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Hi this is Gary from Land of Coins .com.
Thanks for watching this video and clicking on it today. I want to talk to
you about the 1889 CC Morgan dollar. Now this coin was minted in Carson City,
Nevada, which that mint was actually closed for four years. It closed in 1885
and then it reopened again in 1889. At the end of 1889, they started minting
Morgan Dollars and that’s why in 1889 it was only minted in the fall and the
winter so that’s why there’s not that many of these coins available. They only
meant to do three hundred and fifty thousand of these coins because it was
late in the year and they were getting ready to change to the next year. But
they did mint 350,000 1889 CC Morgan Dollars. And for some reason of the 3,000
or so that are certified right now, only 16% of them are in mint-state grade. So
if you’re looking for a mint-state grade, in 1889 CC, it’s going to be very rare to
find and it’s going to be very expensive. And the average grade for this coin is
right around extra-fine 40. So that’s the average grade that you’ll find this coin,
the 1889 CC Morgan dollar. And in mint- state, it’s extremely rare, only 16% of
the 3,000 or so that are certified are mint-state. So with that, we’re going to go
to the Land of Coins price history guide. I’m going to show you how these coins
have gone up over the decades from 1950s to today. We’ll look at the pricing and
also we’ll look at the mintage guide. Okay we’re on the Land of Coins website,
the auction website, and we’re going to go to the navigation bar here.
And Land of Coins, by the way, is an auction website where you can place your
coins and buy rare coins with no buyer, fees, no sellers fees. You can really save
money buying and selling your coins on Land of Coins .com. And here you’ll see
in the navigation bar what I was talking about before the price guides and the mintage
guides first let’s look at the price guides, now these price guides. Like I’ve
said before, will show you the pricing of the coins from the 1950’s to today’s
value. So you can see how they go up in price. We’re looking at the Morgan dollar,
we’re looking for that 1889 CC. So I’m going to scroll down to Morgan
dollars in the dollars box here. Click Morgan and they’ll give you a
description of Morgan Dollars and what key dates to look for and what to
look for in the coins and how to find the better Morgan Dollars of
similar grades. What to look for, is making sure you’re getting one that has
good details. Let’s go down to 1889 CC, Carson City, it’s here somewhere.
1889 CC, there it is, so let’s look at the value and how it’s appreciated over the
years. So let’s just take the very fine 20 grade, we won’t go to the mid-state,
we’ll go to very fine 20. You’ll notice in 1958 the coin went for about six
dollars. 1965 it went to $75 dollars, 1980 it’s $180 and so forth all the way to
2015 where now the coin is worth one thousand two hundred and fifty dollars
average price for a very fine 20. Now of course if you find a specific coin 1889
CC that has really sharp details better than the others.
This $1,250, the pricing or the value will be more because high detailed
Morgan Dollars are in high demand. But we’re not talking about that
specifically, we’re just talking about the difference between the 1889 CC
compared to the other Morgan’s and this coin is a very rare. And like I said the
average grade is extra fine 40. So this here, the extra fine 40, is the average
grade. Most of them are in this type of grade and only 16% of the 3,000 or so
that are certified are in mint State or better. And that’s why when you go up to
MS 65 you’re looking at two hundred and eighty thousand dollars because they’re
rare and the higher grades. But you can still get a really nice one, VF 20
there’s a nice looking coin. The details are good. You can get one for
twelve hundred and fifty, and as you can see, it’s going up in value every year. So
that’s a really nice coin to find. Let’s go to the mintages, we’ll go back
up to the top, mintage guides, looks very similar to price guides, but these are the
mintage charts. We’ll go down to dollars, Morgan, another description of the coin.
And you just go down and you’ll see ten million, fourteen million, a lot of these
Morgan Dollars have high mintages and the tens of millions, twelve million. And
we’re looking for the 1889 that’s what this video is about. In 1889 CC you can
see they only minted three hundred and fifty thousand, so that’s why it’s rare.
They didn’t mint that many and many were used and in mint-state they’re extremely
rare but what a great coin. So if you can pick one of them up, buy it and keep it
for a long time it’ll definitely have one that will be going up in value.
Thanks for watching this video. Again, check out this website, our website Land of Coins .com. It’s an auction website and just
click auctions you can see all the coins that are available. No buyers fees, no
sellers fees. Save some money, buy and sell your coins on Land of Coins .com.
Thank you for watching this video

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  1. I have one but the word Liberty is not fully stamped. LIB is good but the "erty" is faded with no wear marks. I believe this is caused by improper stamping at mint. Strange but how would that affect grading and pricing. Unfortunately I am now living in Cambodia so official grading is impossible.

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