10million Bitcoin didn’t move in 2019! Stablecoin nightmare, IRS good news? BTC for short-term fears

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ok and ok I reminded everybody that we’re getting closer than having and I
want to remind everyone for you Fiat freaks out there I think there was a
time earlier today the Bitcoin was up fifteen hundred dollars on the year was
again the year what it’s been eight days now and so did the charts predict uh
Trump’s speech to the chalk charts predict Iran’s in the chart again this
is why you don’t play those games people you just hold it and you enjoy the
freaking ride you never know you never know when it’s when it’s coming it’s not
worth it to do the trading stuff and we’re gonna get into that in one second
I want to go further into this Iran thing though and J Jeff Dorman had a
very good take on this I had his buddy David nage on my show before best guests
in the frickin space town that like button check out the archives at disrupt
meister comm Bartek fault calm te CH p ltd remember that that’s me on twitter
and where you can watch all the old district ubiquity shows but he says ok
bitcoin reacting to iran up and down is a very encouraging sign for bitcoin it
means every non crypto investor can now believe with confidence that long term
bitcoin is uncorrelated but short term can still act as a vixx / oil / gold
substitute expanded playbook equals more overall interest in 2011 and 2012 smart
investors that expected double-dip recession and european bank failures
vault bought gold and the VIX and spain / italy cds docs none worked those same
investors can now buy Bitcoin because it has the same world ending world is
ending upside but also comes with tech upside win-win so i like this take
they’re always going to be guys when things look like they’re going bad they
want to jump into something that they think is going to protect them and he
gave examples in the pan Gold oil the VIX Spain Italy CDs well
now they clearly are jumping in the Bitcoin at these times short-term and
then when the situation resolves itself they jump back out and it’s great that
that option is out there it’s an expanded playbook for these type
of people now would I do what these people do heck no but that’s what they
do that’s their business that’s they liked when things go bad they like to
diversify into safe assets and now bitcoin is clearly on the table if they
want to use Bitcoin that way I’m not complaining I can’t stop them that’s the
beauty of Bitcoin so I thought that was a very positive take on what may have
been going on I mean we don’t have a hundred percent proof but that mean
there was people were making charts graphs like with the time when Trump
made a speech it went down again when the missiles went flying went up okay
yay it’s speculators are gonna do what
they’re gonna do let them do what they’re gonna do for me I’m just I’m
just watching that Fiat price go up and down I just got a big smile on my face
but I know we’re one day closer to an all-time high and I still you know my
one Bitcoin he was one Bitcoin I didn’t sell any in my big point and it’s you
know moving along with that fiat price whatever they want to do in whatever
country okay you and here’s a good reminder of holding like me use Bitcoin
like Satoshi Nakamoto hold it good thank you bit dove and you’re right
Satoshi Nakamoto who’s probably deceased he’s holding his Bitcoin he doesn’t
trade it when things happen in Iran and Iraq okay guys a lot of you told me to
get on the bitch shoot I’m a bitch shoot now bitcoinmeister on bitch shoot it’s
linked to below so yeah great well any of you actually watch it over there no
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I get on bitch of knowing all people that say you know a bitch is gonna watch
but fine you know again if something ever goes wrong with YouTube again
there’ll be another place you can watch it and again always go if for some
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maestra come watch all my old shows but you go to my facebook page you could go
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to be a new show every day even if YouTube kicks me off or whatever those
down for day or whatever happens I’ll find a way to post the show somewhere so
speaking of posting shows and my archives I did my first in a new series
today it’s called the road to a one trillion dollar Bitcoin market cap and
it goes over you know past bumps and drama and issues that we’ve lived
through that looked really big at the time but now we look back and laugh on
so today’s show was fifteen minutes and it summed up an interview I did on March
23rd 2017 with king of the trolls and if you watch the video that I posted today
you can click below there and you can watch the whole 45 minute video of king
of the trolls and if you really wanna if you really have a your attention span
there’s nothing link to below is the tweet of the two minute clip from the
show that you can retweet go ahead and retweet it please retweet it but it’s
funny at the time that I recorded the original show back on March 23rd and
