them no I have the unicorn that
makes me happy something good I know why you bought this unit now you thought the
dough’s gonna be toys in there this is this is the ones he is bidding on
because he thought doesn’t be brand new toy from the factory
he’s got dolls the Fonzie teddy bear Reese’s yeah he’s really looking at them
he did it lady let me look at the you look at the Bears but professional pong
or does this beer pong to lose me I could have jewelry in it you all have
seen pickers warehouse in the comments for sometime he has started the channel
this is him by the way I’m going to give a quick shout out please subscribe to
his channel hit the like button tell him pirates sent you and check out his
videos we got to click beta all of us I think yeah maybe we should just title
this is this storage facility crooked

16 thoughts on “$2800 GAMBLE for Safe | Was this wise ? | Storage wars | I bought an abandoned storage unit

  1. The pin-up girls book is worth checking on…Taschen books are far from cheap…. Had rescued a couple Taschen freebie promo books from a recycling bin, and ended up getting over $100 each….the book itself the promos were for was around a grand retail.

  2. Every unit is not going to be full of gold and silver and jewels like the Pirates likes to get and that is what makes you stand head-and-shoulders above all the other Pirates your knowledge of the Market place and where to sell the things that you have found you may not make two or three times your initial investment but I don't think you'll take a loss because you're the pirate and you are just that good.
    Stay safe love the video

  3. 4/1/20


    To: All Martinez-Benitez-Concord-Pleasant Hill You-Tubers


    Re: Expanding the Franchise


    Dear Storage Locker Buyers,


    With the arrival of the Coronavirus, now more than ever, each and everyone of you must think about the future.  While you have each achieved a level of success, the only cure for stagnation is growth.  Growth requires expanding your reach to a much-wider audience of buyers.


    To that end, this memo suggests that perhaps it is time to expand beyond your Northern California “regional” marketing (yes…with some eBay) strategy.  This is not to suggest that you abandon your loyal base, but rather, add to that base with New customers and New revenue sources.


    How, you ask, might we accomplish this.  Just like you’ve accomplished everything else….by vision, hard work and persistence.  To that end, and because you’ve already demonstrated a willingness to cross-promote one another’s channels and businesses, it seems only right that you expand your regional influence, as a starting point, to include the Upper Midwest.


    And what better way to do just that than to join arms with one of the Upper-Midwest’s most influential Poshmark sellers… an up and coming fresh face on the scene…a gentleman called Jack Valentine.  Every day, he and his partner (yes..they exist outside of Cali) upload a vintage fashion video that is on the Re-Seller Fashionista cutting edge. 


    At first it might seem a mismatch, but that’s what they said about the Edsel.  Your very strength is in presenting a broad-based variety under the single roof of Re-Selling.  Each of you could cross-pollinate with the Valentine contingent, thereby broadening your audience and expanding your potential purchasers.


    Like Donald Trump always says: What have you got to lose?”


    Give it some thought and get back to me as time permits.  This concept will bring you more of what you need.  Thanks for listening.

  4. He's lost his mind on that star wars micro machines pack. But if you want $10 for it I'll sure give it to you. ????

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