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Really quick for gold the big picture hi I’m prospector jestem hunting for goal.com I’m going to be a tour guide to discussing how to read a creek for gold to get clues on how to locate gold after all their goal here it is told plan your goals not based on facts for this gold prospecting that will your objectives in your hunt in your likelihood ability of finding gold goes up the mint subjective here’s identify the gold concentrating zone central areas for gold as naturally increase concentration that you can easily extracted with minor mining operation going to discuss geomorphology and other stuff what are the shapes sent apology tell you about gold and how does hydrology and hydrology is the study of water and its flow the dynamics of Blue Gold clues may be hidden in plain sight or not the way you have the advantage of understanding what the clues are how to hunt them down again while you’re looking at creeks you’re looking to determine the flood water flow that’s so hot positions during winter floods for flash flood it will have moved is primarily floods move gold man is the only thing the move go so it’s critical to visualize how cold flow during prior flood live in understanding of hydro forces on cells have that causes gold moving out cause of gold to concentrate so you piZap this will be kind of a velocity profile or speed profile showing areas where your water during flood would increase in decrease in speed very important to note that changes in it plays a role in concentration will discuss later you’re also going to look at Rock gravel and sand zones these areas indicate the relative speed through your channel it is important to note those areas because they determine the kind of you for a nice zone they also determine the amount of gold you fine this is very important if you want to increase the amount of fine and where you find it to look at water flow hydrodynamics poor you’re looking at the dynamics or the movement of water and how it behaves when it’s movie what kind of forces increases or decreases what kind of pressures develop a lot of people think it’s pressure that moves cold water pressure data for the water column based on how deep the water is the only pressure you really dealing with here is the friction force address of an object in a water flow does friction forces X of 800 times that of air moving at the same give me an idea how much for some coffee now the house like a twig it can also move boulders like your movie at so things like that when they start into motion are definitely going bring gold and you do understand that I understand where to find gold who can identify gold traps in spend some time taking a look at special Thanks features that you identify quickly in your stream that rounder streambed they will tell you where gold as likely to trap genital sluice box girl soon as f*** gold drop zones gold drop zones are the areas where we have water flow jeepspeed and dropping gold out because the speed reduces bahaya speed to a lower speed and in the process what’s the gold free does drop below certain level that gold won’t move it’s going to stick on you get buried under any other debris that comes over hey this is prospector Jess up next is part 2 of how to read a creek what are you looking for check it out so what are you looking for you’re looking for quick indicators of gold presents it’s almost as important if not more important to understand where go please address to find out where it is because you won’t waste time digging in the zone anything you see on television show all the way from digging around wondering why but or $300,000 is attracted to be someone I’m not a good Pelican how to put anybody’s intelligence to question their reality try learning from what we’re going to teach you and that way you want me unified closed increase your odds of finding significant gold knowing a handful of clothes you can walk into a streambed area places where the gold will likely be and where I will not be picking at significant decision you can control how much you do in the areas that you did for samples you also be doing you won’t be just digging around hoping that you’ll find the glory your objective here is to find the samples that point the glory and basically you’re going to sniff out that g******** series of many steps there are much simpler and much smaller in scale there are ways to maximize your gold finding those ways much better return on your investment trusts me and a lot of what you put your blood sweat and tears its going to be the work that you put anyone make sure that you do that effectively so that you have fun finding gold then we’re going to show you the mining methods to boost your because the mining methods depend on the kind of gold you’re fine finding it if you focus the mining methods to the area that you’re prom rather than just taking it going as big as you can and will be much more efficient and much higher in production and therefore you get much better return from the gold that you do you going to make a determination of the priority of your sample making a shopping list so that you can focus on the most impor first and put a side of areas are least likely to produce anything will give me some hints to minimize your prospecting effort not just a penny saved is a penny earned its also all those calories candy calories are in class you might need to burn those calories off that’s another story so what are you looking for you’re looking for gold concentrators these are specific caters to tell you there’s a structure or