king of the trolls said is still saying the same exact things Bitcoin you slow
bitcoins expense and people still repeat that same thing oh wait they’re blind
followers it’s not it’s not expensive its cheapest anything that descended it
it’s ridiculous but than anything they repeat he repeats the same thing over
and over again but it he knows by doing that it works there are many blind
followers out there and there are some guys even today that commented on the
video like oh he’s so right oh my god if you
watch this video and you actually understand what’s going on
he is so wrong and he he got his way with be cashed everything he dreamed up
in that video he got with me cash and it’s who uses be cash what’s big would
speak ashes price what’s the total market cap of of crypto would be what’s
the big cash dominance people the market has spoken and I said in that video that
the market would speak I set up that interview as a long term thinker I knew
the questions I was asked asking him in the long term it would look like he was
a fool like I mean like well like he looks
currently I don’t think I don’t think here the trolls is a fool I think he
wanted he was doing very well for himself he wanted to win he wanted it
his way or the highway and he’ll say anything and he knows the way to be
persuasive to these 80 percenters is to say the same thing over and over and
over again as long as it is down he still says the same things over and over
again and you can see in the comments that a few people still believe him
they’re still gonna like and there are people out there they just believe
anything that is repeated in them many many times and someone says I’m Satoshi
Nakamoto he says it many times people believe him
people say you know buy this worthless crypto dividend they buy a worthless
crypto dividend even though they could have gotten it for free it’s just a
certain personality type a certain mindset out there he a follower a blind
follower mindset and well anyway watch the video it was a it was a clap it’s a
classic very entertaining stuff and it’s 15 minutes so you know you don’t have to
have a long attention span and I think a lot of you and a lot of you who weren’t
around then what you’ll see you’ll kind of get a taste of the fear that he was
trying to spread back then he was really trying to spread the fear then oh if we
don’t fix this now bitcoins gonna be terrible and no there
was no fork in there was the debate there was no bigger block size for
Bitcoin then they were patient they waited a few months for seg wit they did
not do a hard fork he got his hard fork and look at the results look he asked me
do you use Bitcoin and I said I you know I say Bitcoin he’s like well do you use
it you know spend it and what kind of moron spent Bitcoin back then when it
was worth what eighth of what it’s worth now ok so if I would have spent mine if
I wouldn’t give it into peer pressure and spent my Bitcoin I think I won of
the 8x my wealth more than a text my wealth okay
it was worth like a thousand dollars back then and of course I’ve got
encrypted I got his darn crypto dividend for free since then ok so it’s when I
said back then it’s a savings account you darn right it’s Fitness the two and
a half years that have passed since then have people been spending crypto
currency or have been people trading cryptocurrency and using Bitcoin as a
store of value what’s been going on who was correct watch the video who was
correct okay I was correct and if you don’t understand that for watching the
video because a lot of people don’t understand that for much a few people
don’t understand that from Washington video because he keeps saying the same
wrong thing over and over and over again but I got big people this was a big boys
play if you’re gonna fall for king of the trolls hypnosis then go buy yourself
some big cash and pick your nose I guess I don’t know what to say you didn’t 8x
your value you’d have become eight times wealthier over eight times wealthier
since that day like some of us have all right now what up what do we have here
I’ve talked to us it’s like two below what watch it is very entertaining I’ve
talked way too much about this show today
hey two shows in a day telnet frickin like button now here’s a real life
lesson somebody sent me about you know trying to be sky he’s a good guy he’s a
real guy he’s a nice guy he was trying to do something legitimate
he deals with AB the abra Act okay and he’s dealing with these stable coins and
he’s dealing with his bank accounts and you know what I say don’t even get into
that stuff just buy your Bitcoin and put on your Tresor because when you when you
add these extra steps and when you add these extra coins to the process you can
make mistakes and here I’m gonna share a mistake that he wanted me to share with
everyone and he said he’s a nice guy he wants people to learn I mistakenly sent
US dollar coin to my Abra Huhn US dollar wallet okay
so US dollar coin is a stable coin his Abra US dollar wallet is for United
States Dollars and it was a decent amount he said they can’t reverse it and
I can see how they can’t reverse that I understand whether but he asked he this
