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what’s up everybody it’s your boy Krypto
Fred coming to you with another video
and today I’m gonna be talking about a
cloud mining platform that could
potentially make you a shitload of money
even though it is super risky so stick
around alright guys so just give me one
second just bear with me let me actually
sent out some invites here so we could
get this thing going get started all
right so let’s share these out so just
give me a minute or so
let’s weed it out Google
it’s good
whoa that’s not what I should be shared
tumblr hey what’s up man I see
somebody’s watching feel free to say
what up why is this thing not change
okay let’s
so evidently you have one live link
alright guys so let’s get into this
thing now as usual I have another review
for you guys okay and this one is with
space mining now normally website like
these that’s risky
alright I definitely stay away from it a
web ver with this platform all right I’m
willing to give it a shot
why because I’m not gonna lose a lot
so I’m gonna show you some numbers here
I’m gonna show you why I’m gonna invest
in this how much I’m invested I’m going
to actually make the investment as we
run the live alright and hopefully it
will get sent over in a timely manner
where I could actually show you guys the
actual arm it in real time so just go to
our dashboard here as you can see you
get 100 Giga arm a Giga hashes for free
and I guess you get some Giga hashes
when you refer people to join you
so that’s pretty cool if you get
somebody to join on you they can
actually arm and they make a purchase
you are you benefit so it’s been around
for about 12 days so the masses of
marketers did not get a hold of this as
yet guy guys so you know they are the
one who normally wreck these type of
this type of system right but for some
reason I like it I mean I signed up not
too long ago I like the idea of this I
like the concept and I’m willing to lose
some money giving it a shot right so you
can see here we got a withdraw amount
everything okay I’m on to withdraw I
think there’s a minimum I think there’s
a minimum forearm which office it’s like
$2 or $3 or thereabout
so I’m putting in 0:03 in here that way
I can
I can withdraw every single day so let’s
just go to purchase ash power here now
let’s do some math before I even get
into this so this is about sixteen
so the minimum buying on this thing is
about about seventeen dollars right so
you put seventeen dollars in there and
every single day this thing is gonna pay
you a dollar seventy right because it’s
giving you ten percent every day right
so look at this now I’m gonna put in
okay thirty dollars which would be zero
zero three right so about thirty three
dollars I’m gonna put in this screen
right and basically now every single day
with this system as long as they don’t
shut down and they’re still around keep
in mind this is very risky and I’m not
actually you know promoting this in a
way where I said you should join this
I’m just a you know that listen it’s the
opportunity to make money okay I’m gonna
try it but I’m not I’m not telling you
that you should try it because it’s a
chance that you might lose your money
that you invest into this but I have
looked at other youtubers that actually
made multiple withdraw from this system
right meaning it about a week or so so I
mean it’s been 12 days I see this lesson
for at least another month or so
hopefully long enough for me to make
about my thirty three dollars
so anyways at that point I’ll be making
this much a day right and if I do the
math here so now I’ll make about three
thousand forty cents a day
now I also do Ashford so that would be
pretty cool that mean that every single
day I could increase my Terra hashes
alright so this is a like a funnel for
my Ashford account one of the reason why
I wanted to actually try this because
this seems like it’s gonna get you fast
money right so there we go after the
first month since even do 30 days right
after the first month with a 33 dollar
investment okay no ring no reinvestment
at that
that $32 should give me about a hundred
and one dollars which is pretty decent
right so I’m definitely willing to risk
$30 on this and give it a shot now let’s
see here we’re still live we’re good to
all right so here we go so let’s do the
match let’s do the deposit and let’s get
this thing going all right so we’re
gonna deposit 0:03 Bitcoin all right so
this is a trick I’m also gonna show you
guys all right so you don’t have to pay
to coinbase so basically you guys should
know that coinbase owns owns Gd excuse
and basically oh my god I gotta put in
this two-step okay so I can’t be
bothered with that so basically once you
log in on either R is gonna be the same
the same information as you can see
logged me out there oh this is so
so let me get that two-step so I’ll call
again real quick
so I can hear you guys just bear with me
when bass client base try to click the
save log and anyways okay so a little
trick for you guys to not ever pay fees
right when you’re the only fees you
should ever pay incline bass let me show
you here is when you’re doing a credit
card transaction and that’s because you
want the money immediately okay that’s
the only time I suggest you actually use
your your use the point base to make a
deposit right because here’s the thing
see I just deposited $50 it came true
immediately right so he said it was
forty seven dollars so I put like 33 I
probably put like 37 in there right
leave $10 or whatever the case may be so
anyways it’s in there it’s sitting in
here but however if I’m supposed to go
right and send notice and if I was
supposed to go and send it this way from
the wallet as you can see here just put
max okay so they evidently need a legit
deposit address so this is copy that
35 M 1 r XV and s let’s look here
alright so it seems correct no as you
can see here this is just ridiculous
right the network fee on this thing is
$11 why would I pay $11 to send over $40
like that’s just dumb right so anyway
this is how you do it guys forget that
network fee that’s way too I imagine if
you’re gonna send $10 right it would
literally cost you a shitload of money
like that doesn’t make no sense right so
anyways guys this is this is how you do
it right and this is a little trick that
everybody should start using you save a
lot of money right you want to go to G
Dax you want to make a deposit right
remember their link so you could do a
bank transfer which I don’t recommend
because it takes forever actually had
some issues my bank transfer was 7,500 I
had them take that out this is
definitely a no-go you want to make
money you don’t want to spend more money
now you see where sells coinbase account
this is the beauty you hit this take the
alright you just put the amount there 0
0 for 1
