10 Bitcoin years, the Gab decentralization lesson, ICOs, the BTC Rabbi, Brhodium

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show one not
run run BTC Jam Master Jay today is October the 31st some holidays on the
2018 strong hand long term thinking behind hold one Bitcoin equals one
Bitcoin it Sun confiscate able you better believe it people so I’ll just
start out with this tweet from Bitcoin on this day ten years ago Satoshi
Nakamoto changed the world forever when he published his seminal white paper and
introduced Bitcoin to the world I’ll comment on that by sharing this tweet
papers are and this tweet is from samurai dev papers are ok I guess but
running code is much cooler waiting for the 3rd of January 2019 have a bottle of
12 year old Jameson standing by The Times 3 January 2009 Chancellor on brink
of second bailout for banks says it all the next 10 years are going to be great
yeah I agree with that second one I know a lot of people are happy that this is
the 10 year anniversary of Satoshi publishing the white paper but it was
January 3rd of 2019 if this all went live and I think that’s the big day you
cannot drink your liquor on I guess if you’d like to do that bow your wealth
and Bitcoin not liquor and try to stay healthy but for a 10-year anniversary of you
party on actions speak louder than words there are a lot of people that write
theoretical papers about a lot of awesome things but they don’t put them
into action they keep them in words and so what happened on the 3rd of January
2019 2009 excuse me which will celebrate a
ten year anniversary on the 3rd of January 2019
that was big that was big so yeah it’s great that the paper paper is all theory
right so that this is a ten year anniversary of that so be happy yeah I
mean if you didn’t read the paper then there were never been action the paper
led to action that’s how it should always be people be in motion you could
write up a lot of stuff you could talk to talk but in the end of the day you
got to walk the walk does the actions speak louder the words
and wow what an action it it has it’s so great that it’s just not some theory out
there this is we’re living Bitcoin baby and apparently we can leave it at living
it for almost ten years and I do like the sentiment that the next ten years
are going to be great I’ve repeated that many times who knows
what they will bring you know 2009 doesn’t seem like it was that long ago
or October a Halloween of 2008 I’m sure I can think about what I was doing that
day I know that I was doing in the summer 12 2008 I don’t know I probably
Club Charles to that okay anyway so no if you go but let’s not have it go by
fast let’s not have a go by fast enjoy every moment of it 2028 having strong
hand comment like button people all right remember on Twitter and this all
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you click on a link the Eventbrite link and Mike’s her code okay back to
business this guy was his mark or Mike dudas M du
de sus con that of the 141 largest IPOs in 2017
eighty per se T 6% are trading below their listing price and 30% have lost
almost all their value and that’s linked to below there’s a Forbes article but I
thought that quote alone really explains the entire situation now we were just
talking about Satoshi being in motion and starting Bitcoin
thanks it’s a good be all there dude and no I don’t care who the heck you were it
doesn’t matter milling let’s stop that up no no one’s messing that today
there’s I haven’t seen any mainstream media stuff single who is he
Wow after ten years or not they don’t they’re getting the point maybe it’s all
cyclical they’ll be screened about it when bitcoins on fire once again in
terms of Fiat but speaking of emotion I saw you know sometimes when people start
to follow me on Twitter at Tech ball again TC Tec HP alt I noticed like I’ll
notice a name of a new person that’s like interesting like who the heck is it
so I’ll check a person now sometimes it’ll be some pretty cool in motion
people so I see this new guy following in me his name and he’s linked to below
is the Bitcoin rabbi the Bitcoin rabbi and his his saying is Toro maximalist
Bitcoin and cryptocurrency with a Jewish twist so I gotta I gotta reach out to
this guy this guy he’s following me and I don’t think he just randomly picked me
out so sure enough though he didn’t just randomly pick me out he knew who I
wasn’t even he even knew his like yeah here you go to Israel soon I’ll be in
Israel of course on December was that December 15th something like that to
someone Emperor 1413 I I’m getting off summer 13 it doesn’t matter I’ll be
there for five weeks you’ll find me and Tel Aviv people but no big coin rabbi is
uh he’s from my part of the world where i originate from and he’s up in he’s up
there in that in that you know the east coast the north east coast you know i’m
from that region up there and we’re a lot but anyways he is trying to spray he
he he’s a rabbi actually i believe he is and with rabbinical school anyway he is
spreading it amongst Orthodox Jews or most any Jew any Jew who wants it and
that’s great I think that’s a great idea dude you know we get we gotta have
people reaching out to everyone so he’s he thought you know this is a you know
we’ve had our Jewish people through history have had their possessions
confiscated suddenly at times hey you guys are out of here take what you can
carry bye-bye and you sometimes it happens in
countries over and over again but uh so no he’s he’s he’s good he’s
got some good quotes out there so follow him he’s trying to do a good thing and
whatever community you belong to whether the Jewish community or Christian
community Muslim to me would ever reach out around you because sometimes you can
you can spread the word to your religious campaign tree it’s easier and
again Bitcoin it is freedom of speech its freedom of religion you can’t you
can’t stop you know if you’ve got to support someone that’s being persecuted
because their their religion somewhere around the world you send them some big
coin it son confiscated Boyd’s unsensible so there you go there’s a