happened a little while ago but he did ask me some advice and I said dude you
got to like beg them to reimburse you but I think it’s technically impossible
he said yes basically but they said then so stay in Bitcoin and keep it under
your control alright so he was in u.s. dollar coin he
had it under his control for a second but he sent it to Abra but he sends for
the wrong place and it was lost forever and he lost his wealth but he wasn’t
valuing his wealth and Bitcoin so that is a real thing and so how could anyone
make such a mistake people it’s the same way people make mistakes in Bitcoin to
be cash addresses and theorem to theorem classic addresses it looks the same USD
see USD your money the visual tricks it happens people make mistakes
that’s why you want to keep it simple that’s why it’s you don’t want to move
it around and play games and spend it and do this that and the other I’m
offended by I’m offended by selling I’m offended by saying that people don’t
like that term offended my son there’s a reason I say because I don’t want people
to make mistakes like this all right pound that like button okay we got
people in the chat but nobody typed in bitcoinmeister so I see Rockies in there
hello Rocky and John we got California people in there because it’s they’re the
only people awake and Barry is in New Zealand because it’s like they’re
completely different day over there how you guys do it alright
so IRS I’m gonna talk about this IRS situation more on Saturdays be yon
picked my show but I’m gonna tie it into a I’m gonna tell you in the big coin
right now into the traders and the people who are going back and forth on
coin base and other people that just do things privately alright where they’re
go you know people dude there’s ways of doing you know doing
crypto the crypto changes privately etc etc so the IRS personal income tax
audits drop to the lowest level in a decade
Baruch Hashem just 0.45 percent of individuals were audited in 2019
following years of budget cuts off thank you the IRS audited IRS is a terrible
organization so I am thanking God that they that their budget is going down the
tubes and they don’t they can’t hire as many people I think that’s great I don’t
know why anyone in their right mind would work for such an evil institution
but any people make that that’s their personal responsibility if they feel
like they want to work for that organization
alright the IRS audited point four or five percent of personal income tax
returns in fiscal 2019 down from down from point five nine percent in 2018 and
marking the eighth straight year of decline according to a report released
Monday in 2010 the IRS started 1.1 percent this is offering a Wall Street
Journal article slim tableau of tax returns the steady erosion of tax
enforcement has been driven by years of cuts in the agency’s budget the Roofus
show along with a heavier workload good luck the work harder on me I wish
they weren’t working harder and they’re not working very hard we’re gonna get
that in a second in Monday’s report the IRS said that the agency had lost almost
30,000 full-time positions since fiscal 2010 in areas including enforcement and
criminal investigation it now has about 70,000 workers and has been hiring over
the past year but the agency also projects that up to 31 percent of our
mickers will retire within the next five years
oh that’s great okay so what what’s that mean for Bitcoin well
it’s clear since they’re losing workers and they’re not getting in as many
audits that they just don’t have the manpower or the time to get really
complex into things they’re going to go for the big easy targets okay so if
coinbase is giving them a bunch of Social Security numbers well they’re
gonna you know do your spreadsheet see what coinbase told them see what their
social security numbers told them see if it matches up you know that that’s
something really easy that they can do those are very easy targets these
traders that are trading with their Social Security is really easy it’s
really easy for them to do that but are they are they gonna be hiring new crypto
crypto people when they’re having budget cuts are they gonna all of a sudden open
a Bitcoin division a crypto currency division are they office into start
training everybody into you know what’s a fork and what’s this and what’s that
and what’s a decentralized exchange how can we investigate this decentralized
exchange or how can we investigate an atomic swap somebody did or whatever
what do you think what do you think they’re gonna do are they gonna go for
the easy traders or are they gonna like start like bugging with holders that did
stuff privately that they don’t even understand okay it is great it is just
great for for the world that they are cutting staff they’re not doing as many
audits and it’s clear that to me that they they’ve got to bring in a certain
amount of revenue each year they got a della they’ll go for the easy targets
and I don’t think it’s people are quick anything over there which is great
they’ve government workers are they gonna want to learn about cryptocurrency
and they want to go the extra mile they’re gonna go the easy way and again
