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I mean, you literally get paid like to your PayPal account. That’s what’s great about this website It goes straight to your PayPal account and in most cases you can pay within 24 hours That’s incredible. Here’s the best part. If you don’t have a PayPal account in the country you’re from and they have over 500 different ways they can pay you That’s the beauty of these worldwide make money online website. All you need to do right? This janam is go straight Welcome back to the channel guys. This is Victor Phi Dennis and on this channel I do videos on how to make money online on the daily So if that’s what you’re looking for, then I’m gonna ask you right now to go ahead and hit that subscribe button and Don’t forget to hit that notification bell so I can send you a notification every time I do a new video and you want to stick around to the end of This video because at the end of this video I’m gonna give you a bonus I’m gonna show you another way where you can start making money online right now from the comfort of your own home Alright, let’s get into this video. All right, guys, I am glitter aliy gonna show you how you can make 12 plus dollars Every hour every 60 minutes with this website and this website offers two payments Even if you’re out of the United States because there’s many different ways you can get paid but the main way is PayPal So if you have a PayPal account, that’s what you need If you don’t have a PayPal account and you have access to PayPal get it set up right away But there are other ways to get paid So this turns into a worldwide app because there’s different many different ways that they can pay you So but PayPal is their number one form of payment. So stick with me on this because Toward the middle or a toward the end of this video I’m gonna show you how you can to and 3x your money on this exact same site okay, this is this is gonna be Jam-packed. There’s many ways. You can get paid here through PayPal its worldwide And they pay within 24 hours in most cases as you can see here They pay with eBay gift cards iTunes Starbucks Visa CBS amazon.com Walmart, they’ll even give you a Burger King gift card Here’s the other thing that I read up on this site and I’m gonna give you the website address here shortly I don’t want everybody to jump because you need to listen to this whole video in order to understand How you in a 2 to 3x your money? Cuz that’s super important Okay, but I’m gonna give you the site name here in a second But I also read that they will also do wire transfer So that’s good for anywhere. Usually typically, you know anywhere around the world You can access your own bank and get a wire trencher set up. So really cool. This is a legitimate site has been around since 2007 and A lot of big companies are associated with this site So the first thing I’m gonna do when you see this page is you’re gonna sign up and it’s a free Registration you could sign up with Facebook or you can just sign up and create a brand new account You’re gonna put your first name your last name your best email address Okay, and make sure that the email address isn’t flag or anything where all your emails go to spam Okay and then you’re gonna choose a password when you’ve done that when you’ve completed that you’re gonna click this start making money and You’re gonna be registered and ready to go now I mentioned above here you can get paid reward points by completing basic tasks Surveys and even watching videos. Okay, but again, I’m gonna show you how you can two to three exit Okay, so I said you’re gonna make 12 plus dollars per hour, but you can actually make more than that by the strategy I’m gonna share with you here in a few minutes. Okay, so you can collect hundreds of rewards This is how they can pay you in different in many different ways Right so that you can go with Amazon PayPal iTunes Walmart, all of these things are great. So, how does this work? Well, they’re looking for members and survey takers Okay, and what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna be given your opinion on market research surveys and earn points You’re gonna redeem your points for tons of rewards And of course, you can turn those rewards and al-ansari you can turn those points into Pay Pal cash Making twelve plus dollars every hour twelve plus dollars every sixty minutes If you’re enjoying the content of this video right now that you’re watching Then don’t forget to give me a big like enough thumbs up and also down in the comment section I want you to tell me what country you’re from So that I can do even more videos on how to make money online that work in your area Alright, man, let’s get right back into this video. Now this website and this company has been around since 2007 like I said, they have over nine million members right now worldwide so since 2007 and you can see it right here They have paid over 19 million dollars in cash and rewards all of that’s been redeemed since 2007 19 million bucks, man That is a lot okay in they’ve paid 864 dollars in paid online surveys right now like right now Okay 500 for gift card rewards to choose from look at this over 500 ways to get paid. This is what I meant Four hundred and twenty seven dollars in cash and rewards that were paid today Only just today that’s how much it’s been paid out so you can make 12 bucks plus per hour With this website now This is seen on Trustpilot survey police and site. Jabber They have excellent reviews for this particular website guys. Okay, I wouldn’t steer you wrong This this is these are legitimate websites when I show you these videos not net They don’t all necessarily are ready for registration at the time you go to registration. Sometimes they’ve shut down the registration Temporarily I get that those things happen, but this website again has been around for a long time It’s