something that happen flood it cost gold to concentrate into a likely field driven structure that will concentrate the gold into a nice need area break mine out with minimal equipment and ever these concentrator indicators I have things to do with elevation the creek bed that’s the steepness or the depth of the water you looking at gravel rocks and sand as we mentioned earlier indicators of speed changes again and also of the velocity going to that zone so I’ll tell you a little bit about what kind of that typically with larger particles like gravel or Boulder can expect to find larger nuggets you get Thunder rocks and sand Board of self know me like you to find flower gold in a few dick rocks and boulders barring anything that can always happen aware of the fact that over time the topology and grade of A changed immensely based on the hydro geomorphology that’s the watershed prettiest and the geologic impact of those waters thinking about how the car through and foreign things like a waterfall your existing sedimentary rocks are softer or dig into some box which might prove to be almost impossible for the water to all that determines the kind of gold is going to be likely to find you looking for those gold tracks again for example reserved for the water slows down and forms a large dropping any kind of gold including flower gold on the back best pools on the front end and your Nuggets will drop right out the came out of the chute and dropped in that pool why because this high velocity which causes a tremendous amount of friction force under gold and will keep it moving even if its big your gold etc is it dropped into these pools you going to see folders on the front end that leading edges where you’re weird they can be found underneath those folders because of the turning happens when at high speed jet flows into that big pool curves curves can concentrate gold as well as anything in fact there’s a principle known as the helical flow of fact for spinning tornado sideways of water the causes the water to turn as it turns a corner that spending affect sweeps the gold to the talk about this another article that’s sweeping motion presenters what you don’t know is it also occurs in areas where there bus and straight sections it just happens to occur in an isometric sweeps the gold to the center line of the creek or river Porten recognize that the goal will take us S curve it was just it’s going to go to the points in each case spreading down the middle while Goes Down the straight section Mineros increase in velocity classic old to move or be blown out the very biggest gold in the sections of the tree because typically is the things get moved downstream pretty rapidly when you have narrow let the trick is on the backside of the narrower just widens up speed drop that speed rock forms a type of traps essentially is velocity decrease which is called the gold that will drop gold international section that you can now position as its concentrated gold Rapids Rapids indicate rocks and boulders are settling out in the street they may or may contain gold and you upon the kind of nature what’s there the thing about Rapids it don’t notice right off the bat is there is very so what you going to be having here is Fajr holders and obstacles forming traps for gold to find them but they’re way behind fastest raps earlier for the rapids consists of a series of trap and leading edge of which you might find some gold folders trees cracks and falls all of these things are different fishes in velocity or crap like obstacles that form ripples told me that the gold will concentrate around on the backside you also concentrate a bit on the front side because there’s a zero point the front of these things it all depends upon the shape thing to remember is as the water velocity drops to zero put the trash out waterfalls are a whole nother thing we’ll talk about that is fundamentally waterfalls may or may not be good for your crap Tom whether not flow from the fall is fast enough to be or was it is a place where the water settles around the fall The Temper Trap rocks and boulders and gravel in which case there pot of gold trap / waterfall again what you looking for gold concentrators continue the thing you’re looking at is water speed changes specifically high speed to low speed velocity changes are speed changes to love me just as it drops that’s it likely place for gold to come changes in directions SNL curves basically as it goes to the S defender on an elk herd you going to find these changes in but the gold goes as I mentioned earlier that gold will concentrate Google floor that they can also concentrate because of changes in bottom of the creek the thing to watch for in those cases special a creek bed situations of the kind of material looking apples happy travels in large cobbles and boulders things that end freak actually dropped out heavier materials in the flow and left it behind you also looking bottom contours and textures again because of the gold at the bottom contours and textures can lead to a specific kind situation wear the gold itself is trapped like a ripple in a slew if you have this kind of the materials that and more common places beastly things that have a natural graininess in Deadwood breaking linear way those lines run perpendicular to the flow like password for the small they can be extremely fruitful sing and prospecting to dig out the material behind them because they’re sluices and they can concentrate bowled over over years and years please an atomatic concentration depending upon what gold is going to quite substantial always