1989 Tudor Rose 500th Anniversary 4-coin gold sovereign set.

Hello everybody Svcollector coins and collectables Anagnostopoulou 10 kolonaki Today we are going to introduce 1989 proof sovereign set 500th Anniversary of the first sovereign of Henry VI This set has a whole mintage of 12.500 4-coin set with the 5 pound 2 pound , 1 sovereign and half As you can see on your screen, the 5 pound the 2 pound and the sovereign are certified. This is the most popular set of Royal mint in demical period. This is the most beautiful design that ever made from the royal mint. Its only in proof condition This is the reason that the set is so popular. Who ever wants to buy this set and he is a date collector , the sovereign comes only in proof condition. proof sovereign Only the 5 pound has minted in BU condition with box and coa. lets analyze the coins. This is the certified 5 pound which is 69DCAM This is the “heavy gun “of the entire set Tudor rose design Obverse: Queen Elisabeth II sitting at the throne. fantastic design Reverse: Tudor rose with the royal shield Most fabulous design that ever minted in Royal mint. Popular among collectors And investors. This 5 pound gold sovereign can be found only in this proof 4 coin set. Lets see the double sovereign. Was minted only in proof condition 4-coin set. The specific coin is certified 70CAM from PCGS. Top grade. This is the best condition you can find this coin. The fact of the top grade , gives the coin an extra premium. Its rare to find. Same deisgn Tudor rose and royal shield. Elisabeth II on the throne. Lets see the sovereign. gold sovereigns are very popular all over the world. If someone collect dates or just want the proof sovereign of this set which is the most popular coin of this set among the 5 pound. This proof sovereign of 1989 , was issued with box and coa also. The price is almost equal with the double sovereign of the set. Lets see the half sovereign. Its not certified. Because the half sovereign isnt getting extra premium value being certified. With Tudor rose also. the reason that these coins were certified is that they get an extra premium value. Or because someone want to buy only one coin from the set. So he buys it certified knowing its grade. Last few years this set has vanished from the market. Its difficult to find especially in good price. Many owners have stocked this set , seeing that the value keep rising. in the last few years. The theme of the set is the 500th anniversary of the first sovereign of Henry VI. 12.500 set issued. 4-coin velvet set. All coins are certified from PCGS. PCGS is an american company ,with offices in Paris and USA. 4-coin or 5 – coin set nowadays are sent in grading companies. Its really common nowadays to send the coins for certification. Certification is for authenticity and for grading reasons. 2 on 1 Also protect our coins from knocks or fingerprints in case we dont know how to handle them. Our video coming to an end. i hope you enjoyed the video. Dont forget to like the video And subscribe to our channel.

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