reputable and it’s got great reviews with every one of these particular Screening websites that look at online marketing look at online make money online websites and do their own surveys to give them a review so that you can Make a decision on whether you want to get involved and they have fantastic reviews with all three of these reputable sites that do those types of reviews So what you’re gonna be doing is you’re gonna be doing surveys and market research. Just like I said here earlier Okay You’re gonna be giving your opinion on the surveys and the market research that you are taking the tasks that you are doing for this particular website After you’ve given your opinion you’re gonna earn points. And with those points is where you’re gonna redeem your money You’ve gift cards five hundred different ways over five in a ways to get paid Including PayPal. Okay, so that’s So, what’s the name of this website Here it is Okay, it’s called prize rebel right here prize rebel dot-com I’ll put a screenshot on the screen right now So you can actually see the actual website address. You can go check it out. You can start making money right now Complete paid online surveys on points and redeem for cash and gift cards from all of these places here So like I said guys, this is a legitimate Website a great way to make some side cash now here is the way you’re gonna to and 3x your income and your money with this particular website They have an incredible Referral program. Okay. Now what that means to you so you can do your surveys making 12 plus bucks an hour Okay doing that all day every day doing that every day, but If you want a really 2 + 3 X your money and your earnings with this website They pay you up to 30 If anybody you refer to the website That is also becomes a member and starts doing surveys just like you are so let’s say you invite John to join up and become a member of this website and John starts doing surveys and he makes $100 or does 100 points in surveys you’re gonna get 30 of those points Okay, he’s gonna get a hundred and the website’s gonna pay you an additional thirty of those points just because you refer to John now Imagine and of course those points can you can translate into cash PayPal money? This is how you’re gonna two to three X your money Imagine if you got two three four five ten people to do that Imagine if you refer ten people to your unique affiliate link cuz they’ll give you an affiliate link with this website They start doing surveys. They start earning points. They start earning money And guess what because you refer to all ten of them. You’re gonna get third up to 30% of Their earnings and of their points times ten people think about it guys That is the way you two three four five ten extra income. So it’s an incredible referral plan Here’s the nice thing about it. There’s no cap. You can only bring in no more than five people they’ll allow you to do this many people as you want bringing as many people as you want and Start earning up to thirty percent of all of their earnings and all other points guys what a great way to make some side money some side cash and also using the two to 3x strategy of doubling or even tripling your earnings by referring people and that’s a lifetime income as long as they’re on the site doing surveys being an Active member of the site you’re going to continue earning money and points from their work Beautiful beautiful thing now when it comes to you doing your surveys Okay, making money making twelve bucks plus per hour when you stop doing the surveys the money stops Because that’s an active income you’re making an active income. So you’re doing a task or a job And you’re getting paid when the job is over The pay is over you stop getting paid I’m gonna show you the bonus. I’m gonna show you how you can make what we call a passive income Make it an income while you’re asleep It’s like a machine that’s always going. That’s always earning. You money. No matter what you’re doing So if you’re asleep, and it’s three o’clock in the morning, you’re still making money Isn’t that an incredible concept a passive income or? Making a passive income while you’re on vacation with your family While you’re enjoying some fun in the Sun on a beautiful coastal beach enjoying good times with your family or friends Or while you’re just relaxing on that beach enjoying a nice cold drink With your loved ones if you’re interested in earning that type of income a passive income I’m gonna leave a link on this across the screen right now I want you to click on that link and I’m going to show you my number one recommendation Of how I’m earning a full-time passive income right now Even when I’m asleep or let’s say you feel handcuffed to that nine-to-five. I did I know I did and You wanted to break away you feel undervalued you feel overworked you feel stressed You’re working ten twelve fourteen hours a day with all of your sweat and your effort making somebody else rich Maybe you just want to get away from that Maybe you’re tired of that or maybe going to that 95 every morning being stuck in that horrible traffic. I Hate that traffic and Then working ten twelve fourteen hours and then jumping right back into that same traffic just to get home after a long stressful Work day if you’re tired of that If you want to break free from that Then there’s the link. I want you to click on right now and It’s gonna help you find your way With this online marketing business the best way that I know To make a full-time passive income Click on the link. If you’re serious about breaking free click on the link if you want to make a change in your life click on that link if You’ve had enough and you’re gonna take a stand today and say tomorrow is gonna be different guys Remember it’s time to invest in your business and it’s time to invest in yourself

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