I’m not saying cryptocurrencies immune to this no not at all
I mean get coinbase some of these big these traders that have given over their
social security numbers these are very easy targets very easy
to be audited if the IRS chooses but for all these people that ask me questions
about B diamond your B gold guys judge me make your own decisions based on that
information I just saw I just just shared from that article okay I mean if
you’re Joe Schmo they claimed the 6 B gold did it you did it with your treads
or or something like that I mean all right is the IRS watching you or they
watch in the 25 year old that bought the Lambo and is going back and forth on
coinbase and vid tracks and everything with their social security number who’s
going to get the call now with a depleted staff over there so here’s some
news from January 3rd oh wait oh here before I good that January 3rd news that
I hadn’t covered yet from France actually and we’re going to talk more
about the IRS thing on snow Saturday but from a different perspective
tears a tweet from Jamison lop for all you people who like to give out your
Bitcoin to organizations that say they’re going to give you interest and
of course you give them your social security number – by the way those
there’s a what’s the name of the one that everybody likes to give their
Bitcoin – was it gives them interest I mean they’re your you best be reporting
that I’m telling you right there that that’s really easy for the IRS but
there’s owning Bitcoin and then there’s owning promises of Bitcoin some promises
are stronger than others that is from Jameson lob and that is a really good
way of looking at you can control your own private key on your Bitcoin on your
treasurer or on your ledger or a paper wallet whatever or on the thing that JW
is creating that is linked to below that I’m going to talk about in a second is
Yeti cold Yeti or whatever it’s called or you can own a promise of Bitcoin now
some people some Hamas’s are stronger than others okay
that that’s true in life you know someone a crackhead will promised you to
pay him but you know you’ll end the crackhead 20 bucks
he promises he’s gonna pay you back he’s not gonna pay you back but he promised
his promise is very good you know with most banks and they’re gonna pay you
back with most sometimes you think I mean there’s a promise with maybe that
that big company that I forget the name of that gives you interest in your
Vikram maybe they’re gonna pay you back maybe it’s just a promise it’s just so
I’d rather have the real thing in front of me then a promise I gotta figure out
if this promise is stronger than other promises but it is true some promises
are stronger than others like again the guy the wink of eye brothers their
promise is better than you know some ego coin guy or or what’s the the big I
forgot it now big connect it’s been a big connect obviously because big
connect stole everybody’s money all right so January 3rd this is news
and maybe you’ve heard this before I just heard it French bank shuts down
customer account over mild criticisms so so it’s Societe Generale butchered that
didn’t I Baltimore X accent town that like button I’m no Frenchie clothes
three accounts for one customer after she tweeted that it’s cues were too long
okay then it seems to be a true story so this is like social media revenge by the
by the banks and I guess they can do that if they want to do that and I never
thought well I hadn’t really given it much thought but maybe this will be a
trend in the future you’ve got to be good to your bank on social media okay
because now a lot of companies you shame them they give in to you immediately
and you know you got a bad plane ride they’ll give you a free ticket who knows
and lots of different things your mattress was bad they give you free
mattress if you shame them on Twitter but we can see we bent maybe in the
future they’re gonna go this route like someone complain said we don’t want them
as a client anymore and that’s maybe they’ll be social
social media revenge by the banks maybe that would be a new thing and let them
do that because there is no social media of revenge in Bitcoin if you’re a
Bitcoin you can’t be cut you can’t be all of a sudden they can’t take it away
and can’t say you have an account anymore cuz there is no day there’s only
you there’s only you when you control your own private key unless you’re
getting to that promise thing and again if you’re good if but by you know the
2030 Societe Generale a probably will have a Bitcoin bank also and if you’ve
shame them on social media they’ll take your Bitcoin how about that one for you
so that is an interesting development hey have any of you ever been to Kigali
Rwanda before I heard it’s like the safest city in Africa I’m interested in
it I’m interested in it if any of you have been there send me a DM at Tech
ball or you can email me to Adam at residue or help calm I’m not saying I’m
going to Kigali my–my inquest she precautions did you take for malaria
malaria if any because they do have mosquitoes there I’m not a big fan of
that I probably never go because they have a little bit I want to know four