worth investigating if you see that textured smooth textures can indicate the speed was very hot to traveling over it was very hard as well as a hard bottom which could indicate to you that base of the all the gold to come blows out unless there is some sort of a gold trap some sort of in which case the gold might blow out or it might stick allow me to take a metal detector over at 4 to look at it with a piping scope underwater / get a pair of goggles on and take a look use grab some tools to kind of scare out those holes and look at me and see if you see lots of black sands hard heavy metals like or or or let those can all be indicators that this would trap gold anything haven’t replied or an iron would definitely TrapCall that’s quite a bit denser the defin profile changes the thing to remember is that the speed of the water doesn’t microfon the nearness of which is it does the overall air text me that water that is the area and thus the area to find the speed the speed increases or decrease what’s important is what you’re looking for are areas where a large add a section of your river under flood conditions narrow down to a steep canyon where it had not much cross the buried deep in which case the water velocity meeting I get all that water through at that point what can happen is that removing gold at a tremendous rate and at the back into that area Afghan forms a large cross section of the water slows down in the end in concentrating gold where the gold drop occurs Hayes prospect up next is part 3 of how to read a creek for gold clues what are you looking for part to check it out what are you looking for other high water markers that you might be looking blue the following kinds of things polish dads again indicating high velocity or certain kind of me factors such as serpentine rocks things like that these would indicate that I actually was very swiftly through their butt has sanded the bed condition it would not allow the gold the stick very easily cuts in the bank are you looking for areas where the where the water enough to start slicing and New River bed all those communicator breather ancient rivers get rien covered have a new goal dropped into the tree riverbed more that you have something that might indicate that city & banking turn which case the inside of the curve again important things start looking for that would be the opposite of the Ben step backs these could be thanks that it actually have a road bears in different patterns and sometimes might be left high and step away from the current river bed that could indicate to you it’s an ancient river bench rivercut bench and those River warm essentially a high bench deposit which could be very rich and go very old indeed cobbles vs sand silt again the pattern on the cobbles and boulders are much happier and represent something like a small Bulls in terms of their overall weight so they would indicate bold would easily drop out if they dropped out that’s fine too it saddens me that the final gravels you know to be looking for old and as you get this and you got me looking at or very very fine gold Indian silk only flower called the finest and often times this thing that sell that makes it interesting bass is the way contrap gold and and specifically flower can concentrate in other areas of the silk where is almost bedrock lettuce has any kind any kind of size that all it was so the flower golds can concentrate in layers on the front Alice and bar and it can be found in such a way that see it on the surface the problem with this kind of goal this year so how you how you my never painted out because it’s very sense but some things like that which will make it light enough it’ll a surface of the water without. They’re on the top edge of that at River so when you when you concentrate that you need to use special isn’t used material to base to reduce their surface tension so the pop out and go to the bottom of the concentrator such as your boat for you for your special concentrate blue bowl or something like that distant make that stuff come out all kinds of clothes that you can see that will give you an indicator how high the water went and where it went in and it gives you that the two sides of the river bed the hot women at high flow two or more sides will basically have markers is herpes support that can help you understand exactly how high Alfred the flow was that’s the tracing line that you want to put on your it’ll help you understand exactly where the Deepwater what me very will not be the deep and broad area that may not be the since summer flow maybe somewhere way away from that touch with the changes of water flow dynamics tremendously you have to Marcus or is out and this is one of the biggest mistake note new prospectors magazine they go to where the summer flu isn’t it old is it maybe it may not be the only way you’ll know its me baskets so what are we looking for sticks fines and debris piece of material that wrap around trees I’m going to give you a little bit so you talk talk on the subject but these are the things that in the because they floated on top of the water when it was a high and it broke off of the material that the flood pass. they broke off they tend to flow on the top until they find it where they can kind of cool and build up the debris line girl let me about of the ring if you will it can also include plan the trash then then indicates and will typically pull along with it all tennis balls lot of them even got a bowling bowling and then above all things so this kind of stuff indicates where the water was when the its highest and you have to