eight right zero zero four one one right
nine nine eight all right and I’m gonna
deposit everything okay so now if you go
back to coinbase you won’t have any
money in coin base because now your
money is sitting here now though this is
the beautiful part
once it’s in G Dax guys it doesn’t
matter where you’re sending your money
to now watch this so I already have a
copy so let me do this we’re gonna go to
withdraw deposit to receive withdraw to
send right so now this time you want to
go to BTC address right you want to put
address in and get rid of these extra
copy all right and then we want to put
in the amount so in this case I was
gonna give them say 35
okay so let’s do a zero zero three one
right so we’re gonna give point zero
zero three one my maximum again you want
to confirm that you’re the wallet Idris
is matching we just enter this two-step
real quick show you guys what’s going on
you step on the tenth occasion it’s kind
of annoying but it’s good because it’s
more protective on your account right so
we’re doing zero zero three one it’s
going to be about thirty five we’re
going to withdraw that and there you go
so I just send zero zero three one over
to these guys
okay so let’s refresh now and see if
they received it the dashboard tici tici
tici tici knowledge is free
all right so let’s give it a second here
for it to pop up so basically it’s gonna
send over that $35 to this account here
right then this is gonna be about 30 100
and now I’ll be getting this little
match here let’s do the math here this
is this is fun guys don’t tell me okay
near zero three one everyday and keep in
mind you need 25,000 Satoshi for a
minimum minimum withdrawal so this is
31,000 Satoshi so I did that so every
single day I could withdraw at least $3
right which makes sense so I could move
it from one to the next account easily
right okay so still waiting all right so
there we go
it’s confirming the transaction you can
see here 30 100 all right we’re in
business guys we are in business
okay these guys had a hole $11,000 sent
over today see people is actually trying
this thing man like I mean it’s just I’m
pretty much sure it’s a Ponzi guys like
but it’s gonna pay out for awhile right
and that that’s what we want to do is
make some money in this game so I scare
him money don’t make no money guys
you know what’s $35 to lose anyways okay
let’s keep it going here
you know it’s confirming and as soon as
it goes true this will now be 3100 and
I’ll be getting $3 and then tomorrow
8:00 p.m. I’m gonna do my first
withdrawal video all right so I’m gonna
try to withdraw every single day until I
get to my my initial deposit and what
I’m gonna do after that I’m
just let it build up let it build up a
couple of days and then I might transfer
to Ashe flair or you know this is the
website I got the numbers from 99
Bitcoin is pretty dope
so it shows you two dollars and 89 cents
so you need to make a minimum of two
dollars and 89 cents I mean this is the
daily minimum withdraw amount so it only
makes sense to deposit in there where
you’re going to be making more than that
on a daily basis so it’s safer for
withdrawals right so zero zero three one
over 30 days getting 300% and that would
be about a hundred and five dollars
right whoo what if they lasted for eight
months and I didn’t put a next dollar
into this thing or be not of eighteen
hundred percent right on a thirty five
dollar investment after six months with
no reinvestment I would have made six
hundred dollars that’s just it’s just
ridiculous the numbers guys but I you
know I do believe in risk alright and
I’m willing to give these things a
chance right now full year
hypothetically you’d make point one of a
Bitcoin from $30 guys are you kidding me
this is not even real this is not even
compounding right this is just with
what’s in there and you getting 10%
every day so if you’re supposed to
compound that oh my god it gets it gets
scary guys you really do so let’s see if
this will show go and still confirm in
okay not a problem at least you see it’s
here so you’re gonna take too long right
now like I said guys this is a super
risky investment if you want to take the
risk with me that’s fine I’m leaving a
link in the description it got a lot of
stars around it you can’t miss it
right but if not you know just don’t do
it as a still got a hundred and one
thousand Satoshi here my
do some gambling with this or something
I don’t know might go play some bitter
or something but that’s it guys so imma
let this money come in now I’m gonna let
the arm I’m gonna let this investment
clear and I’m gonna do updates in a day
to show you guys actually you know what
happened you know what was the outcome
or whatever the case may be I got a
hundred and one thousand here and as you
can see I got about twenty four thousand
sitting in Azure guys the Bitcoin
numbers is going up so I’m back up to 81
cents a date it dropped down to about 60
cents a few days ago you know this is
still low it was over 300 but that’s
I got a point five three Tara hash so
guys this this is what I’m saying if
this can have me growing this every
single day within two weeks to a month I
will have maybe two or three Tara hashes
and this thing is just gonna start
picking up speed right because this is
currently reinvest in every two days now
I actually turned it off because I want
to do manual reinvestment because the
more manual investments you do the
actual when you do it when the numbers
is higher 113 people registered nobody
paid into experienced guys if you’re
watching this video and you’re on my
Ashbury team stop playing
okay you can start with two dollars two
dollars and 20 cents is all you need to
start growing and getting your mind and
on right so probably put another ten
dollars over here let me see about 880
okay so Marty $11 I could get another 50
Giga hash it will bring it to five point
point five eight mmm
I might add that but I’m gonna let it
rock for a little bit and decide my mind
on that screw back here so yeah guys you
know twenty minutes already get this
thing going remember transfer your money
with G Dax every time I write is free
and you’re gonna save a friggin $11
Network fee who wanna pay if you’re
going to transfer five dollars why would
you pay $11 to do that that’s just
stupid right so anyway guys space mining
if you want to take a risk with me go
ahead click that link in the description
all right it’s the first one make an
investment I suggest a minimum of thirty
dollars that way you could take out your
money every single day so you could
withdraw in $3 $3 increments right and I
got my wallet set up and everything on
this already so yeah guys wish me luck
I’m gonna keep it going keep it moving
and tomorrow I will be back with an
update guys until then see script off
read peace out

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