people have really been there before but it’s a big developing city it’s
interesting it interested me Kajal Rwanda I been to I’ve been the
definitely uh more uh when I went to Mozambique to what’s more call it a
mosey Maputo Maputo in Mozambique that was that wasn’t developing very much
that they were on the down trend Kigali is only up upswing and we had safe mapu
– not safe but I was there and I but I was fearing the uh I was definitely
feeling the mosquitoes when I was there I have some funny stories that one of
the guys there one to hang out at nighttime I’m like just take me back to
my place I do not want to be outside at nighttime you think oh I don’t
understand the mosquitoes I don’t I don’t want to be with you the ski tossed
I don’t want malaria or the other one that you can get dengue that that’s that
makes me worried when I hear those things I’m not gambling on that stuff
I’m not a gambler my town that like button but hey hey coin desk has
article 10 billion Bitcoin haven’t moved in more than a year the highest since
2017 dude that is music to my freaking ears
there are only 80 million Bitcoin out there ten billion didn’t move in that in
2019 that is awesome now now the Bitcoin that
is moving some of its move like millions of million you know going back and forth
on these exchanges blah blah blah okay people are gonna do what they’re gonna
do but it’s great the holders of last resort
hey it’s spreading now obviously not all these people are holders of last resort
but hey it’s a savings account it’s not what king of the trolls you know that
that statistic alone shows that people don’t want to spend it on coffee okay
there’s you can spend on coffee if you want it okay I’m not saying not to do it
I’m just saying it looks real bad when you look back and like hey yeah I said
$50 and I do that you know in a few years like oh I could have bought a car
with that coffee I got in 2015 yeah alright but hey do what you’re
gonna do and hey if you want to talk to Adam Meister crypto consultation you can
email me a Dimetrodon where help comment can set that up we can talk about
anything fun times had by all all right so let’s talk about JW
weathermen who has been on the show many times best guest in the freaking space
are on this show you get Bitcoin insider information here baby you better believe
it he sent he tweeted this out i retweeted
it for all you freaks that want to don’t want to deal with Trez ores and want to
go complex like like JW and tres talk about well he’s got something for you
are are see one of yetee cold calm is released many major improvements to the
user the us that means you are up and testing within 10 minutes and we greatly
reduce hardware required to 250 dollar laptops Bitcoin core offline
is the gold standard Bitcoin and this makes it cheap and easy alright so if
you want to experiment with that he’s got it over there it’s tweeted below its
link to the tweet is linked to below you can DM him you can go to the yeti Cole
comm site to see what he’s talking about finally the song of the day and I think
I shared this a long time ago take me on by don’t take all take on me take on me
I think that by aha it’s from the eighties if you ever good
an 80s dance party in the 2010s or in the 2000s or whatever you went to Navy’s
dance party you’ve probably heard it before it’s a play it it’s linked to
below puts a smile on your face makes you want to go dance okay that’s it
dudes someone said saw your interview and it
was great dude just got in the stream hi everyone well dude thank you very much
oh joy Punk oj Punk okay I’ll see you in Brentwood Oh Jay I’ve I’ve added meister
the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember to subscribe this child likes
and shares me to check out the links below pound that like button tweet this
out retweet the stuff I have below watch earlier show bang the bell button I’ll
see you tomorrow a new show here everyday thanks a lot guys strong hand

5 thoughts on “10million Bitcoin didn’t move in 2019! Stablecoin nightmare, IRS good news? BTC for short-term fears

  1. Obviously no one wants to spend there Bitcoin ‘holding bag’.

    Still, sites like purse.io allow you to get up to 30 per cent discount at Amazon if paying with Bitcoin. Therefore, if someone wants to buy $1000 worth of goods at Amazon, it can make sense to buy an additional $1000 worth of Bitcoin, spend $700 of it at Amazon and add the $300 saving to your Bitcoin ‘bag’.

    I believe other sites like Travala.com or CheapAir can offer discounts too and others. Hope that makes sense.

    Privacy, Security and uncensorability can be additional factors.

  2. Saifidean, in The Bitcoin Standard, says that if the only accomplishment of Bitcoin is to force governments back to a system of sound money, the entire Crypto project would have been worth it.  I submit that a close second on that list would be if Bitcoin finally kills the toxic idea of taxing income Bitcoin would have been successful beyond expectations.  Income tax is an anachronism of the 19th century, a barbarous relic carried over from that age ill suited to ours.

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