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One dollar again and again over and over Go straight to your PayPal account and put and pays immediately The best part of these websites is they all are world wide. Everybody’s been asked me about world wide I did a video yesterday about world wide. Well, guess what? I did another one today just to take care of all of my subscribers and all of my viewers I’m gonna show you four websites count of one two, three four, you know, the number four like what do yell and golf That’s your happy video Hey guys, my name is Victor Paredes and on this channel I make videos on how to make money online and I make those videos on the daily So that’s what you’re looking for If you’re trying to learn how to make money online then go ahead and hit that subscribe button, right? Now and don’t forget to smash that notification bell so I can send you an update whenever I do a new video so you don’t miss any of the Magic and be sure to stay toward the end of this video because I’m gonna show you a bonus I’m gonna show you another way. You can start making even more money online right now from the comfort of your own home Alright, let’s get into this video. My friends a very first website you see in front of me is a Survey website the majority is our survey websites. You already know how I feel about surveys. I like them. I think they’re the majority of how to make some good side money online Opportunities and if you want to start making money, you’ve really got to do these surveys So the first website I’m going to show you is gonna ask you to take surveys about Products you already using but the first thing you’re gonna do is sign up here email password where all your information right here Make sure the information is correct Remember, these are all worldwide Websites, I got four of them for you. I’m gonna get through them as quickly as possible. Okay? Basically, what you’re going to do step one is you become part of our community and be able to take surveys about products and services that you already use Express your opinion and you will be rewarded in the process. It’s fun and it’s easy I love having fun making money You can earn money anytime and from any where guys okay, they’re really really important They will pay you cash for each survey. You complete we send all their payments via PayPal Okay start earning right now. Okay, and the name of this website is I’m gonna reload this you can see it. It’s called eye survey world.com okay, I survey WorldCom a great way to start making money online and Again, it is worldwide pay straight to your PayPal now. I’m gonna go to the next website I’m not gonna spend a bunch of time, but this is a worldwide Survey app or website. So make sure you sign up Click on these, you know get you agree to their survey world term and conditions and then you join for free Okay, and they do pay you in cash via PayPal really really cool, right? All right So the next website I’m gonna show you is called pure profile. And again guys. I want to stress to you. These are all worldwide Websites my audience has asked me many many times in the comments of my videos. Can you show me something that’s worldwide? Can you show me something that works in my country? well guys, I’ve got four of them for you today stick to the very end because The last one is where I’m gonna show you if you guys are enjoying the content of this video right now Don’t forget to give me a big thumbs up and a like and also down in the comment section Tell me what country you’re from so that I can do even more videos on how to make money online that work in your area Alright, let’s jump back into this video exactly how you’re gonna make the dollar over and over again This is really cool enough some of these websites You can make up to twelve fifteen dollars and in some cases seventy five dollars It can be a very very lucrative side business guys. Okay, but here’s the other one pure profile Okay So what you’re gonna be doing you’re gonna earn rewards being exactly who you are The more you share the more you earn build your profile by answering questions about yourself Your habits and your lifestyle get rewarded just for being uniquely you it’s free easy as one two three answer questions build your profile earn Rewards and it’s also a free account once again guys It is completely world wide You can get paid in cash gift cards movie tickets via PayPal discounts or investments alright I want to come all the way down to the bottom here and show you some of the companies that they’ve been involved in They’ve been all they’ve been involved with Daily Telegraph Yahoo. HuffPost MSN The Sunday morning herald body and soul Lots of huge companies have used this pur profile Website and I’m gonna go to their FAQ page right here the FAQ page, right? You have to be 15 years or older to join pure profile. You can create an account providing your country You have to put what country in so that they know what kind of surveys to send you email address and your password so as you can see, this is a fully Global website and also our in-house award-winning customer care team is here for you They have a very very good support system. Check them out guys. Remember it’s pure profile Dot-com let’s move on to the next one. So the third one I really like this one is called opinion world Obviously the word world is in there for a reason because this is a worldwide survey website Basically download your quick thoughts today earn exciting Wars by taking quick and easy surveys on our quick thoughts app Available on your iPhone iPad and Android device paid online surveys each time You complete an online survey, you will be paid in the points that you can redeem for cash and all other kinds of rewards What’s stopping you from joining today? It does pay via PayPal and again guys remember? Surveys