Anyone who has invested in XRP should be really careful. It is extremely dangerous and comes at a level
that is at least as dangerous as it is. Today we will talk about the full XRP, I will
try to be the interpreter as much as I can to the problems of the XRP investors, and
we will analyze the market as follows and this is the last part of my friends today. The last episode to get a chance to win the
Ledger. One of the people who subscribe to my channel,
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with the draw we will make at the end of Friday’s video and of course it will not end? Our brand new Telegram lottery begins! Join the following Telegram channels in advance. Take your seats in front. The announcement will come on Friday. Yes, we are now starting to discuss the XRP
in detail. Meanwhile, there has been a decline in the
market today, including Bitcoin. The first reason for this was the $ 50 million
Ethereum stolen from the Korean stock market Upbit. Another reason for the decline is the news
that Huobi’s Chinese office was raided by the police, who said that Huobi’s CEO tweeted
and said it was fake news. Someone wants to drop Bitcoin and other crypto
coins, but we’il see who wins this battle. This style has created immunity within the
body that we now have negative air waves. If you do not come to a degree that we are
experiencing a shortcoming but still joke aside, follow well, folks. Let’s go. Now we’re starting to talk about XRP with
all our speed. Let me share a warm opportunity with you first. Ledger, the hardware crypto wallet, friends
who have made the Black Friday discount on their site. The link is below. Normally only one is around 600 TL, while
both the Nano S and Nano X come at a super price of 660 TL. Free shipping, around 100 pounds tax on average
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below this video. You can get it directly by clicking on it. If you have problems in the process you can
write to me from that link. I can forward it to the Ledger I interviewed
in person. Now, as I said at the beginning of the XRP,
we are at a time when we need to be very careful. You know what for? Look at the XRP, it looks like we’re going
to a level where there’s a lot of bones, very stereotypes, and at the same time, it can
lead to very dangerous consequences if it breaks. Yes, the XRP is at an all-time low, the future,
and those who follow me well know that I’m talking about 20 cents. Those who invested in XRP in the period before
the big rise in 2017 knew very well that 20 cents is such a support that XRP does not
fall below 20 cents or something. Look, I’m giving you this chart to show that
we’re swimming in really dangerous waters. In summer, what is the lowest level of XRP
in the last year? 20 cents. What’s the lowest level in the last 90 days? 20 cents. What’s the lowest level in the last 30 days? 20 cents again. The lowest level in the last 7 days is 20
cents. Of course, this does not stop in the 20 cent
region XRP, touches 20 cents momentarily throws itself up again. For now, even the dead is enough to put over
20 cents. While this is enough, while the XRP still
has some power and touching and rising 20 cents momentarily, do not take this as investment
advice, of course, but if you say you take this risk, you can buy a purchase order for
around 20 cents and try selling from 22-23 cents. In a narrow area, in a stuck area, XRP can
offer you a chance to make money. Of course, this seems to be done by taking
the risk of course. If we do not count those whale transactions
that we call this whale, we probably don’t fall down to 20 cents each time. This is a rock-like support. The XRP is being upgraded back to 22-23 cents,
but of course we should not forget that. If it breaks down to 20 cents, then the XRP
can literally roll downhill after that second, literally like the truck where the brake has
exploded. I don’t even want to think about it after
that. I’m not saying it will be just 20 cents is
a very important, very dangerous level I draw your attention. Even if it falls to 19 cents, the XRP may
spread a negative news wave, which we call a FUD wave, and then fall back to 14-15 cents. Watch out alone, I am not doing this video
to worry you or to say that this will surely happen. I’m doing this to share with you the potential
risks in the XRP. Anyway, at the point we have now, we have
an XRP that has reached a maximum of 50 cents in the last year and is currently traveling
around 21 cents on the borders and has little excitement. So why are these sourced friends? Why is the XRP rising above $ 3 at the time? E there are several reasons for this. First, we did not question the rise in 2017
at that time. No cois not used in the market, we did not
question where this rise comes from. Now we are faced with bitter truths, but there
is a situation like this. Ripple was doing well so far. He made deals with banks like Santander in
Europe. People would have been able to use the XRP
for quick and cheap money transfer, even without knowing it, for example, but the agreements
