1862 Vs. 1876 WHISKEY Cocktail Recipe

welcome friends welcome to after dark
and today we’re going to do two whisky cocktails the first one is just called
whiskey cocktail and it is from the Jerry Thomas book published in 1862 so
it starts off with some gum syrup didn’t want it’s a couple dashes of aromatic
bitters and someday I’ll learn to – then it asks for two ounces of rye and I’m
going to use Canadian club hundred percent right ‘day just because this is
a brand that could have potentially been on the back bar when this drink was
designed so that goes in let’s give it a stir just clean off the bar spoon then a
lemon peel and we shake it with some ice okay so we’ve got a cocktail glass that
has been chilled and I’m gonna strain this now in the original recipe it’s a
little bit ambiguous and everything that I’ve read about this recipe says one of
two things and this can be done different ways one way is that you don’t
have to strain it you can just pour it right into the glass another way is that
the lemon peel could be used as a garnish
instead of being shaken into the cocktail but shaking it into the
cocktail is preferred either way we’re just going to go with that and we’re
gonna see what happens okay so the second cocktail is from Jerry Thomas
again this time in 1876 and now he’s calling it his improved whiskey cocktail
so couple bar spoons of gum syrup a couple dashes of bitters a couple dashes
of maraschino cherry some absinthe okay and another two ounces of rye in
this one as well okay let’s give that a stir just to clean off the bar spoon
this one gets lemon peel again into the mixing glass and it says to shake it
with shaved ice so I’ve got some really crappy cracked up ice here don’t you
give it a go okay get rid of the ice and this one gets
strained into the cocktail glass so there we have it – whisky cocktails same
bartenders same author recipes are published 14 years apart one is just
called a whiskey cocktail and one is called the improved whiskey cocktail so
let’s try the whiskey cocktail first much simpler I mean it smells fantastic and it tastes just like you would expect
those ingredients to taste but the gum syrup really adds something to hold that
flavor in your mouth really nice sticky unctuous mouthfeel that is a great
cocktail the second one the improved whiskey cocktail shows how far things
had come in a very short period of time more and more liquors were available to
American bartenders so we’ve got the maraschino cherry
the absinthe starts to show up in the cocktails and so they’re trying to
develop flavors that go beyond just the really simple so he calls this improved
let’s see not as not as whiskey or rye forward
definitely yeah I mean there’s a whole lot other stuff going on in there
if you put that in front of me I would immediately get the cherries I would
immediately get the anise from the absinthe the whiskey and the Rye is like
way in the background now this change is sort of what leads to a few years later
people coming in and saying I want an old-fashioned whiskey cocktail and when
they’re saying old-fashioned whiskey cocktail what they’re referring to
really is this whiskey cocktail and so bartenders in the late 1880s 1890s start
creating a cocktail that is more reminiscent of this and takes out a lot
of the flavors that are in this improved whiskey cocktail and so if you go
through all of the recipes you can start to see where it changes and it gets
really really big and there’s a whole lot of stuff going on and then it comes
back and then you get into the 1950s and it gets really big again and then you
get into the 2000s and it comes back so I think when we start talking about the
old fashioned it’s like this yo-yo that comes back to a cocktail that’s more
reminiscent of this one from 1862 thanks for stopping by see you again soon you

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