2020’DE BU ALTCOIN’LER PARA KAZANDIRABİLİR! 🔥 (Bitcoin’den Sonra Bu Kripto Paralara Dikkat)

Today, in this section, we will talk about
the most important coins that will make us money in 2020, my friends. If you remember before, when choosing altcoin,
I have shared with you in 2-3 videos what we should pay attention to both short term
and long term. Here are the github library, such as the data
page in coindesk, as well as basic and simple points that everyone can understand and control. Let’s see what these coins for 2020 tell us
both the analysis and the overall market situation. It’s up to you whether you invest or not,
but I think watch this video to the end and know these coins. Because I tried to choose each one carefully. At the end of the video, we will do our Ledger
lottery. Come on, here we go. INTRO
Let me tell you from the start. What I’m talking about in this video, or what
I’ve told in the previous 300-plus video, no video investment advice, not sharing ideas. Here you will be able to follow the coins
I’ll give you sooner yes but I would never say take a run. I don’t lead you anywhere, I just give you
options, I help you decide. Believe me when I buy or sell daily or long-term. Now at the end of this video, we will also
draw our last Ledger. Let’s see who will win. Now I want to talk about the investments we
have in general before we share the coins that are likely to make money for us in 2020. I think when the market is so uncertain, first
of all, I think we don’t just stay in crypto money, we always say make a basket or distribute
the risks. Here, not centralizing and distributing risks
can protect you from very severe drops you can’t handle. And while the crypto money market is so uncertain,
you might want to keep the 50% of the total portfolio in the crypto coins in Bitcoin,
without having to get the six empty promises that the coin will increase, and this coin
will bounce. Of course there will be surprises in between. There will be rises coming from the back. Projects such as Enjin coin, which signed
with Samsung in 2019, or Link, which explains that it is collaborating with Google’s Cloud
department on smart contracts and based on an article by Google, will also appear in
2020. If you wish, you may consider investing in
projects that are high in this kind of leap with 20% and 25% of your total portfolio and
risk is very high, but do not constantly look for surprise horses because let’s go to our
list of coins that can save money by 2020 . In the meantime, if you like this video,
don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and touch the bell, like my videos and write comments. The more you do, the more return you can get. I could distribute more Ledger, for example. Based on Blockchain Capital’s prediction that
defi, decentralized finance, decentralized finance applications will become more popular
in 2020, I would like to write Maker DAO to the seventh place on our list. Decentralized finance, which we call defi,
is actually a blockchain, crypto currency version of traditional banking. At MakerDAO, users can credit their stable
coins called Dai by showing their Ethereum as collateral. Dai coin, meanwhile, is a crypto currency
that tries to be of the same value as the American dollar and is traded on the American
stock market coinbase, but the coin makerdao maker that I bought on this list is the mkr
token. Because the other one is stable coin. The mkr token quickly rose to the 24th place
among all coins in coinmarketcap and earned a full 1800% of its first investors, according
to coinmarketcap. Of course, these statistics do not necessarily
mean that they will win unconditionally, and the highest value Maker has reached was 1773
dollars and the lowest was 21 dollars. It’s really $ 1173 and $ 21. Crypto money really hurts unless you act smartly. Sad but true. Fortunately, Maker’s dai is listed in coinbase,
and it’s good to see that Makerdao himself was founded in 2014 in San Francisco, America,
exactly 6 years ago when we look at crunchbase. As a result, if the decentralized financial
trend becomes stellar in 2020, MakerDao can also rise very high. Let’s move on to sixth coin. Hydro is number six, my friends. Although Hydro has not earned its investor
like many other coins in the last 2 years, even in the last 2 years, Hydro hasn’t seen
hard pump dump operations at least until now. He also signed with Hydro Mastercard last
month. According to the statement made by Mastercard,
Hydro was selected for the start path program of Mastercard. Accordingly, Mastercard selects the 40 most
promising startups and projects from around the world every year and starts working. This year, Hydro was one of them. In addition, Hydro has 2FA security that we
use in our mobile phones or a different project developed in response to it, raindrop named. At Raindrop, 2FA codes are stored in the Ethereum
Blockchain, a decentralized network. There’s a lost phone renewal or something. They have mobile applications. You can have a look. One criticism I might bring to Hydro is that
for an ordinary user like me, the platform is very messy. Atoms, Snowflake, projector hydro, hydro-platform
enters something into my hydro feel like an ocean, but investors have fallen surely they
know much more detail in Turkey. Yes. Let’s speed up. We have Waves in fifth place on our list of
coins that can make money in 2020. Waves and the Hydro I just said are the long-term
altcoins I’ve been holding. I can not say very little as the amount, but
it certainly is not enough to upset me tomorrow, even if it completely ends. Waves was around $ 2.40 – 2.50 in the last
mini bull, the rising season, and went above $ 3 at a time. Then the bull fell over to 0.65 cents. Now he’s traveling around 95 cents. Waves describes himself as an open Blockchain
platform and a toolkit for web 3.0 applications that we are currently in transition. The main areas of use are payments, games,
identification, defiant decentralized finance which we call Defi. Anyway, Waves recently signed a deal with