made on paper are not reflected in reality in 3-5 months. On top of all this, though, Ripple’s CEO had
begun attacks to portray the XRP. Ripple’s XRP went immediately to keep the
Facebook’s Libra behind, opened an office in Washington or something, transferred a
name close to Trump, close to American politics or something, but when it didn’t get any results,
Ripple probably invested. There is a lot of new news that companies
perhaps can not nurture material moral my friends. There’s a company called Omni Rentals and
a $ 35 million company. All kinds of second-hand product rental sites
and this company Ripple personally invested $ 25 million in 2018 was a company supported. Do you know why I’m using the language by
saying it was a company? Because a few days ago, officially Cointelegraph’a
according to a statement announced by the end of 2019 shut down shuttles, even 10 Omni
engineers already have already agreed with the American crypto money exchange Coinbase. They’il leave Ripple’s Omni and start working
at Coinbase. So please remember this. If you want to see if the XRP will rise or
fall in the future, please look at the performance of companies such as Moneygram, which Ripple
invests in, and Omni I mentioned earlier. Because they’re going to be successful in
their own business first, so that partnership can do something good, right? You know, Ripple made a $ 50 million investment
in Moneygram. They could be doing this by selling Ripple,
XRP, fellas. This may be pushing down the XRP even further,
as we just talked about, but I don’t know for some reason there is no energy coming
from the Moneygram partnership. For example, the first Moneygram partnership
was made in 2017. Not new, but looking back at Moneygram and
Ripple, the man that XRP is involved in is a smart product, and a scenario that could
raise the price of XRP from that product hasn’t come up with a story. Well, folks, when I’m talking about all this,
I don’t think there’s anything good about Eren Ripple, XRP, and I’m hearing you say
that we’ll be better off talking about them. This is a good thing. Ripple made a statement and said; In 2020,
everyone is ready, Ripple is going to an international expansion. This expansion includes Asia, Europe, Central
Asia, Africa and Latin American countries. But I specifically looked at the list. No Turkey. Today, major global stock exchanges have power
even when working with Turkey in bone mass of users to create a ripple, Mexico, the Philippines
and is trying to create the appropriate fields of study in Australia but could not enter
the list even Turkey. Sounds strange to me. No, I mean I do not understand what they’re
saying to leave Turkey Stellar Did it work. In fact, among the 28 countries Ripple plans
to open from Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam. There are many developing countries and
I will tell you something very, very clear. I think Ripple’s desire to work in such developing
countries, even underdeveloped countries, is a clear change in strategy at Ripple. You know, Ripple has always tried to appeal
to the top players of the capital order, the developed countries, but at this point, he
will not be able to get enough support from the countries at that level, which seems to
stare at Stellar’s cake. And folks, let me tell you this. The Ripple company isn’t new, it’s been cashing
for a long time selling its XRP stock, or I just said it. Here, for example, yesterday was a solid XRP
transfer again. A $ 11 million worth of $ 50 million XRP was
sent to the Bitstamp exchange. This XRP is not going to be wasted. It may be that they are deliberately suppressing
and lowering the price in order to force the XRP buys from the very highs, 1-2 or even
3 dollars. E the market is something like this and all
of this is going to happen? Ripple’s CEO makes a statement and says that
we are forcing the banking system to keep $ 2 trillion in cash for XRP. Well, I hope so. One day, Ripple will be able to persuade banks
to have XRP in their hands. My friends, I wanted to tell you the most
current XRP events in this video. I hope you liked it, if you like it and if
you want to participate in the lottery, subscribe to my channel, touch the bell and do not forget
to write your comments and like my videos, and if you share this video on Facebook and Twitter
will give me the biggest support, let’s move on to today’s bonus information. Today’s bonus information gives you the lowest
level in the world I want to talk about it in his car. There’s a car called Flatmobile, and it’s
only 50 centimeters in height, but 50 centimeters. It should be
a different experience, though it can be very dangerous in cities like Istanbul. And let’s see briefly the questions and comments
from you in the previous section. I want to thank you. I received these two beautiful gifts from
my dear Murat Pulça, a close follower of Crypto Dictionary. He sent me both a family photo and the
Crypto Dictionary logo as two elegant gifts. Let’s go by saying thank you very much.


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