religious twist to big coin to and that guys in motion so I gotta give him
credit the big fine rabbi and I just like that a Twitter me and what can I
say all right so uh
and all that same note you know I think I mentioned when I was back in Baltimore
and I went to the dentist he talked about big coin with me was he is my
whole family goes to him even my grandmother goes to this dude I mean how
many I mean every time she goes like another two kids you know brats of the
way or would be careful with your teeth people by the time you’re 95 you might
have some issues if he didn’t treat him right along the way anyway so but it’s
somewhat natural to for your teeth to just be bad if you lived ninety five
years come on you should be happy about it but hey so if he talks about big coin
with me because my whole family goes down maybe I have brought it up another
time him but this reminds me of us a very important point is that if you go
to a medical professional of any sort bring up big point with them because
these are the people they’re already wealthy pretty much most of them have a
higher education which means there’s someone in tumbling there in the 20%
most likely if you’re going to a good one a smart one
they are long-term thinkers they’re the perp and they they have interest in this
type of thing every medical professional that I’ve talked to they’ve always what
is this Bitcoin thing what do you know it is something that and heat the
dentist he was very interested hey it’s something the brick they always try to
end up with you about something okay bringing up tough talk to them about it
bring up Bitcoin and maybe they’ll be nicer on your teeth too you know it
might and of course they always try to upsell me on the freaking yeah you need
a UH you need an x-ray and I never get to x-ray and when I when we started
talking about Bitcoin though he didn’t he didn’t try he forgot all about that
up to sell he’s like yeah your teeth are great even need the x-ray know where it
was great so it might help yet it might save you some to you talked about
Bitcoin with some of these they might try they might not try to freak you out
about getting some unnecessary thing that you don’t need money you need to
x-ray they try to get you to do an x-ray absolutely torn I had not got an x-ray
of this thing since I don’t know what ten years I don’t know when that
I don’t I don’t know I never won a gavel one again I don’t want that anyway
that’s another subject that should be on Bitcoin show so some people have
wondered why is it sticking around 6300 or whatever it’s sticking around there
are some people a little more and again value or wealth in big point
don’t don’t care about the the Fiat race but people are and I brought this up
before people are foolishly bored and I think there are certain people who are
only going to buy when the news is so 80% are obvious that it will like take
no brain use to make the decision to to buy but I mean at that point what are we
huge stories about whatever is pumping Bitcoin again I mean people are pack
animals or 80 percenters I mean they just follow the pack they just follow
the lead so right now that the pack is foolishly bored and they don’t want to
buy until a lot of people are body and thus just it’s just stagnant the price
and for now you have to be smart to understand what is about the happening
and that it won’t be instant okay again you you have that insider knowledge the
masses just don’t want to recognize it shouldn’t be insider knowledge that this
is going to be the biggest thing but if you’re smart again you’re not you’re not
bored at all by this you’re learning and you’ve bought and you’re Steven a it
depends on what situation you’re in you’re still buying you’re definitely
holding now they’re also a lot of people out there that are just waiting for some
obvious fun to sell so they can create turbulence again and anyway that’s fine
that’s their prerogative that’s totally their prerogative this is
where the big boys play okay that’s fair if people want to sell on a bunch of fun
so they can get other people to pecans and then buy back that’s fine that and
that will create some turbulence some volatility which we have not seen but
anyway thinkers now our position so well we’ve we’ve all we’ve seen this before
I can compare this to 2015 when I was in Chicago visiting for the day there was a
big point conference there and so few people attended and it was people were
worried but but then there were people there that just had strong hands and
knew I mean we talked about about the future being bright and it’s nowhere
near you know the down the down market of what ed whenever it got to a hundred
and ninety five dollars I don’t what exactly was that was that at the January
2015 probably it was yeah you just again people there are people that are boo are
foolishly bored you should not you should never be bored with life you
should never be bored with Bitcoin it’s so it’s so interesting so that’s why you
know the they don’t want to buy there if people could think rationally here on
this and if everyone had the insider information that we had about the the
financialization about how huge this is going to be they’d all be buying now so
that and the price live and then every people trying to sell so there’s a huge
volatility every price would go up but but note that just people are the trend
is to be bored now and it’s a trend is the people everyone’s following that
trend to do nothing to do nothing just do maybe sell a little here and again if
you’re a holder daddy’s great doing nothing with your Bitcoin but if you’re
just a side liner if you’re a no pointer oh no this is not the time to do nothing
this is again you’ve got an opportunity here we don’t know how long this is we
don’t know how long this is going to last this period of boredom by the 80
percenters all right so 1:00 p.m. this Friday is this we can make Bitcoin on
this very show 1:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time that’s in New York and
that is what is at 10:00 a.m. in Los Angeles so far a Giacomo Zuko he’s gonna
be on the show and he will be coming from Italy where we’ll be six uh p.m.