mark out these zones because side of the waters River cross section that form of bathtub on both sides of that river flow little go along the river it’s so that forms essentially what is the what is the high blood thank Rivers Edge you want to know that because it tells you how blood was water typical flow through it he also tells you a little bit about the kind of cutting action no thanks on the material see I know I got was that are free feet thick iProspect frequently those logs were transported on over 200 fluid and blown the small little splinters even pieces of those three foot laws are still down in the the shooter Canyon where that stuff was deposited no work today came from a mile upstream where the river cut so deeply thanks that its that or the trees footing entry had to fall but eventually deteriorated over years into material at their River when it flooded again and push that material on for the downstream the stripped off work and all that material and little twigs and branches uploaded to the sides and four of those that have rings so of where the water flow was and that dog is an indicator just biggest load was what talking something probably on the order of 10 to 20000 cubic feet per second week of May 23rd 4 2nd boys are going to wear socks lot of course you do a lot of gold to me I want to see the article that I wrote on trash and gold in gold diggers seriously it covers this in more detail we’re going to break the seven different videos in several different articles but you have a chance to kind of get your head around this whole wide is one of the main things that makes a difference between because I can find gold and remove it and prospectors who simply way can have a great adventure who’s been cooking bacon in my pants what you looking for water speed indicators seizure post-flood clues is important please water speed indicators because again they’re going to be the thing the velocity profile the speed profile did the up and down miles per hour speed limits for your creature street the limits are going to tell you exactly where the gold and how place and where it drops out where the gold is and where it isn’t this is a direct indicator of where spend your time sampling and then mining after you sample you shouldn’t be mine tampon I can use it a small meeting tools to sample with at me but the move heavy gear and where you really don’t know Kenneth seems a little foolish unless you have some indicate to tell you that this was a likely place in those indicators cousin things including seismic indicators if you had that kind of equipment I show you in an NHL underground waterfall waterfall or water purple or something like that but lacking that doing anything else is nothing more than flipping a coin or or doing some kind of some kind of lucky charm or just a flat out gamble and you know if you like to gamble a lot and but you better a stack in the odds in your favor card counting speed indicators include observing the following kinds of things Carlos and soul to Boulder we talked about this earlier track where those changes occur and kind of Martha zones on your the actors in straight runs and yells this indicates likely places for a pastry to form and by the way those Oscars and straight runs don’t necessary best cars in street runs in the existing water system desperation straight runs as well as cross cuts and octopus situations where you’re looking at stuff that is in the flood flow only or was an ancient flood and therefore the same principle holes does once the gold so but it’s going to stay there unless acted upon by another flood NFL blood comes and it’s going to stay there for a long time exit out that somebody wants to love you right are you also looking for the bedrock because that’s where they go does concentrate mostly could also be a false bedrock of clay that will get inside different time but the bedrock death determine really where your target is for finding gold nuggets in court cuz that’s where it’s going to go going to deposit self-esteem indeed slurry think of it as a cement mixer when the blood the slurry of sand silt rocks boulders cobbles gravel bouncing along the bottom moving like a freight train down ocean as it sounds is along the gold moves to the bottom of it on with it that had a slower speed what’s going to happen is were alone on that bed rockers going to be some timbre crack some kind of material are some place where a big take a rest good and then your material is going to get trapped by what do you want to do is know if you’re at the bedrock in the end and obstacles like that ur looking down into cracks that are in primum of them to find the goal that’s important I’m so you have to go and go to bed rock then again when you get to bedrock you’re looking for crack the changes in texture and any kind of obstacles that orbit changes such as a change from a serpentine type material car metamorphic material into slate or some other metamorphoses by the would indicate texture change that can trap a goal that yeah also looking at the great of history and this is the steepness ecology is very important to recognize that is a good sleeper close faster as it gets follower or or flattered the waters going to go down as a good from the steam shoot into a big flat pool guess what’s going to happen is going to drop out in concert under the material down to bedrock Scour can we talk about polishing the polishing the fax going to person other little anomalies that can’t wrap gold or black gold can check in with your metal detector or just get down in there the material out and run it through