10 McDonald’s Hacks That Will Save You Money

100 thoughts on “10 McDonald’s Hacks That Will Save You Money

  1. Tip #11 – If the icecream machine is working , ask for a blob in the bottom of your pop cup and then add rootbeer. It is AMAZING!

  2. She's very awkward on camera lol. She kinda looked a little scared like someone was forcing her to do this vid. ooooo conspiracy.

  3. Soooo… I just gave them a view in exchange for no useful information. I kind of felt like it was 10 ways to eat McDonalds wrong or more complicated

  4. It doesnt matter how you eat you can put a fry up your nose and still eat it or dip a cheeseburger up a ketchup dip instead of buying it with ketchup you don’t need to try some type of matrix, just eat as you like

  5. This video probably just applies to McDonald's in US. USELESS!!!!!!! The one in Singapore you can't add an egg to anything that doesn't already have an egg in it.

  6. This was a waste of time.

    You can add eggs (folded or round) to any sandwich, add bigmac sauce to fries, get McDouble sub ketchup and mustard with bigmac sauce, mix a McChicken and a McDouble together.

  7. I don’t know if its the case in other countries but in France they removed straws at macdonalds, now we have cups similar to the ones for coffee. That’s great even though its not enough ..

  8. I don't know if its different in the US but in the UK there is no way they would let us ask for 'extra egg' or 'mac sauce' etc. I wanted them to remove the gherkins from my burger once and I practically had to call the manager over….

  9. This video in a nutshell:

    Add your own eggs

    Eat your burger over the fries' container instead of the box that the burger came in

    Put your burger and fries on top of your drink. It'll surely fall off the cup in the first minute of holding it with one hand

  10. Not dipping your chips in ice cream. But when I worked at Maccas we always just ordered a sundae lid full of different sauces.

  11. #5: Budget Big Mac:

    In Canada just ask fer a Mini Mac. They do it without ya havin ta ask fer "no this, no that, add this, add that"

  12. I usually LOVE Buzzfeed videos, but this just felt really pointless.The video wasn't about how people are eating Mc Donalds wrong, but rather how to get the most for your money or just tips for eating Mc Donalds. Most of the tips aren't well thought through either. Like how are you supposed to eat with "one hand" if jou are already carrying all your food with one hand.. you probably need the other to actually eat your burger unless you just want to bury your face into your food. The only thing I agree with is the last "tip" which wasn't really a tip, but more an attempt to get people to be more friendly and respectful toward employees.

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