and actually in Italy and I don’t want to you know figure out the rest of the
out so up how you London’s time when I figure it out would be four or five
hours forget it’s four or five in Barrie’s four or five our difference I know it
always changes on me either we’re about that daylight savings time again pound
that like button all right so here is a tweet from Dan held I think the world
becomes a better place when we stop asking for permission and start building
oh yeah dude that is a great attitude that’s the attitude of Bitcoin that’s
the attitude of blockchain as they say permission letter so let’s get into that
now because gab you guys you guys have heard of gab before obviously it’s like
I’ll turn it to Facebook and and they don’t censor apparently and you know
they they have a lot of people and they’re saying all sorts of things and
there was obviously someone who committed a horrific crime was on there
saying insane things before he commits a crime no I thought gabs fought he
committed a horrific crime but they’re getting a lot of flack from this but
there’s an article in Forbes and it says what the all right favorite social
network gab plans to use blockchain to make itself indestructible okay gabs
goal is to build an entire ecosystem the reach of centralized authorities beyond
reach of centralized authorities making it nearly indestructible so there’s a
less-than all this dad has been temporarily shut down because it does
depend on some centralized authorities in order to be you know hosted and other
other and and so other it’s been shut down temporarily but they’re they’re
finding ways around this and it’s a remote it reminds us how so much of our
life lives are centralized and can be shut down and the value that a system
like Bitcoin provides everyone that is on copy can’t be stopped that you can’t
be turned off exist it should be a PayPal isn’t gonna let dad use them
anymore a few other but anyway okay the guy at Gap set seed sounds like a
won’t die and you can agree with him you can disagree with him just keep it keep
an eye on the situation he’s trucking trying to decentralize gab the hosting
of gab and using the etherium blockchain oh yeah all this stuff and if he somehow
pulls this off and gets it just just keep an eye on this because a lot of
good can come out of it if it is successful again you don’t have to be
the gab you don’t be a fan of gab and what the people are saying on there and
in the fan of what the guy in charge of it but if they can somehow pull this off
and make it decentralized or make it mostly decentralized make it so that it
cannot be shut down again it will be something that other organizations will
try to replicate again I mean the whole thing getting on the decentralized train
I mean you’re gonna have there’s gonna be both bad and there’s gonna be good
that’s the entire entire point here if your enemy can’t be censored then you
can’t be either and vice versa so I gave a said ICO before I mean at least they
raised some money there so who knows what exactly they’re building here um
this is the future of cryptocurrency here that that of decentralization no I
can’t predict exactly what is going to come of this cryptocurrency revolution
for me maybe this is one of the things that eventually you’re gonna you’re
really gonna be able to have some site that just on you can’t shut it down it’s
just there’s no way that you pull the plug on it there will be no centralized
weak points or so few centralized weak points that it’ll be able to go that
what just happened the gab won’t happen again
so keep an eye let’s see what they were able to pull off over there and I would
just advise them the just huge Bitcoin as much as possible for fundraising for
building I mean if you can’t build what you’re trying to build a big point then
you know do what you got to do yes but it’ll bring a lot of attention to
cryptocurrency this whole situation of them getting shut shutting down of
course it’s called a call and caught a lot of big annan more popular if they
were live more people will be joining it now so if they somehow incorporate
cryptocurrency in a very public way and there they get
back on again to get back live again this will be good for the cryptocurrency
community again for in terms of publicizing it you know I’m telling you
to speak to your dentists about it well this this will speak to a lot of other
people who care about a lot of other issues and again time keeps on slippin
into the future who is that uh Steve Steve Miller man uh and it’s that I like
that you know as we get closer and closer to as a few as time progresses
we’re getting closer and closer to the Bitcoin Big Bang okay to the crypto Big
Bang whatever you want to call it when it’s really obvious I mean we are still
in the early days here pal Matt like button whatever what else do we have
here Oh Federico tanga who was on the show
I’m like this weekend big coin show a few weeks ago he has a good tweet
governments are becoming more and more obsessed with controlling citizens
personal wealth and confiscating it outside the boundaries of a law if this
trend continues demand for wealth protection solutions like Bitcoin can
only grow so yeah a lot of people screaming about our governments
confiscating this government’s confiscating that well it will increase
