12 Ways to Make Money Online From Home

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  1. #QOTD: Have You Started Making Money Online? If so, how are you diversifying? If not, what is holding you back?

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  2. Roberto, the color in this video is so much nicer then some of your other talking head videos. What changed? I really like it.

  3. awesome video mate…one question…how to know your value when asking for sponsorship/how to know if you're doing it too cheaply =)

  4. I've been making more thank 2-3k online with this website, HIGHLY RECOMMEND CHECKING IT OUT https://connect.thesixfigurementors.com/sp/free-trial-long-vid/sales-pages?id=BeckyMcaulay

  5. Hey Roberto, question. I've did my homework and now want to film tutorial youtube films about dancing Argentinian tango. Free films for on youtube to share the skills. My livingroom is small. Portrait shot's will not show my whole body explaining and showing it. Wide shot wil show a big part of my room that I do not want in the video. I also would like to create depth in the shots. I've thought about a big sheet, fabric of a kind. But that's a lot of fabric to buy and install every time. What would you recommand? I can't seem to get a picture in my mind what will work.

  6. Some great ways to make some money 🙂 Do you have a video specifically about getting sponsors for your youtube/instagram etc? 🙂 thanks

  7. This was great and very helpful! Thank you so much for sharing as always…Love your channel!!! ~Blessings, Felecia

  8. Hey Roberto! Thank you so much for this video.

    I have a question:

    You have content on your channel for: Online buisness, Photography, Graphic Design and YouTube specific help. Have you found that this has made your business less streamline? or has it allowed your audience to see a more complete version of you?

    I am a Somali language and Arabic language enthusiast. I LOVE BOTH! But I think that if I had a YouTube channel for the two together, whilst it would be way easier for me to manage just one online community, it wouldn't be a clear what my value proposition was. Would love to know your thoughts.

    Thanks for creating awesome today! 🙂

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  10. hi i'm from trinidad & tobago i already set up a patreon account and i'm getting trouble when it comes to setting up my card to earn the money i get from my patreons followers can you help me cause i don't know what to do i'm lost

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  13. Thank you Roberto Blake. I met a young lady at the nail salon. I referred her to you because she is 15 but exceptionally articulate and beautiful and intelligent. I can tell she is talented and is very aware that she has a talent and passion about interior design. Go Kennedy.!!! I know that your videos will help her with branding herself. Thank you for your awesomeness!! Thank you for sharing.

  14. I had been looking for other ways to earn money at home. I am currently working part time as a virtual assistant and writer in Upwork. I am planning to try other platforms and this video will surely be bookmarked in my browser. You explain really well and your tips are very helpful. By the way, I recently created my own YouTube channel to try my luck. 🙂 Looking forward to hearing more from you.

  15. Hello Roberto, I just started my YouTube Channel and I wanted to let you know that because of you and some of your colleagues I’ve taken that step. First of all thank You for all that you do. It’s a little overwhelming right now, but I may be needing your help.. I’ve started creating vlogs and would like to know some ideas of how to grow my business. Thanks again.

  16. Great content as usual. This was definitely helpful for me and got my creative juices going as far as thinking of some ways to diversify my income.


  17. Honestly, for consistent results you guys need to try GivenDaily . c o m this is a method I’ve been using to make extra cash on the side for a long time. “If obstacles are large, jump higher.”

  18. Roberto, you mentioned a person that made 6 figures selling stock photos and graphics, just wondering if this was talked about in more detail in another video? Can’t seem to find it if you did. Thanks and take care.

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  20. Or you can work from home. Theres work from home jobs such as call center or chat agent. I worked for Apple for a work at home job. Jobs are growing

  21. Here are some methods I’ve been using to make money on the internet and it doesn’t require an eternity to actually start earning: MySideHustle. info Visit the site and try it. You’ll be happy. “Don't mistake activity with achievement.”

  22. Hello Reberto, I’m new to your channel and I must say I’m learning new things. I also followed Pat Flynn early back in 2009 when he was getting started with his Blog “Smart Passive Income,” I gave Pat’s courses a brief shot but shortly after I took the traditional route and continued to work as a contractor/software trainer and instructional designer in tech world of Healthcare. Not gonna make this comment too long but I would love some personal advice on a current project. I started a non profit and series of content publishing companies. (www.tmlacademy.com) to provide the non profit with reliable content. (Also: We can exchange information or you can just let me know if you would like to keep this conversation here if you decide to help.)

    I’m currently working on a Recording Studio called MADD STUDIOS (Music, Art, Design and Development) which I am in the middle of building and implementing at my old highschool in Selma, AL, YES!! SELMA. I am basing the tools and instructional content for the participating students around more than just composition and recording audio but I’m motivated to teaching all the things that the new tech world has to over. Keep in mind Selma is a rural town (less than 20,000) high poverty and high crime rate so I think online money making opportunities would encourage the students to build a possible home base business or even better, they will be encouraged to pursue a higher education or community courses in the fields of art, music, design, animation and so forth.