your sleeves box or pan broadening or narrowing talked about this earlier that changes destroy that slows down as an arrows down and if it increases the the nozzle on your hoes you should put your thumb over it you’re near the speed increases of loss increases in the hose starts approved for the way it’s going to blow the gold out and blow up free but the key is to know where the flood speed just decreases notice I said flood speed and just decrease it that’s the place where then it’s going to get it from time to time with pulses of energy is going to cause the gold to sit down toward bedrock looking in those areas for the gold speak with Affleck speech and then you can look down into the material and sample tour is your sample need to be huge no it needs to be reasonable that’s what you’re looking for and then I need to be typical it’s a statistical sample you need to kind of move around a little bit you can change the position is dynamics going on here there be airflow can be a tremendous amount of turbulence that could put the goal place than you ever thought before unless you have some scientists Peter looking exactly the material you’re facing you’re not going to know and a little bit of statistical sampling how do you do that can I bounce around where you are but you want to start and twerk it just decrease that’s the key hey its prospector Jessica up next is part 4 of how to lead a freak for gold clues use those clues to look for gold check it out how and where to look and plan so you can to read a creek for the high water yeah but those on your map along with that you can apply GD area that’s the cross-sectional topology especially relat my water level think of drawing a line between the two high water UNIF lots of topology especially as pertains to the deep section of your create a profile across the creek relative to the blind you draw an imaginary line that you draw between your two highway each side of the creek that topology determines the cross death and therefore determines love you have an increase or decrease post be a lot of this is done simply by observation as detailed numbers for this but you do need to have some pretty good is it guess here it’s twice the area in here it’s the author the area chris is velocity in at 1:30 area and decreases velocity set simple plot the transition of material flows so again you’re looking at the cobbles and gravels and boulders change the composition bills indicate changes in speed they gobbles XP small sand closely United entify gold traps and you can identify the floor around typically the direction of flow you think is one-dimensional coming from front to back of the Object But you all so much did any special clothes at my form such as a place where there’s Boulder acaba Lynn and I one side of it a nice big scooped out still looks like that place for an ad to form things like that ears of speed changes and of traps both of us should be on your map cuz you’re going to think about that when you see a speech likely trap that increases the probability that you should look there ok if you see just a simple speed transition and might be worth class or speed transmission and I saw the likely trap that very attractive and I can’t resist that and that’s the kind of thing you is critical okay for you to model high blood flow profiles the speed transition zones from high to low critical but if you think one thing out of this whole lesson this is the the way the change in speed determines the gold drop the change in speed determines the gold drop when it goes from hot too low speed the gold is being pushed by the high speed water drops out when it hits the low speed zone phone it drops out pencil may continue but bigger pieces of gold are going to drop since it will continue until it gets dark very low speed zone but still holds just got to be a lot slower speed and so when it gets very slow stagnant waters of a big pool with a lot of silt looking for flour gold and using a different method to mine it by the way you can be very valuable flower gold if its large just as easily outweigh the amount of gold you find in the form of nuggets are more valuable but there are also a lot rarer that’s why they’re more valuable discount find a flower and find gold it can be very very is 442 fine. But then you have to use a different method to make this your plan with that plan into action how and where implant arctic areas for sampling by priority indicating area more than one thing to indicate that they have a good chance of black and concentrating it and any special tools clothes that you see hey how’s the bedrock is very shallow easy to get to this area so hard to get to even don’t like them traps gold was going to need some dick edger something serious to move boulders around 10 I get up of how we might also have an area that has a silk and Sam Marco’s air is out so you know what they are and the likelihood that now in your initial sampling you’re going to kind of start rising again reprioritize based on what you find it’s more important go by what you find that is by what might be there don’t waste too much is the re-opening go even if they have high likelihood special condition that violates the rules somehow you just don’t again a lot of that comes with practice get out there and practice it burn CDs really quick mark unique related clues looking for a float connected pattern expect some outliers an outlier is a case where the probability on the what’s called Gaussian curve about her these things are good situations sometimes you’ll find a small likelihood situation flatout is too valuable