the demand for wealth protections the Bitcoin wealth protection solution okay
so our wealth protection solution is already out there for all you people
crying about your wealth being confiscated Val your wealth and Bitcoin
it won’t be confiscated okay the government will be I’m confiscating so
it’s out there but as as government’s as government’s overreach continues to grow
and I think it will in a lot of a lot of countries out there I mean I don’t know
how bold the United States will get per se I’m not I try to be an optimist and
not a Doomer when it comes to the United States at least with some of these
countries you just whack out out of control poverty-stricken
let by dictators or led by in India with it’s up a bureaucracy is just out of
control you know those countries yeah that
overreach they’ve gotten away from it with so for so long they’re gonna you
know keep on pushing the limits personal limits and eventually people would just
be like we’ve had it Oh what’s this big point
thing baby and hopefully in China – they’ll figure
that out because China is becoming very centralized oh my god
they’re really using technology to their advantage to control their people it’s
it’s quite amazing from from what I’ve heard okay but that’s just a different
subject so bitcoin is that key to wealth protection dues wealth protection
solution you know you know when I hear the word wealth protection solution I
think of those uh certified financial advisors like some of you might remember
that there was a friend of a guy who was I was friends with in Baltimore I was
older than I am actually ten years older than I am and so he’s a certified
finance guy and he saw me posting about posting about Bitcoin you know I said
yeah bitcoin is finally back is back at $700 this was a while ago now they
finally gotten up to 700 gain and he just ripped them and you know said it
was tulips or whatever and this guy is a is a financier when I see it
geez people pay this dude to tell them about his wealth protection solutions
wet and then he rips on the me for saying Oh big point $700 now look you
know who’s got the wealth now who doesn’t anyway he’s you know whatever
he’s stuck in some old school system people got their reasons it’s just like
you know Peter Schiff he’s got his reasons for just being hooked on gold
and all that stuff um and this guy’s younger than Peter Schiff obviously but
um all right so why don’t we have no no power oh yeah here we go where we go
this is wasabi well at one point o is released Wasabi’s a privacy focused
Bitcoin wallet for Windows Linux and OS X it is the only deployed truly light
wallet that protects you from information weeks against Network
adversaries all right that sleep link below a medium posts by no power
Andy Hoffman I’m gonna be on his show the world crippled Network tomorrow at
12:30 Eastern Time that’s Thursday 12:30 Eastern Time
that’s 114 hours I’ll be back you’ll see me I got to
shows the bar I guess and she on his steam and page which is linked to below
he has a B rhodium update B rhodium is clearly on track to list in 2018 it will
likely be in December rather than November that it will be listed on some
exchange somewhere so you’ll be able to sell your B rhodium that you got for
free on there in December it looks like so read his uh read his steam it post
link below disrupt my sugar calm is all my archives big point punishes the 80
percenters oh yeah the be stashed people I told them I told them I’d give them a
little shout out today so everyone knows on November 15th that be cash there’s
going to be a fourth now there might be they might all get behind one version
there’s the bit the big point ABC version there’s the satoshis vision
version but these dudes are definitely forking off that day the beast – people
it’s like a mustache you know beast – they they say they’re sticking to the
real they don’t want to get behind all these uh videos they’re doing their own
thing so the Beast asked people they want to know if you would have mined
their beast – again it’s gonna go live in November 15th here’s what they told
me do you have an ace miner do you have a cig miners would you be interested in
mining stash we are looking for individuals with a decent amount of
mining power to mine on our test server we are looking to test soon and would be
more than happy to provide the details on how they could set it up and again
you can tweet at them at their their beast – Twitter account which I link to
below I don’t want to say it because they use the word big point in it and I
don’t say that I say Beast – but yeah if you if you happen to still have your be
cash still you’re going to get free beast – on November to 15th so I guess
why not why not if you’re some minor dude you know about this stuff contact
them and you can turn your be stashing the
coin baby that’s what we debts again we value our wealth a big point here you’re
getting all sorts of cryptic dividends all over the place turn me the big coin
pound that like button Oh Adam I should have bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister
remember to subscribe this channel like this view shows video check out the link
section below I’ll see you on Andy show the world Krypton Network I guess at
12:30 tomorrow and then I’ll see you on my show at night

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