10 unnötige Fakten zu ONE PIECE | ONE FACT [ENG SUB]

this video is the result of a series, which I’ve uploaded some time ago on Twitter because it was blocked on YouTube
and we already had a few other problems with it. If you’re interested in more of those short videos, which you will get ten of at once, then check out the video description
below and make sure to follow us on Twitter, where you will get some other cool content. But for now have fun with this video, even though I’m not quite sure, where this is heading to. Well, that’s it with this video, like I said, make sure to check us out on Twitter, if you’re interested in those kind of videos, or just wanna learn a bit about Japan and its language. This is also something you can find on our channel, which you shouldn’t miss so check out the link in the description below. For now there’ll be one video every week on the gaming channel called “Xed Gaming”, where we will react to our old videos and play
“Remnant”, so I recommend you to check that out as well. After all, I wish you a wonderful day and a happy new Year.

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