    To end this long comment thank you for your content, it’s really refreshing to see an authority in the this space that the students can identify with and I will be sharing your videos with them ASAP.

  23. Hello Roberto Blake, THank You so much for your amazing content, Question: Do you think my channel is ready to be monetized? I am not sure, I have 151 subscribers. Thank YOU!

  24. Wow, I've made so many online business changes but this online teaching thing is starting to work. I haven't experienced the snowball yet, but it's picking up a bit on Udemy and Skillshare.

    Roberto, when you make your videos an online courses, how do you maximize production value without sacrificing quality?

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  26. Great Info. I need to ramp up some of this stuff. My contract job ends soon, and I want to find alternate ways to make money.

  27. Roberto Loving your Videos Very inspirational. Thanks so much really appreciate all the Awesome information you are sharing.I will definitely be back to hear more.Deb?✌

  28. Hey Roberto.. first off. I’m really thankful for coming across your channel. Thank you for all that you do bro.. I’m a musician and music producer.. I’m looking for ways to create passive income through my music besides working w other artists. Whether it’s supplying stock beats , or beats for ppls YouTube videos etc.. can u help me out and point me in the right direction?

  29. Great video Roberto love these type of tips videos, honestly I think that affiliate marketing is the best option when it comes to making long-term income. It's how I was able to go from 0 to $100K a year, for those of you asking if it's possible. Yes it is, it's a matter of consistency and hard work. Not easy but well worth it. Money is part of society so nothing wrong with wanting more.

  30. I'm sort of just starting out (well, started a few years ago but slow start and now I'm more interested and moving forward), and it seems my blog on Weebly is a lost cause. (It's just a lifestyle blog with makeup reviews and what I did that week, and where I travelled to, so personal sharing.) To make any money on it, though, I checked after seeing this video, and found they do not promote 3rd party advertising, only GoogleAds (OH NOOOOO!) I hate to move all that work I've done to a different blog or start fresh (it's linked to all my social media, and I just bought the domain for 2 years), but can you recommend an affordable blog option for us broke people? Much thanks, this vid was SO GREAT.

  31. I want to be a fitness influencer, and was thinking of commissioning workout products on my website but without the blogging., any suggestions or tips?

  32. Just want you to know, I whitelist your channel and videos and i sit through all the ads on them so any inbuilt ad blockers don't reduce your income.

  33. Thank you Robert , I Don't have a college degree, I am a medical assistant, and entrepreneur, and you are the first person to actutally show me how and where to go. I've been looking at different places for learning about freelance and most if these have left me feeling like I just wanted my time as I can not afford to pay the thousands of dollars that they ask for to show me how to make a living out if my skills as a writer. Again thank you for being so upfront about what you teach and what to expect.

  34. Currently unemployed, I am very blessed to be on unemployment but as we all know, it's not much. I really appreciate you making these types of videos

  35. The people who make the absurd statement that money can't by happiness are people who just don't want to work hard and smart enough to get it. They are lazy. They don't believe in themselves. Let me see them pay their rent without money. Let me see them be able to get the best health care without money. Lets see how they are gonna eat without money. Or buy decent clothes. I don't even waste my time talking to people who make such a losers 
    comment. BTW great video, Roberto!

  36. "Sorry this was a long one” Roberto, they’re never long enough man. Love your stuff, you’re inspiring me every day while I work. I have about 5 hours a day where I’m by myself and I’m not actively using my brain power so I come to you and others on building a business. I’m hooked on your content. I’m getting great ideas for my personal brand from your wisdom. Keep it up, brother.

  37. Do you realize that you have become gatekeepers?
    I mean not only you and not exactly the way it was in past 🙂
    And I do not mean in a bad way 🙂
    but you became 🙂

  38. Magnificent!!! I just confirmed $45,000 hack transfer into my Paypal account from cryptonhacker,com just after i lost job

  39. yo you need to do more than youtube..you need to be in national television to educate people even though you would have more haters.

  40. Hey, Blake

    I am Chris.
    Thank you for your value again!
    I'm a big fan of you 🙂

    I would like to ask you a question.
    For instance, you are a Graphic Designer, so you can edit photos and so on, I mean you can offer a service, therefore you can build a business around this skill.
    But I think I would like to learn digital marketing, what services can I offer to the society, and what business can I create when I become a digital marketer after I learn marketing.
    I am looking forward to your response, Blake.
    Thank you!

    Have a great day ahead!

    Best Regards,

  41. nice video, by I'm realistically earning around $65 per day online with this site oneBizOpp. com , it will not make me rich, but it pays the bills.

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