😡 DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE – SELL ETH NOW! 💯 Ethereum 0.14 BTC | Crypto Currency Stock Chart Trade

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38 thoughts on “😡 DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE – SELL ETH NOW! 💯 Ethereum 0.14 BTC | Crypto Currency Stock Chart Trade

  1. Great vid. One question, in a previous video you said that BTC was probably going down to around $1800, do you still think this is the case? Since whenever BTC falls it seems to take the whole crypto market with it, I feel there's a better entry point coming for all cryptos for those yet to get in.

  2. Its funny. There's a channel: Bitcoin & Litecoin, where dude sold his house to go all in on LTC. He'll be insanely rich, in a few years, I'm sure. But I noticed how he was just mentioning that ETH just isn't attractive to him, at all. I think his position on eth is slightly extreme but I DEFINITELY see how people (WHO KNOW WTF THEY'RE TALKING ABOUT) are saying that ETH is simply waaaaaaaaay overvalued right now, and will be correcting itself in the coming weeks. If that prediction offends folks, its simply childish.

  3. lol @Everyone talking about Eth was rising 15 min and some change after the video. It takes time for this shit to happen. It's not instant, but this guy is trying to help people make funds FOR FREE and y'all bitching about what happens 15-90 min after the video? Lol just stop watching the channel if you don't like the man. I say thank you Brandon for your time and trying to help us out bro. btw Eth is creeping down and I also saw the sign because of how it was moving. Your video confirmed!

  4. Ripple up, Eth down, maybe now sell ripple for litecoin …wait …..grrrrr – I actually went from eth straight to litecoin

  5. to all the trolls on h hear hating on my man BK go in the elevator and press F for fuck off and stay off the comments

  6. People don't even bother to watch the whole video, and start hating lol, BK said Ethereum isn't dead, just this cycle.

  7. Yooo Brandon! You the man you dropped that Ripple & Litecoin boom right on top of it yea yea! Thanks for slaying it bro! I only ask what do you think of Bitcoin? Hold on or get out!?

  8. Love the show my friend!! You remind me of Ruby Red from the 5th Element. I gotta say though, you called a down turn somewhere around mid-July but don't forget about BIP 148 on August 1st. There will be movement out of BTC for a little bit.

  9. I see ETH retesting 250 at a minimum and possibly going to 200. ETH is now in a DOWNTRENDING CHANNEL with very little bid-side resistance and increasing resistance on the upside.

  10. Bit Coin is displaying the exact same trend lines in the past weeks and days, check it out, does that mean oh shit sell also ?

  11. Another point is that the last panic is still fresh in the mind of everyone….PTSD is still strong in this market.

  12. Those people that threw huge money at 375 are now underwater and about to have a Wiley Coyote panic moment when the realize they are caught in mid-air with the canyon floor WAY DOWN.

  13. Anyone looking at the market depth chart on ETH on Poloniex and holding ETH would be shitting their pants. I can only conclude that most people are just BETTING BLIND.

  14. Today is Monday, June 19th, and ethereum is priced at 380.00 seems we are going back up! Buy Before Ethereum is 500.00$ wil be 1000.00 by October brother!

  15. etherium is crashing right now, transactions stuck, hard fork if your lucky, drop that shit like its hot🌶️🌶️🌶️🌶️

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