to ignore on the other hand you might find what was supposed to be high likelihood and doesn’t seem to be produced that could be an outlier near the direction where there’s no you but that all the indicators correct you’re going to have to both kinds outliers in if you see something that tells you this is markets and prioritize it to go after it last glad to the most like the things in the center of that bell curve and then unique and related clues you looking for things like plastic houses stuck in the top of the trees that were there from the high flat patterns I seen before that told me that the flood had been extend 100 times larger than any I’ve ever seen and athletic prior year that would tell me a little bit about fact that this . even though it didn’t yield any gold before my dad just all this dynamics in there could be a whole lot of gold that God concentrated by a flood that would move that little tiny plastic open the top of the tree which was kind of humorous to look at bad plastic doll house being stuck in a tree is not exactly PC everyday make your shopping list of sample areas and any special case these are the things that you’re going to start sampling first it determines and just know that you’re going to have multiple options when you’re many places you could go and a lot of places you identify but you want to basically have that mapped out so that you can make you it’s when they come to that point where you have to make with fishing any special case notes you mark down on that now from what’s going on in so you can stick to your plan way too easy to get confused how and where to look and plan what are you waiting for get sampling remember stick to your plan priority list watch out for gold fever – it will distract you from your big picture little diversionary forks in the road that the guy was on that can happen way too easy if you let goldfever takeover beautiful. But you know if you don’t get distracted from your plan you increase the probability that you’re going to find something or later you’re going to find something significant passion for you start finding little pieces of gold and carried away that that’s where the gold is and you all your plans aside and start focusing on that one area only in reality or in a sample plan remember your sample your movie area and you moving around other areas of March its very simple one of those areas is going to be a lot better than and if you hold it out for last you will have wasted at your men Brianne time and money in fuel and all the other stuff looking for something that really never panned out in the first place stick to your big picture plan it’ll really carry it through marker sample results on the same side as soon as you start and get sample results things like all colors the number of is it gold in the nature of gold for every gold pan used pan separation of density of gold you’re finding mark those results no 5 colors two colors one color no color 20 colors I know. Mark each kinds of thing. Colour simply a piece of gold to put down the specs are for coarse flex what you’re looking for larger goal obviously but you might be finding lots of very fine which case you need to put that down and try to start getting in what volume of gold is the volume is really what gives you the money and the quality of the gold because that also can multiply them per ounce are you can get to the three times the spot price Nuggets all that should be marked on the site map when you’re doing your sample is it had the highest value gold in the highest quality 5x qualities you value remember prospecting goal I’m horrible don’t forget that let’s take a look at the gold digger GDU has more prospecting that it’s coming within 10 days supply . to keep you ahead of the curve on finding gold and this is simply a section of that it’s a series of articles and video on gold clues and tips to help you understand how to read a creek find gold the bigger picture comes with bigger inside Gazette the bigger picture comes with bigger inside presentation is done at the big picture preview to give you an idea what were going to be covering I’m going to be going back in and each of these sections and give you pictures see what we’re looking for and where will looking for it I’ll just understand this whole framework fits alongside ice stage gold prospecting process in those five stages power and stage to pay for looking at the site survey understand how to read the creek to survey the site that’s testicular video as we dive in we’re going to go into the next day how to sample that site and determine precisely where to spend digging and panting and processing the first samples and how that moves into mining in central but for now just know v picture of you of how to read a creek in there’s more details to come still proven so you should take it to the field and practice stick with it learn from problems you find solve those problems will show you the experience that it takes to get gold watching work with other successful prospectors find online forum mother on our website find him on the facebook fanpage with bold make sure that you tie into a prospector Jess on tryin to some of my friends and fans on them I would get a lot of palatable gold prospecting is well and you should try and work with her dead again set up field trips to go out there and work it together better than one out of the bunch of friends who are like-minded and have the same kind of training as you so that you can be more for sharing the knowledge in the effort into it over now

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