Rosetti, the company that manages Russian electricity. Accordingly, Waves’ blockchain and smart contracts
will be used, and if they succeed, the electricity consumption of homes throughout Russia will
be monitored through a real-time application. This may mean that Waves has spread to Russia
and found other uses such as natural gas and water after electricity. So I added Waves to the fifth place on our
list. Fourth, VET, Vechain Thor, my friends. When it comes to Vechain, I always think of
it. If the crypto money market didn’t have a solid
collapse together in 2018, I think Vechain would be in a much better place. Vechain had become one of the rising coins,
even one of the rising coins for a long time, with the Chinese president’s announcement
of Blockchain 1-2 months ago. China’s dominance over crypto currencies may
be one of the first coins to be affected by a positive surge in 2020, as Vechain could
be listed on the Binance US stock exchange. In the meantime, the main role Vechain assumes
itself is the corporate companies. It doesn’t play much role for the end user,
but it is also very wide on the enterprise side. From vehicle identification to logistics,
from logistical processes to copyright-protected digital content, it acts as a supply chain
manager in many areas. The expansion of Blokchain with each passing
day can accelerate the adaptation of crypto currencies such as Vechain to the market. They have had some problems in the buy back
process, which we call the buybacks of the coins in the past weeks, the coins have been
stolen or something, but I think it deserves to be in this list. Of course, investment advice is not what my
friends say. Yes, IOTA is on the third of our list as we
approach towards the end. Despite the slow pace of IOTA, and in spite
of this slowness, in 2019, the IOTA Academy, based in Berlin and Shania, opened. In addition to this, IOTA can grow even more,
especially when Germany wants to attack in the field of technology, and even the automotive,
which keeps the national economy alive and provides money from outside, gradually shifts
to electric and autonomous vehicles that can manage itself in traffic. You know, in crypto money, if anybody agrees
with a state today, it will move. There is no investment advice, of course,
but if Germany enters further technological congestion in 2020 and sees Blockchain as
one of the solutions that I think there is no reason not to see, there is probably no
second place in Germany in the list of IOTA. Cardano. The most important reason for Cardano to be
included in this list is that it comes up with something new in terms of advertising
and brand strategy. I got the details from my video last week. Cardano McCann has signed an advertising agency
and will probably renew the entire brand. Now you can ask me that. Or Eren, advertising or something good good
software, I need products. Yes, I agree with you, but they’ve already
been talked about for years. For example, not only the crypto money market,
but the quality of the Cannes Lions advertising awards in general, for example, if there are
jobs. Maybe if we see what he does with TV commercials. My friends, I don’t know about you, I’m more
excited because we’re talking enough technical sides. No Shelley update, no staking or anything. OK these are important but you don’t know
them unless we are interested in crypto coins except those very big cuts. Therefore, with an above-the-line advertising,
Cardano can attract new investors to the market in 2020 and let us come to the top of our
list. Friends, first sThere is BNB in ​​Iraq. If BNB is a coin of a stock market that can
direct the industry like Binance, or because there is a lot of use, Binance will not be
able to get into the bottom of the Binance Launchpad if it doesn’t happen in 2020 and
the Binance Launchpad if the new coin could catch a new wind similar to the platform,
the BNB could rise again, which our BNB analysis said more or less. In the meantime, BNB spent 2019 very well,
even though it is now close to $ 14, last year it was $ 5-6. So if you buy it from $ 5-6 and hit it for
$ 40 in the middle of the year, then it means you’re still 2-3 times profitable. My friends, my list is like this, meanwhile
I would like to add the Fet, which is a UK-based project and bought and sold in Binance, Kucoin
and Hitbtc as a bonus. Fet offers a Blockchain that looks a bit like
Vechain. In transportation, in the energy sector, in
the infrastructure of electric vehicles, in smart parking technology and so on, Fet says
we are there, and my reason for adding to this list
is that it has wide usage area and Fet’s main network,
which we call mainnet, is only two weeks ago. Let’s see that with mainnet, they have now
switched to the main, real network, exiting testnet. Let’s see what they do. I even have a special video on Mainnet. I usually follow projects that pass to Mainnet
for a short period of time. So I wanted to share with you when you are
ready to date, you can follow if you want. If you pay attention to the main list, I gave
Fet as a bonus. In the meantime, let me give you the bonus
of the bonus. A few months ago, the most volume in Fet was
seen in Binance, now I looked at Hotbit making more volume. Yes, folks, I’ve done a lot of research for
you and I wanted to share with you 7 coins that could make money in 2020. Of course we can’t say for sure, so don’t
take it as investment advice. Invest in rates you won’t even worry if you
lose. This sentence is like
the channel’s password now. Now let’s move on to today’s bonus info corner. I’m going to tell you about Fallabella today. Do you know that Fallabella, the smallest
tallest horse in the world, is only 75-80 cm tall, roughly half the size of a human being, dog size, and, you know, we
made Bitcoin Challange on Wednesday night. If you haven’t watched, the live broadcasts
remain on video. Thank you very much for your attention, by
the way. At one point we found 350 people watching
live. Now let’s choose who will be the winner of Ledger.

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