are good. Yes, they take time. Yes, you’re trading your time for money but if if you’re interested in trying to earn some Good side cash a side hustle, and there’s so many survey websites out there none Fortunately not. All of them are worldwide. That’s why I’m presenting these to you today. It’s come piggybacking off of yesterday’s video yesterday I showed you – matter of fact I’ll leave a link up above To show you that video and if you click on it after you watch this and you can see too more That you may have missed Okay but The surveys aren’t going anywhere that your feedback is that important to these companies are willing to pay you and so look at these countries Look at the countries this worked in Argentina Brazil, Finland, Indonesia, Mexico Portugal Switzerland Germany United States, Australia, Canada, France net Singapore Austria Germany, New Zealand Spain, Taiwan, China Japan Turkey Denmark India Poland the United Kingdom I mean These are huge websites that go Globally, so that anybody can jump on these website and start earning some real money Via PayPal. This is free money goes straight to your PayPal account guys And it’s worldwide now. I saved this one for last this one is called Survey time. Okay get instantly rewarded for completing online surveys again global, okay and most of these have apps by the way you could do most of these for I think all four of them with with the app that they have for your Android or for your IOS device, okay, so I’m gonna click on this learn more. This is called Survey time dot IO I’m gonna click on the learn more check this out So you’re gonna sign up and answer a short list of questions to create your own profile Complete surveys, okay to match your profile. Here’s the dollar get $1 immediately for each survey You complete you get paid immediately and you and so you’re not guessing how much you’re gonna get paid You can get pay a dollar again and again over and over by completing the survey that soon as your surveys completed You get paid immediately you get paid a dollar after every survey the surveys are gonna last different time frames You have to complete them though. If you don’t complete the survey, you will not get your dollar Okay And I want to make sure everybody understands that complete every survey you start you will get paid a dollar over And over again and again and again guys, these are worldwide Survey apps and survey websites. So make sure you go to survey time dot IO Because that is the website that’s gonna give you the dollar every time you start you complete a survey Over and over again you could do this all day long Okay And just look at this no more way to each server you complete is immediately Rewarded in other words you get paid as soon as you complete it you get paid $1 right to your PayPal account Okay, really really easy stuff to do guys now. Yes, you’re not gonna get rich off this stuff. Okay This is something if you’re just looking for a great side income these surveys are the way to go and these worldwide survey websites I hope help you in finding some side cash now if you’re interested in learning how to build a Full time passive income like I have online where you’re not having to trade your time for money because when you You’re not gonna get paid with these surveys until you complete the survey until you complete the task that’s called an active income but if you want to learn how to make a passive income an Income that is being generated While you’re asleep in the middle of the night while you’re sleeping you could have Commission’s coming in or while you’re on vacation while you’re flying out to that exotic island that you’ve always wanted to go to but maybe didn’t have The revenue the funds or the time to go out there and do that and enjoy yourself Wouldn’t it be nice to know that while you’re enjoying yourself on the beach with your family? Having some fun in the Sun that you have commissions coming in 24/7 that’s a true passive income guys or while you decided to go to that exotic island And you decided you know what? I’m gonna I want to do some excursions I want to do some snorkeling or some scuba diving and then really enjoy myself or maybe even some parachuting or parasailing Or maybe even, you know some off-roading Enjoying the things that you want to do With who you want to do it with your family your friends your loved ones That’s the power of a passive income It creates freedom freedom of time freedom to do what you want to do or if you’re simply ready to get out of your dead and nine-to-five job that you’ve been working at for 9, 10 15 20 years like I had and You’re sick of it and you feel undervalued you feel underappreciated you’re working 10 12 14 hours a day making somebody else rich if you’re ready to break away from that to break the Handcuffs that are holding you back. I’m gonna leave a link down in the description of this video click on that link if you’re ready to make a commitment and walk through that door of Opportunity that is right in front of you But only if you’re ready or if you’re like me if you simply want to just get out of freaking traffic I hated traffic First thing in the morning getting stuck into traffic driving to that nine-to-five where you feel undervalued and underappreciated And making somebody else rich working 9 10 15 hours a day Then having to jump right back into that same traffic just to get home to your family and your loved ones if you want to make a change in your life if you are serious minded and You’re ready to create an online business that will create a full-time Sustainable income for you and your family then click on that link down below In the description of this video and it’ll take you to the next step Remember guys, it’s time to invest in your business and it’s time to invest in yourself

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